Michelle Bachmann: Republicans May Vote Down Tax Cut Bill

Guess why? From The Hill:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), the chairwoman of the House Tea Party Caucus, said Republicans could balk at voting to extend all the tax cuts for two years if it’s tied to a long-term extension of jobless benefits.

“I don’t know that Republicans would necessarily go along with that vote. That would be a very hard vote to take,” Bachmann said on conservative talker Sean Hannity’s radio show on Monday.

Why is that?

“I think we’re back in a conundrum. I think the compromise would be extending the rates for two years and not permanently, but not tying it to massive spending,” she said. “We cannot add on something like a year of unemployment benefits.”

Let’s see now, 750 billion to extend the Bush tax cuts, plus perhaps 250-300 billion for the estate tax cuts, plus 120 billion for the payroll tax cuts plus a few other odd cuts vs. 33 billion to extend unemployment benefits.

Speaking of right wing nuts, Kate O’Beirne says that poor parents whose children need to use the Federal breakfast program are criminals.

Parents of children who participate in school breakfast programs are “criminally negligent,” says the Washington editor of the conservative National Review.

“My question is what poor excuse for a parent can’t rustle up a bowl of cereal and a banana?” O’Beirne asked. “I just don’t get why millions of school children qualify for school breakfasts unless we have a major wide spread problem with child neglect.”

She continued, “If that’s how many parents are incapable of pulling together a bowl of cereal and a banana, then we have problems that are way bigger than — that problem can’t be solved with a school breakfast, because we have parents who are just criminally … criminally negligent with respect to raising children.”

O’Beirne’s comments come even as statistical evidence mounts that more and more Americans are struggling to eke out a living.

I can’t even think of a snarky comment to go with these stories. I’m speechless.

36 Comments on “Michelle Bachmann: Republicans May Vote Down Tax Cut Bill”

  1. dakinikat says:

    I love Stillwater MN and I can’t believe they continually reelect this crazy woman!!!

  2. Pat Johnson says:

    What is wrong with these people? Are they born this way, so genetically flawed that seeing the misery of others just does not compute, or are they schooled in this thinking that it is the fault of those who seek help when help is needed?

    I don’t get it. Bachmann, a total lightweight and a genuine airhead, is quoted for saying the most inane, stupid, and ridiculous statements and is considered one of the “leaders” of the GOP it just takes my breath away. I have a sister in law, equally as vapid and ignorant, who I would not want anywhere near a role in governance, yet this dingbat is voted in time and again which is mystifying.

    O’Beirne is a Repub who has been around a long time as a political analyst and leading proponent of the propaganda that spills forth from the Right and a “devout Catholic”. Makes you wonder how much of those teachings actually settled into her brainpan when she comes out with a statement as ugly and as rude as this.

    These people have no heart, conscience or a modicum of sympathy for their fellow man unless he/she comes with a Platinum Card.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I don’t know. I was just saying to Dak that I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be so cold-hearted. These people just seem like they’re dead inside.

  3. fiscalliberal says:

    Regarding Bachman, I looked on the 6th district map which goes all over the north of Mpls and St Paul. So the wilderness is putting her in. I think Stillwater is on the St Croix river which is the Wisconsin – Minn border. That said, she is a nut job.

    Some how I have the impression that this deal was consumated with out a vote check. In that case a whole bunch of bargining and a whole bunch of other money is going to get exchanged despite the Tea Party Ear Mark ban. The publics contempt is going to get larger.

    I guess I am with Krugman on this and want to see a whole bunch of separate votes on the programs being negotiated. Get people to show their true colors

    Minn is a interesting state wiith a lot of swing districts that can get the likes of Jesse Ventura in. That said, Mpls – St Paul is a great place to live

  4. Adrienne in CA says:

    Ebenezer O’Beirne: Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

    • dakinikat says:

      She’d probably put all women and girls back to work in Magdalen Laundries.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      That breakfast cereal cost per pound as much as steak, and the cost of fresh fruit is on the rise. This woman has never had to worry about anything, so if she wants to make it out that poor people are struggling to feed their kids are just “neglecting” their kids…it just shows what an ass these Republicans are.

      25 percent more for butter?! Rising food prices add to shoppers' economic worries

      Oh, and that stuff Spam…canned processed meat, which that elitist witch probably has never had to eat, is going up in price starting early next year.

      General Mills, Sara Lee, Starbucks, J.M. Smucker’s and Kraft Foods have all increased prices this year. Even SPAM, the low-budget canned pork product, will go up 3 to 4 percent at around February, Austin-based Hormel Foods has announced.

