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Santorum ewwwOkay, this is Monday.  I’m sure because I watched a really creepy new Game of Thrones last night after I got back from gigging.   It’s funny how white walkers and their armies of the dead remind me of Republicans and their voters.  So, here we go …

Did y’all see that little bit on Twitter over the weekend?  It seems some one has forgotten to google his name recently.  Given the historical proclivities of Republican politicians these days I would say that’s about right.

So with that, I give you the rundown of all the news we keeping hearing about the Republican Bottoms.  Long may their fat little asses wave in the air with well deserved publicity.

Lady Lindsey–the Senate’s best unkept secret closet case–announced the official presidential campaign thingie today to not a lot of fan fare. As true with all campaigns, it starts with the candidate defining himself by his early life.  Lindsey did not sing “This boy is a bottom” who votes against nearly everything that represents being authentically gay.  The only thing authentic about Lady Lindsey is that he–along with co-conspirator John McCain—has never met a war he hasn’t want to send other people’s kids to fight.  Keep clutching those pearls Senator Bottom!

But as he announced his presidential bid Monday here in the tiny town where he grew up, Lindsey Graham sought to knock down the idea that he’s a creature of Washington and instead told a personal story that’s largely been overlooked over the course of his two decades in the House and Senate.

 It’s the tale of a son of pool-hall owners, who grew up near-impoverished in the back room of his parents’ bar. As a college student, he raised, and eventually adopted, his little sister after their parents died, before going on to have a career as an Air Force lawyer and then rising to become South Carolina’s senior senator.

“Those of you who’ve known me a long time know I had some ups and downs as a young man,” he said. “I lost my parents, and had to struggle financially and emotionally … There are a lot of so-called ‘self-made’ people in this world. I’m not one of them. My family, friends, neighbors and my faith picked me up when I was down, believed in me when I had doubts. You made me the man I am today.”

Larry Flynt continues to offer $1 million dollars to anyone with a legitimate “I fucked this politician” story. I’m gop_closetsure we’ll eventually find the men that made him the man Lady Lindsey is today. I say that all these damn fool Republican closet cases be outed and outed with a big ol’ vengeance.   I’m tired of hearing them grab that evangelical carousel ring while fucking who they want to and the rest of us too.

The Supreme Court is releasing its decisions for the October 2014 year and started with one sure to make the thumpers few brain cells go thumpa thumpa thumpa.  Yes, religion expressions other than the endless crass consumerism season we all endure each year are protected activities. So Long Dong Silver was the sole hold out on this one.  Not a bottom but certainly some one who is no stranger to whatever goes on in the world of anything goes porn.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday for a Muslim woman who did not get hired after she showed up to a job interview with clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch wearing a black headscarf.

The justices said that employers generally have to accommodate job applicants and employees with religious needs if the employer at least has an idea that such accommodation is necessary.

Job applicant Samantha Elauf did not tell her interviewer she was Muslim. But Justice Antonin Scalia said for the court that Abercrombie “at least suspected” that Elauf wore a headscarf for religious reasons. “That is enough,” Scalia said in an opinion for seven justices.

The headscarf, or hijab, violated the company’s strict dress code for employees who work in its retail stores.

Elauf was 17 when she interviewed for a “model” position, as the company calls its sales staff, at an Abercrombie Kids store in a shopping mall in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2008. She impressed the assistant store manager with whom she met. But her application faltered over her headscarf because it conflicted with the company’s Look Policy, a code derived from Abercrombie’s focus on what it calls East Coast collegiate or preppy style.

Abercrombie has since changed its policy on headscarves and has settled similar lawsuits elsewhere.

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed suit on Elauf’s behalf, and a jury eventually awarded her $20,000.

But the federal appeals court in Denver threw out the award and concluded that Abercrombie & Fitch could not be held liable because Elauf never asked the company to relax its policy against headscarves.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote separately to agree with the outcome, but not with Scalia’s reasoning. Justice Clarence Thomas dissented.

Here’s the finding that was decided  8-1.597722013cb34e86be8f6bf3e2f24ebb

Back to closet cases for a moment.  So, I’m not not in to quoting the National Review but this is a good question: How Did Denny Hastert Get Rich Enough to Pay Millions to an Accuser?

By the sketchy standards of Illinois politics, that might well have been true. But his fall from grace should prompt other questions about how a former high-school teacher who held elective office from 1981 to 2007 could leave Congress with a fortune estimated at $4 million to $17 million. When he entered Congress in 1987, he was worth at most $275,000. Hastert was the beneficiary of very lucky land deals while in Congress; and since leaving office, he has earned more than $2 million a year as a lobbyist. That helps explain how he could agree to pay $3.5 million to a former student to cover up an ancient sex-abuse scandal.

