Here he comes …

Well, I have my trusty drill out and I’m currently boarding up the little kathouse windows.  I’ll make the decision to leave some time tomorrow.  I’m thinking, hmmmm, Florida Beaches, drinks with umbrellas, and the dance of the cabana boys.  (And yes, that is Hanna right there coming in next!)  Hate to wish this on any one else, but have to say, any one hit by Rita and Katrina deserve a break from mother nature.  Unfortunately, I know there’s no cosmic teapot coming to the rescue … so, let’s hope the laws of nature and physics are working in manner that brings the least amount of harm to critters and people.

3 Comments on “Here he comes …”

  1. shtuey says:

    Gustav does not look happy. Hang in there.

  2. CognitiveDissonance says:

    Dakinikat, please be safe!

  3. sharmajee says:

    May Gustav’s fury drown in the Ocean of Infinite Compassion. Seek refuge in Budha, and all sensible precautions. We look forward to your front seat tales.