Talk about your quick change: Possum Seal = Road Kill

WELL, call me a possum’s mother!

Yes he CAN change!!!  Guess no one thought the poseur presidential seal was seemly,  so yes, folks … the SEAL IS NOW WITH US UNDER the BUS!!!


This just in from ADVERTISING AGE:

Obama Campaign Drops Faux

Presidential Seal

The Possum Sleeps Tonight


I guess the bus musta run over the Vero possumus and it’s now a VERO posthumus.

Yet another example of change we can measure in minutes… Flip Flops ANYONE?

7 Comments on “Talk about your quick change: Possum Seal = Road Kill”

  1. chimera says:

    I guess even Obamabots got the message this was just a little too totalitarian.

  2. socalannie says:

    It’s getting crowded under here. Priests, Pastors, friends, FISA, Hillary’s supporters…What person/stance/thing is O going to dump next?

  3. Suzanne12 says:

    Will he ever get the message that he is not the most important person on the planet?

  4. chatblu says:

    Gone is the Possum Seal. Now what am I going to do for fun?

  5. josgirl says:

    chatblu, do what I do for fun.
    Save a picture of Obama and the seal.
    Then, periodically, when you’re feeling down and the claws come out, imagine Obama sitting behind that seal dressed like he looks, a little boy in Daddy’s suit and shoes.
    When I imagine him sitting there with his widdle feet swimming in boat-sized shoes, lost in the folds of yards and yards of excess material, peeking out from behind that See ‘n Say looking seal in a big chair, I immediately start to feel much better.

  6. heroesforhillary says:

    R.I.P Vero Possumus. Another roadkill found under-the-bus.

  7. Ed Hale says:

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