      These kind of comments from people who have never had to a choice between food, or heat…make me so mad I can spit.

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        Oh and BTW, I chose that article to cite the rise in food prices for a reason…that article is from the Palm Beach Post…a county where the extremes of poor people to rich people is probably the most of any place in the country. See, I am so pissed about that “child neglect” comment…I better go and chill for a bit.

        • Fannie says:

          She’s leading the movement that believes since you’re poor, you don’t have a right to give birth to children. Only the rich have rights.

      • cwaltz says:

        Hey don’t worry economic relief is on the way! You’re gonna get a whole $35 every 2 weeks thanks to our wonderous payroll holiday. Try not to spend it all in one place. 😉

  5. Pat Johnson says:

    Feast your eyes on the “compassionate conservatives” who were the chorus to all the Bush tax cuts, the calls to war, the struggle to obtain true healthcare reform, who now stand in the way of denying that cup of water and crust of bread from those who were forced to live with the sanctimony of their less than “Christian positions”.

    Under the Bush Doctrine, “forcing democracy” throughout the world was a “good thing” even if it meant death and destruction to rain down through the effort. I have never seen a sorrier bunch than these Right Wingers who would withhold unemployment benefits from the deserving to put more money into the coffers of the wealthiest and consider that a “victory”.

    How do they live with themselves? Is this what a “Christian nation” looks like?

    • dakinikat says:

      These folks thing God loves them and things they’re special cause they are rich. I’m not sure which version of the bible they got that from but the one I used to read said all kinds of things that were contrary to that.

  6. Pat Johnson says:

    I gave up on organized religion a long time ago; just another “corporation” reaching into the pockets of the unsuspecting and taking whatever they could get while “preaching” nonsense to the masses.

    But even so, there are some rather enchanting words that stay stuck in my brain, among them:

    “Whatsoever you do for the least of my children, this you do unto me”.

    This sorry group, like Obama and Rev. Wright, must have “slept in” the Sunday that this passage was read.

  7. cwaltz says:

    So let’s see 33 billion to the poor and struggling for 13 months and 120 million split between the middle class and rich and then a staggering 100+ billion to the rich over 2 years. The question is does Barack Obama think we are idiots or is he one? Seriously, my 13 year old could have done a better job bargaining.

    • dakinikat says:

      Oh, that’s just the income tax cuts. Don’t forget he sold out on the inheritance tax and capital gains treatment too.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        If the Repub Party were male, and Obama the female “cheap date”, with the way he has given in to their demands, chances are he would be pregnant every 12 months.

    • dakinikat says:

      and may I suggest if you’re ever in a situation where you need a good negotiator to ensure that his name is not Barack Obama? Especially if death is on the line?

  8. bostonboomer says:

    Pats leading the Jets 45-3.


  9. fiscalliberal says:

    I think it is said that in the art of negotiation, those who give in first, give the most. Obama caved before the negotiations started.

    He is continuing the transfer of the wealth from the middle class to the rich.

    • Pat Johnson says:

      Substitute “transfer” for “shoveling it by the fistful” and I think you might just have it right.

  10. Pat Johnson says:

    Love Tom Brady!!!

  11. dakinikat says:

    Bernie Sanders threatens to filibuster!!!

  12. cwaltz says:

    The depressing part about this is I hear lots of stuttering and outrage from the progressive community but it looks like they aren’t going to fight him as much as whine about how betrayed they feel. Sigh.

    • dakinikat says:

      If you read Ezra Klein and some of the apologists, they think he got a ‘fair deal’.

      • cwaltz says:

        I bet Ezra falls in the upper income brackets then. The idea that 33 billion to 120 billion is even close to a trillion in benefits(math error on my above post). IS EZRA AN IDIOT OR DOES HE THINK HIS READERS ARE IDIOTS?

        • dakinikat says:

          Is there an all of the above choice?

          • zaladonis says:

            Of all the idiocy from the left, and there was plenty yesterday trying to give Obama cover, Ezra’s column is really the only thing I saw that surprised me. I mean I know he’s an Obama apologist but he’s smart and that piece is just nuts.

  13. zaladonis says:

    Watching Morning Joe.

    Have to admit it’s fun watching Joe Scarborough argue what’s right, he really enjoys it, especially when he gets to argue against the Republican position, but it’s depressing as hell watching Mark Halprin make such incredibly stupid arguments because he can’t admit the truth about Obama.