McCain makes Political and Puma Savvy VP Choice

If there were ever an indicator that McCain was going after PUMA voters his selection of Governor Sarah Palin sealed the deal.  A savvy selection, Palin will not irritate the social conservatives in the party while intriguing PUMAs and other disaffected Hillary backers.

Palin is a first-term governor credited with reforms of her out-of-the-way state. Newly minted Democratic nominee Barack Obama is making an aggressive play for the traditional GOP stronghold and its three electoral votes, and polls show the race close.

At 44, Palin is younger than Obama and, like McCain, she calls herself a maverick.

source: The Associated Press,  Friday August 29, 2008, 9:47 AM

4 Comments on “McCain makes Political and Puma Savvy VP Choice”

  1. adamonis says:

    Great pick, made my day! Hope that you stay safe, I am worried about you with Gustav headed your way.

  2. Jmac says:

    Obama supporters on numerous blogs are saying this won’t win Hillary supporters.

    Won this one. I am very impressed McCain had the guts to think outside the box. I really didn’t want to vote down-ticket Dems after what the party did to Hillary, but now I will vote McCain/Palin and enthusiastically vote down-ticket Democrats.

    Stay safe, Dakinikat.

  3. warrior princess says:

    I am amazed to hear the Dem pundits talking about how women are upset with the choice, because it is demeaning to think we will vote for any woman.

    It is true, I won’t vote for just any woman, but I will vote for this one. The differences aren’t great enough to make me forget what Obama is.

    I was going to vote for McCain anyway, now I can do it, and smile. It is important to break that ceiling, and Palin had the good grace to give credit where it was due. Any woman who ignores that fact, is burying their head in the sand. This is Bill Cllinton’s candidate X and candidate Y.

  4. Ben Kilpatrick says:

    If some of the Democratic commentators keep up the whole “she’s a bimbo beauty queen from a small town line,” it’s going to bite them in the ass.