The Donald Segretti School of Young Republicans

Donald Segretti, professional Republican CREEP circa 1970

One of the things that I’ve  noticed about Republican politics and politicians is that they really haven’t given up the Donald Segretti tactics of the Nixon Years.  If any thing, they’ve adopted a new version that combines the lunacy of JackAss and the immaturity of early Ashton Kutcher.  They film themselves committing cons and use the internet to spread sex, lies, and videotapes.  I’ve definitely seen and experienced the sadistic huckster aspect of the fetus fetishists. They’ll lie, stalk, steal, and shoot and harm people to further their crusades.  This isn’t opposition research.  This is opposition fictional narrative and dirty tricks for dirty Republicans. Anything justifies getting the agenda done.

Now, we have the latest graduate of the Donald Segretti School of Young Republican Morality.  Will this email help undo the right wing extremist reign of Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker?  One can only hope against hope that the governor responded as eagerly to this email as he did with the suggestions from the fake David Koch which included sending thugs into peaceful labor protests.  This is from Wisconsin Watch.

An Indiana deputy prosecutor and Republican activist resigned Thursday after the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism uncovered an email to Gov. Scott Walker in which he suggested a fake attack on the governor to discredit union protesters.

Carlos F. Lam submitted his resignation shortly before the Center published a story quoting his Feb. 19 email, which praised Walker for standing up to unions but went on to say that the chaos in Wisconsin presented “a good opportunity for what’s called a ‘false flag’ operation.”

“If you could employ an associate who pretends to be sympathetic to the unions’ cause to physically attack you (or even use a firearm against you), you could discredit the unions,” the email said.

Carlos Lam: Donald Segretti Wannabe

“Currently, the media is painting the union protest as a democratic uprising and failing to mention the role of the DNC and umbrella union organizations in the protest. Employing a false flag operation would assist in undercutting any support that the media may be creating in favor of the unions. God bless, Carlos F. Lam.”

At 5 a.m. Thursday, expecting the story to come out that day, Lam called his boss, Johnson County, Ind., Prosecutor Brad Cooper, and told him he had been up all night thinking about it.

“He wanted to come clean, I guess, and said he is the one who sent that email,” Cooper said.

He came into the office and gave his resignation verbally, Cooper told the Daily Journal in Franklin, Ind. The resignation was announced after the Center’s initial story was published.

James O'Keefe, professional Republican CREEP circa 2010

Lila Rose, Snookie of the Fetus Festishists, also professional Republican CREEP

We’ve seen a number of people like Carlos F. Lam who will pull any thing.   Jame’s O’Keefe is another one of the Segretti wannabes.  His antics down here in Louisiana in Senator Mary Landrieu’s office should’ve netted him serious jail time. He was just barely blocked from sexually harassing a CNN reporter. He managed to fatally damage ACORN and create a right wing angst storm on NPR. Then there is Lilla Rose. She’s obsessed with other women’s pregnancies and Planned Parenthood. These two pull outrageous, punk’d style pranks that provide heavily edited outrage content for right wing blogs and pundits.  They both are modern day flim flam floosies.  The latest evidence of the confidence game is O’Keefe’s fundraising efforts.

We get to now add a third name to the young Republicans gone wild. This crew is the equivalence of the Jersey Show cast. They are over-the-top crazies seeking the spotlight and money doing appalling things.  What I want to know aren’t they in jail for running confidence schemes?

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  1. B Kilpatrick says:

    So are you alleging, for instance, that the things documented in re ACORN and NPR didn’t happen?

    If not, then why is someone who reveals something that happens to be true … an asshole?

    If he’s an asshole, then I hope the Asshole Club sends me an Asshole Card soon and lets me go to their Asshole Meetings!

    • dakinikat says:

      Have you seen the unedited stuff?

      • B Kilpatrick says:

        No, but I don’t believe in a civil political climate, either. 😉
        Smarmy reply though that might seem to be, editing happens all the time. O’Keefe is just … a bit less subtle with it.

        • dakinikat says:

          Pasting and cutting stuff out of order and passing it off as investigative journalism isn’t exactly what I’d call politics. I’m all for calling people out on what they do, but creative editing via a scam is not hardball politics. It’s borderline criminal. It’s one thing to find documents and evidence of wrong doing. But making shit up is just making shit up.

      • B Kilpatrick says:

        My second thought is roughly this:

        These videos are great. The political process is already so absurd, so insipid, so outrageously idiotic that any honest acknowledgment of how brainless our politics are would result in Bozo the Clown and Peewee Herman being made President and Vice-President for life, respectively.
        O’Keefe’s videos are equally idiotic, and probably dishonest, but they are no more idiotic or dishonest than at least 95% of the rhetoric which issues forth from DC, the State Capitals, and the mainstream media (including almost all talk radio). In sharp contrast to these, however, O’Keefe’s videos do not suffer from the flaw of being hidebound by received opinion and are thus an improvement on the political process by the sheer fact of not sucking quite so badly as the political process.