You can go read the details at the link.  The land deal is characterized as “honest graft”.  Hmmmmmm ….

Among other bottom in the news is that Republicans are once again eating their own.  (Again, with the Santorm reference for good measure!) Down with Tyranny writes that: Crooked Republican Closet Case Aaron Schock Draws a Primary Challenge.  I think of him every time I hear some one call some one else a butt munch.

Maybe Aaron Schock’s congressional seat isn’t as safe as we’ve been saying it is. The seat was redrawn in 2010 by the Democratic Illinois legislature to concentrate Republicans in one district in order to make IL-13 and IL-17 safe for Democrats. The Democrats have still be unable to capture the 13th (Rodney Davis’ district) and the reactionary Blue Dog Democrat who won in the 17th, Cheri Bustos, wasn’t worth the effort.

Shock wound up with an R+11 district, won by McCain with 54% and by Romney with 61%– and won by Schock in 2012 with 74% and last November, despite mounting ethics charges, with 75%. Ostensibly, IL-18 loves Aaron Schock. He’s been very popular in the district where his excuses for being a dashing young bachelor– “I still just haven’t had time to find the right gal”– are accepted at face value. Inside the Beltway, everyone knows Aaron Schock is a gay party boy. In the suburbs around Springfield and Peoria and the farming villages that run east from Iowa Schock’s lifestyle doesn’t compute as “gay.” And nothing would get these people to vote for a Democrat anyway.

But this week it’s looking likely that they will have an opportunity to replace Schock with a more conservative Republican… if they want to. As the financial scandals pile up and get more and more press back home, Bloomington attorney Mark Zalcman has been putting together the beginning of a primary challenge against Schock. He declared his candidacy on Monday and said his platform will be centered on his Christian faith and values. His campaign slogan: “Because Washington needs the Gospel.” Presumably his allies will get more specific about Schock’s non-Gospel lifestyle as the campaign heats up.

I’m thinking that some of these folks outta spend some time around some good Buddhists and learn about Karma. Karma appears to be a top.

Lindsey_Graham_Keeping_It_GayHere’s another one from North Dakota:    “North Dakota Rep. with anti-gay voting record comes out of closet after lewd pictures on dating site Grindr surface.”   You would think he could stop thinking with his little head long enough to not post to a Gay hook up site, wouldn’t ya?

A conservative North Dakota lawmaker has come out of the closet after lewd texts he sent on a gay dating site were made public this week.

The randy red-state Republican, Rep. Randy Boehning, was outed Monday, more than a month after the Roughrider State legislator sent an unsolicited picture of his penis and several other messages to 21-year-old Bismarck resident Dustin Smith back on March 12 on the gay dating site Grindr, according to multiple reports.

Boehning, a 12-year veteran of North Dakota’s state assembly who has routinely voted against gay rights legislation, charged that the leaked messages were sent to media outlets in retaliation for his vote against Senate Bill 2279, which would have added sexual orientation to the state’s anti-discrimination law. For the third time since 2009, the bill was voted down by conservative North Dakota lawmakers, including Boehning.

But Smith, who first leaked the Grindr messages to The Forum, claims he simply wanted to reveal Boehning’s hypocrisy.

“How can you discriminate against the person you’re trying to pick up?” Smith told the local Bismark-area newspaper on Monday.

Boehning, 52 and unmarried, has been an active member of the site and conducted his affairs under the profile name “Top Man!,” Smith said.

“Seems I haven’t found mister right yet, so need to keep looking for and having fun on the way! Hit me up boys,” Boehning’s Grindr bio reads.

Boehning, a staunch conservative, insistently refused to comment on the allegations for two weeks, but this week finally came forward to admit that he had been using the platform to chat with other men and that he was gay,according to The Forum.

Well, guess that dude was look for Mr. Good Bottom.  Maybe Denny Hastert needs a new room mate. Oh, wait, he’s going to jail so he’ll have plenty of tops looking for him now!!!

Absolutely nothing drives me nuttier than a candy bar than the utter hypocrisy of these guys.  Again, my biggest hope is that we have a rush on Larry Flint’s email and that each and every one of  these hypocritical dudes gets outted in a spectacular way.

I not only want the closet cases outted. I want the serial adulterers with the smirkier holier than thou attitudes out in the open too. That would include all the hookers that did my Senator Vitter before he becomes my damned governor.   Larry already netted Vitter but some how we still can’t get rid of him.  There has to be a few more hookers in need of a million out there with some pictures.  C’mon ladies!!!

I’ll get to race handicapping in a few paragraphs, but first let’s deal with the only thing most people know about David Vitter (who has not, by the way, distinguished himself in the Senate in any way). I’ve always wondered: How in the world did he survive that hooker business? Not only did he admit he was a client of Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s escort service. She then went and hanged herself. Not over him personally. Over the whole mess, and staring at serious jail time. But still. Extramarital relations are one thing, with a staffer or a woman of accomplishment; politicians almost always slog their way through that. But here we had the guy calling on hookers, and the dead body of the madam. And Vitter skated through it and sailed to reelection two years later. How?

