This is what a Feminist Sounds Like


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  1. janicen says:

    Oh, what could have been.

    • dakinikat says:

      We could’ve had a fighter instead of a passive compromiser.

    • I was so angered by the treatment Hillary had to endure in 2008 from the media & her own party that I switched to the Green Party after having been a registered Democrat for 37 years. But, I’m wondering if I’m the only one who is partially glad she didn’t win, simply based upon the disaster she would have inherited from GW + the toxic political environment we’ve had for the past 4 years. Do you think the Republicans would have treated Hillary any better than they’ve treated Obama? Would they have approved her appointees any sooner? Would they have passed the bills she championed? I have no doubt that she would have made different decisions in many areas than Obama has (Summers & Geitner-don’t think she would have chosen them), along with other issues. But I think had the Democrats elected George Washington, he would have been pilloried as well. The Republicans have become so extreme that if a Democrat says Good Morning they’ll say Morning? It’s night time. I would have hated seeing such a competent, intelligent, strong woman president made ineffectual. But I don’t doubt that America would be in a better place now than it is under Obama had she been elected. Maybe it’s because, as a woman, I would want her to be able to reach her full potential and be a revered example.

      • Sophie says:

        I’m wondering if I’m the only one

        I doubt you’re the only one but I am most definitely NOT one. I don’t think Hillary needed to be spared the difficulty that being President in these times held. I think we needed to be spared from the incompetent and the ruthless.

        The Republicans were extreme during the Bush years and yet Hillary figured out how to work with Republicans during her time as Senator. She would not have been ineffectual. She might have been accused of “triangulating” but she would have prevailed. I have no doubt that we would all be better off than we were four years ago with a President Hillary, including Hillary.

  2. Woman Voter says:

    I can’t see the post? 😦

  3. bluelady says:

    Gives you hope, doesn’t it……..thanks for the morale booster Dak.

  4. joanelle says:

    There go my tears again – yes, Janicen, what could have been.

    Connie – it would have been very different – her whole attitude and persona is so different that I believe those 18,000,000 vote that actually gave her the nomination but were blocked from being cast in Denver and the many other Republican women and men I know who couldn’t in good conscience cast their votes for McCain would have given her the support they eagerly wanted to offer to a real leader.

    People who believed in Obama had their hopes dashed when he got into office and they realized that it was all smoke and mirrors; that he was indeed and empty suit. He’s in way over his head.

    She also had a much better handle and understanding of the economic situation -the mess we’ve seen develop over the last 3 years happened mostly because of lack of leadership – remember the Dems had the house and O didn’t use that power. Oh, what could have been.

    • I don’t disagree that things would have been very different, but the Right has attacked her so virulently for so many years that I have seriously wondered if the toxicity that is politics & the far Right would have still raised their ugly heads. But, none of us have the power to travel back in time and correct such a horrendous error. If we could, I’d go back to 2000 & make sure GW was defeated. Imagine how different things would be had it been Gore/Gore/Hillary. Oh well, dreams shattered once again.

  5. northwestrain says:

    What the hell did this clip show a glimpse of THAT woman — Mrs. 0 – She is NOT a feminist.

    Women are women’s worst enemies and Mrs. 0 is an enemy of women. She has done nothing FOR women and girls with the platform she has. She has a huge staff and is as useless as a screen door in a submarine.

    Look what Hillary did with her platform — and then the big zero that is Mrs. 0.

    What a contrast.

    Betty Ford did more than Mrs. 0.

    And no I will not let this go.

    Mrs. 0 went to TWO formally male only colleges — because of the feminist of my generation and then Mrs 0 sh*ts on women.

  6. peggysue22 says:

    What a pleasure to open the page and watch/listen to this video. As river daughter said the other day: We could have had a V8. Instead [my thoughts] we got a glass of stale water.

    Never had any doubt who the ‘real’ feminist was and is. Though Hillary Clinton will always be more hawkish than I am, I’m still convinced we would have been far better off domestically and economically had Clinton been elected. I simply do not agree with the Obamacrats that Obama and Hillary’s stands were identical and therefore their tenures in the WH would have been the same. Anyone who actually listened to the two of them speak during the 2008 primary could not fail to recognize that Hillary had the facts and policy details at her command, while Obama did a tap dance and smiled his crocodile smile. Hillary had vision; Obama had promises. Hillary had accomplishments; Obama was the blank slate,

    What could have been is right!

    We were gipped not simply as supporters but as a country. The powers-that-be elected their candidate of choice and hoodwinked a whole lot of people.