        • dakinikat says:

          Look up Jack Anderson. Now that was a man that could muckrake. Muckraking is a lost art form. What O’Keefe does is exploitative fiction.

      • B Kilpatrick says:

        Which is more ridiculous, or at least more dishonest:

        1) Editing a video so you look like a pimp


        2) Enacting a gigantic bill that gives the insurance companies a captive “audience” whom they can then charge rates that might be better suited for a 400lb, 70 year-old who has smoked four packs a day for the past 55 years and passing it off as “reform?” (Not making a partisan point here.)


      • B Kilpatrick says:

        In re Jack Anderson – I know of something even worse than O’Keefe – there are still people running around who think Nixon was really a nice guy.

    • WomanVoter says:

      I think California was or is still considering charging him with a crime for the ‘editing’ the ACORN tapes presented as the real deal. Also, the NPR ones are clearly edited as they have been shown in several sites now.

      The Shirley tapes by Brietbart (sp) who is now writing for Huffington Post (Oh, they sold their SOUL didn’t they)were of the same cut and lie meme.

      His wire tapping scheme of a Federal Office was not given the seriousness that it deserved and had he been a Muslim ‘media prankster’ he would have been detained and standing naked in a cell next to Bradley Manning no doubt.

      • dakinikat says:

        People keep losing their jobs over these tapes that are so edited as to be untruthful. It’s like lying pays as long as it supports the oligarchy.

    • bostonboomer says:

      The guy didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, and besides he wasn’t even involved in producing content to go on-air. He wasn’t even a journalist. He was a fund-raiser. The fact that NPR fell for it was ridiculous and embarrassing.

  2. B Kilpatrick says:

    And as for the Landrieu stunt, ANY ACTION that delegitimizes politicians should be answered with a medal and the keys to the city.
    Freedom lives and dies by the disrespect shown to elected officials, not by the outraged, schoolmarmly gasps of those who can’t believe that some people see no need to scrape and bow to Ole Massa…

    • Seriously says:

      Landrieu isn’t Hosni Mubarek, he can disrespect her without committing several felonies. If not being willing to invade duly elected reps’ offices, interfere with their phones and bug their rooms to dummy up fake edited recordings is an indication of servility, I think most people can live with being servile.

      • B Kilpatrick says:

        What felonies did he commit, and if he committed them, why is he still free?

        The feds aren’t exactly shy about prosecuting, and they have a 99.5% conviction rate.

      • dakinikat says:

        He pleaded guilty actually. The evidently took the charges/punishment down a notch for the guilty plea.

        O’Keefe was sentenced to three years probation and 100 hours of community service– along with a $1,500 fine– for entering the Louisiana offices of Sen. Landrieu without permission. The three other conservative activists who broke in with him were sentences to two years probation, 75 hours of community service and the same fine. But while O’Keefe expressed remorse for the transgression for which he pleaded guilty, he also said he was not planning on leaving his trade because of it, and teased that there is a new investigation set to be released “very soon.”

        He still insists he’s an investigative journalist but he’s not on any one’s payroll. Since Breithbart went to Huffpo, maybe he’ll disappear into the Ether.

  3. Minkoff Minx says:

    Dak, it is funny you mention Segretti…on American Experience tonight, they are discussing Nixon…American Experience . The Presidents . Richard M. Nixon | PBS

  4. madamab says:

    I believe Madeleine Albright had some words for Lilla Rose.

    “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t [help other women].”

    • WomanVoter says:

      Hello! Madeleine Albright, goes straight to the point…

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      That is my favorite quote…I have that on my Facebook.

    • B Kilpatrick says:

      Is the special place in hell for women who don’t help other women right next to the special place in hell for Secretaries of State who think that starving half a million Iraqi kids was “worth it?”

      I’m just sayin’…

      • dakinikat says:

        What on earth are you referring to? who said anything like it’s okay to starve a million iraqi kids? What shark have you jumped?

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        Wow…not sure where that came from BKilpatrick. Can you explain that comment about Iraqi Kids?

      • Seriously says:

        He’s referring to the Madeline Albright 60 Minutes interview:

        When asked by Stahl, “We have heard that half a million children have died [as a result of sanctions]. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” Albright replied: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it.”[51][52] She expressed regret for her response in 2001[53] and wrote in her 2003 autobiography,

        I must have been crazy; I should have answered the question by reframing it and pointing out the inherent flaws in the premise behind it. […] As soon as I had spoken, I wished for the power to freeze time and take back those words. My reply had been a terrible mistake, hasty, clumsy, and wrong. […] I had fallen into a trap and said something that I simply did not mean. That is no one’s fault but my own.[51]

        This “trap” has been called a loaded question.[54][55] Her failure to “refram[e the question] and point[] out [its] inherent flaws”[51] has been called “the non-denial heard ’round the world”[53][56] because “by not challenging the statistic, Albright inadvertently lent credence to it.”[54] When asked about her response in 2005, Albright said “I never should have made it, it was stupid,” and that she still supported the concept of tailored sanctions.