“He hid for a year and a half,” says my operative. At first, when his name was revealed by Hustler in connection to the case, Vitter acknowledged it. He said he’d asked for and received his wife’s and (somewhat presumptuously) God’s forgiveness. After that he would say no more—“out of respect for my family.” Nice touch.

By the time 2010 came around, Palfrey was less important to the state’s voters than the fact that Charlie Melancon, the Democrat who challenged Vitter, had “voted with Barack Obama 98 percent of the time” in Congress. That’s all Vitter said. That, and the forgiveness thing, and the “fact” that illegal immigrations were cutting holes through chain-link fences and being welcomed by bleeding-heart Melanconistas with a brass band and a waiting limousine, as this really vile and racist TV ad of his had it. Vile and racist works down there, so what had seemed at first like a close-ish race became a 19-point whupping.

Ever since, Vitter has been fine, with his approval rating up in the high 50s. I guess all it takes to do that is to be right wing and anti-Obama. And so, he’s the favorite to be the state’s next governor.

Maybe the evangelicals were just happy that found a compound adulterer who wasn’t gay for a change.  Who knows?  All I know is that if I were any where near their clown car, I would be sure to wear a human size condom.

Take note reporters.

What’s on your reading and blogging list today?

14 Comments on “Monday Reads”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    The Rick Santorum tweet is hilarious.

  2. Fannie says:

    Certainly agree with your comment on the Game of Thrones. Had me laughing at “boy is a bottom” video, they didn’t miss a move did they?

  3. ANonOMouse says:

    “I say that all these damn fool Republican closet cases be outed and outed with a big ol’ vengeance. I’m tired of hearing them grab that evangelical carousel ring while fucking who they want to and the rest of us too.”

    I’m inclined to believe that he’s truly one of those men that moves in a very small circle of friends and that any relationships are likely to have been with people who are as closeted as he is. Still we can hope that somewhere along the way he’s been indiscreet and that someone will confront him publicly.

    His position on Civil Rights.From “On The Issues”:

    •Support the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. (Aug 2008)
    •Voted NO on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. (Feb 2013)
    •Voted YES on recommending Constitutional ban on flag desecration. (Jun 2006)
    •Voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006)
    •Voted YES on banning gay adoptions in DC. (Jul 1999)
    •Voted YES on ending preferential treatment by race in college admissions. (May 1998)
    •Supports anti-flag desecration amendment. (Mar 2001)
    •Rated 0% by the ACLU, indicating an anti-civil rights voting record. (Dec 2002)
    •Rated 0% by the HRC, indicating an anti-gay-rights stance. (Dec 2006)
    •Rated 11% by the NAACP, indicating an anti-affirmative-action stance. (Dec 2006)
    •Amend Constitution to define traditional marriage. (Jun 2008)

    Apparently he doesn’t care for women (duh!), the LGBT community or people of color. There’s no way he can hide this record.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I’ve heard that Graham goes to gay bars in Washington DC, but maybe it’s not true. Generally the DC gay community is aware of Congresspeople who are in the closet.

      • bostonboomer says:

        According to Down With Tyranny, Graham wouldn’t be the first gay president even if he were to be elected–which is inconceivable. James Buchanan was also a “confirmed bachelor.”

        It was Lincoln’s predecessor, James Buchanan who always claimed, like Lindsey, to be a “confirmed bachelor.” It was a time when gay marriage was less accepted than it is today and Buchanan kept his 1833-1844 gay marriage to William Rufus King a secret. King was, for six weeks until he died, Franklin Pierce’s Vice President and Vice President types weren’t supposed to be gay either. So if Lindsey win’s he’ll be another gay president, not the first gay president.

        There can be no doubt that James Buchanan was gay, before, during and after his four years in the White House. Moreover, the nation knew it, too — he was not far into the closet.

        Today, I know no historian who has studied the matter and thinks Buchanan was heterosexual. Fifteen years ago, historian John Howard, author of Men Like That, a pioneering study of queer culture in Mississippi, shared with me the key documents…

        • bostonboomer says:

          A comment from the post:

          It is so obvious he is gay with rumors of his jaunts with his boyfriend to Paris well known. The problem with being closeted is that you can be blackmailed and I am certain that there is info on him with the NSA that they use to get him to vote so incredibly against freedom from government surveillance and oppression.

          Out him so that he can stop doing damage and then live the rest of his life honestly and not under the thumb of others that control him.

        • dakinikat says:

          I read that awhile ago. They evidently had fabulous dinner parties at the White House that were well covered by the press.