“Experience Counts–I don’t care what anyone tells you”

From Delegate Anne Price Mills.


6 Comments on ““Experience Counts–I don’t care what anyone tells you””

  1. mgreenwood says:

    I take solace in the fact that this delegate is still going to vote for Hillary. And I heard part of the speech this morning and I agree with Ms Mills (whom I think is a breath of fresh air, you can hear the shock in the voice of the interviewer at the honesty of the woman) it did sound like a presidential speech. Obama is going to have to raise his game (ooo, I like the fact that the spell checker knows Hillary and not Obama) and sound like he can run the country for the first time tomorrow to win.
    I’m reminded of the story of King Solomon and the two women fighting over the baby, the true mother gives her baby up rather than split it in half and then receives it, hopefully that will happen for Hillary.

  2. Steven Mather says:

    Anne P. Mills’ authenticity is literally touching.

    mgreenwood’s use of the Solomon parable is beautifully apt.

    I am disconcerted by the angry-looking, finger-pointing, accusatory-seeming individual who appears behind the reporter, after the interview.


    Non sequitur: do you do the type of economics that is done where I study?



  3. dakinikat says:

    Steven: I’m a financial economist. I used to work for the Federal Reserve Bank and other financial institutions. Looks like your Uni does mostly ag econ stuff. LSU has a huge program for that — a lot of it based on fisheries and such.n I’m a very dull banker sort…

  4. Steven Mather says:

    …who plays jazz piano. My sense is that you are dull like a finely knapped obsidian blade.

    Thank you for the reply, and for the enjoyable work you do on this site.

  5. Woman Voter says:

    Good God this woman moved me to tears. I say that if Obama is disqualified under the lawsuits that we Get HILLARY ON THE TICKET AND JOHN LEWIS AS HER RUNNING MATE! That would bring healing, for all of us.


  6. Teresa says:

    Simply beautiful. And sad.