Worst of the One Hit Wonders

Remember those days of AM radio when every radio station played the same songs endlessly?  Some of them were really good, but by the time you heard them for the umpteenth time, you felt like screaming and throwing your little radio in that pool.

There are now two folks on that one hit wonder list for me that make me want to toss my TV through the window.  The first has been Dubya for some time now.  His “lessons of 9-11” song in its various riffs makes me twitch and throw nerf balls at the TV.  Every time Dubya is on the tv set now with his snarky little “heh, heh, heh” and his ability to mangle even the easiest of adjectives, I grab the remote.  To me, he’s like an endless loop of “Billy, Don’t be a Hero”.  That was one of those songs that used to torture my young eardrums to the point I felt they were bleeding.  I hated this song the first time I heard it.  Yet, it became a one hit wonder and I know there were some folks out there that bought enough to make it a hit.

Some where about a month ago, Obama joined my list of one hit wonders on overkill.  This time it’s one of those songs you think you like the first time you hear it, but after the radio stations play it the umpteenth time, you start thinking you’ll choose ritual suicide over one more listen.  Then there’s the attempted follow-up to the song, or the rip off of that song where ever one has the same words and the same basic theme so you think you’ll never turn on the radio again because it’s spawned those evil spin-offs.  It’s like a horror movie!  They’ve invaded your radio and they’re every where!  Well, it used to be just AM radio, and there’s no place else to turn.  Now, thankfully we have alternatives.

I have to admit it, the media has overexposed Obama to the point, I have to turn the TV off now when they do a story on him.  For CNN, it seems like Obama is on an endless loop and he’s always singing that same damn song.  It’s the one that sounds like it should be meaningful, but after about a 1000 repeats, you begin to realize that some studio hack took the latest cool words and threw them together with a very simple melody they call  a ‘killer’ hook.  It’s that same killer hook that becomes endless torture after awhile because it’s so repetitive that you can’t get it out of your ears, even when you’re begging the Greater Ethos to wipe your memory clean.

The thing about these one hit wonders is that even if they don’t have substance or style, like a good Gerswhin tune or a great Rolling Stones Riff, they sell to some one.  Just for a period of time, the public is all tripped out over them and the radio is more than happy to oblige if it ups their numbers.  Pretty soon, those folks have gone over to the next one hit wonder, and the rest of us get twitchy when the stupid song shows up on an oldies station.  Unfortunately, unlike music with a lot of alternatives, there’s very few alternatives to the few remaining newspapers and the news channels.  If you don’t search out the alternatives on the internet, you’re stuck with that damned endless loop.

So I was going to torture you with some of the worst of the touchy feely sixties one hit wonders that sound a lot like Obama’s speeches but I just couldn’t do it to you or me, for that matter.  I really associate Obama more with the Archies “Sugar, Sugar”, but I couldn’t bring myself to post it.   So, I’ll leave you with one of the songs that got ripped off a lot because it’s got that 60s touchy changey hopey feel and a killer hook that every one used to sing over and over and over and over and over and over and over ….

Plus, I can still take listening to it a few times without screaming.

One Comment on “Worst of the One Hit Wonders”

  1. kenoshaMarge says:

    I’m in total agreement with you about Obama.

    I would have never believed that I would come to loathe the sound of a Democrat’s voice as much as Bush’s’.

    But even at their worst the media did not attempt to shove Bush down our throats 24/7 as they are now doing with the “One”.

    Fortunately I am a bitter, old, deadender, so I’m not impressed either with anything the media tells me or with the “One” as endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. I like to think for myself thank you very much.

    Although you must admit Oprah has gotten herself a lot of millage out of playing the Chatelaine of the Castle dispensing largess with her “giveaways”. Kinda like tossing coins to the peasants.