  5. WomanVoter says:

    Is Donald Trump aiming to replace Glenn Beck on FOX???

  6. janicen says:

    Whatever one wants to say about tactics, and I have no doubt that both sides employ dirty tricks, it’s stunningly stupid for anyone, and especially a lawyer like Lam, to use email to communicate his dirty tricks. He lacks both scruples and intelligence, and he is an employee of the taxpayers. Wisconsin could tackle its budget crisis by taking idiots like Lam off the payroll.

    • dakinikat says:

      Lam’s certainly not very bright is he?

      At 5 a.m. Thursday, expecting the story to come out that day, Lam called his boss, Johnson County, Ind., Prosecutor Brad Cooper, and told him he had been up all night thinking about it.

  7. Minkoff Minx says:

    Hey, this is OT but get this:

    Official: Workers touched water with radiation 10,000 times normal –

    The water that three men were recently exposed to while working at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had 10,000 times the amount of radiation typical for that location, Japan’s nuclear and industrial safety agency official said Friday, adding that the high levels indicated the nuclear fuel inside the No. 3 reactor “is damaged.”

  8. paper doll says:

    An Indiana deputy prosecutor and Republican activist resigned Thursday after the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism uncovered an email to Gov. Scott Walker in which he suggested a fake attack on the governor to discredit union protesters.

    This is priceless…what kind of idiot writes this in an email?….or yeah Carlos F. Lam. This reminds me of the son of the Dem offical who hacked Palin’s into email account….idiots.

    At 5 a.m. Thursday, expecting the story to come out that day, Lam called his boss, Johnson County, Ind., Prosecutor Brad Cooper, and told him he had been up all night thinking about it.

    “He wanted to come clean, I guess, and said he is the one who sent that email,” Cooper said.

    oh so he’s really a stand up guy huh? I guess we can put this down to “youthful indiscretion”

    If he was a Dem, he’d be wearing orange right now

    • dakinikat says:

      I still can’t figure out how O’Keefe isn’t in jail for the Landrieu break in

    • Seriously says:

      He completely denied having anything to do with it before finally fessing up, too, did this whole song-and-dance about how his accounts have been hacked in the past and tried to invoke “political enemies.” He had his boss out there claiming it wasn’t him, he had nothing to do with it. How he thought he could brazen it out with easily disprovable, convoluted conspiracy theories–god, what an idiot. The best part is that he claimed “minivan shopping” as his alibi for when the email was sent. Lol

  9. […] And yeah, another blogger already made the comparison with Donald Segretti and CREEP. […]

  10. dakinikat says:

    More Republican Dirty Tricks:

    William Cronon (right), whom I know very slightly, is as good as the American academic establishment can now produce. He is president of the American Historical Association; he is the Frederick Jackson Turner professor of history at the University of Wisconsin; his Nature’s Metropolis and Changes in the Land are books any writer would be proud to claim.

    Because Cronon dared write an op-ed piece in the New York Times* pointing to Wisconsin’s long tradition of bi-partisan, “good government”-minded support of collective bargaining rights, and criticizing Gov. Scott Walker for his campaign against organized labor and collective bargaining, the Wisconsin Republican Party is launching a legal effort to look through his email archives to see if he has been involved in the recent protests in the state. The putative rationale is that Cronon’s messages were sent on the University of Wisconsin’s email system and therefore are covered by the state’s open-records law.

    Cronon gives a very, very detailed description of the case here, with an impassioned and, to me, convincing argument about why this should be seen as a flat-out effort at personal intimidation, in the tradition of Wisconsin’s own Sen. Joe McCarthy. I encourage you to read that, and Josh Marshall’s explanation of the case here. I hope to say more about this later.

  11. dakinikat says:

    More on the Republicans from Indiana and dirty tricks:

    About a month ago, the deputy Attorney General for the state of Indiana threw a tantrum about pro-labor protestors in Wisconsin. The state deputy A.G. suggested he’d like to see local law enforcement use “live ammunition” and “deadly force” when dealing with the crowds, which he characterized as “political enemies.”

    The prosecutor, Jeff Cox, was soon fired.

  12. WomanVoter says:

    I found it, here is Karl Rove,’in the basement’ running an operation to embarrass people, like this chop and paste tapes are doing today.

    Vintage Nixon, Rove campaign footage: Jan. 18, 1972

    Dan Rather of CBS on the “Modern” campaign efforts of the Nixon team including Karl Rove as a College Republican.