SkyD Evening Reads, Step 1: Turn Water On

Good Evening

Before we get to the evening news reads, I have to tell y’all a tale…it is true, every word.

This afternoon, I had to go down to my son’s high school for a Freshman orientation…yes, they have been in school since August 2nd.  Anyway, the teachers ushered us into this small classroom…where the lights were shut off. (Must be money-saving thing since it was after school.)

This was a regular classroom, not a special ed or the health class. (See, I have to preface this story with a few details because it is ridiculous and unbelievable.)

The woman, whose classroom we were standing in, began talking.  I was looking around the room for any hint as to what kind of class this was. This teacher was also the college prep guidance counselor and she was going on and on about how every student is going to go to college. Blah, blah, blah….they have funding to make sure every kid applies to college. Yadda, yadda, yadda…and all the while she was talking, right behind her back was the day’s lesson. I kid you not…it was a step by step instruction on how to wash hands.

No shit…if I could have taken a picture I would have. On the board were eight steps, and the first one was…

Step 1: Turn Water On.

Followed by…

Step 2: Put Soap on Hands.

Here we are, in a high school classroom. It is not special ed…it is not health…or hygiene, and on the board is this crap. I mean, if you are going to teach kids about the importance of washing hands…teach them why they need to wash them, you know like e.coli… staph…MRSA, etc.  These are HIGH SCHOOL students, not kindergarten or first grade. What is on the lesson plan for next week? “How to wipe your ass?”

Step 1: Pull pants down.

Step 2: Sit on toilet.

I am just wondering if the last step of “How to wipe your ass” goes something like this:

Step 6: Wash Hands, see notes from last week’s class.

And as I am watching this woman tell these parents that every student will apply and go to college…my mind is thinking, WTF? If you are teaching these kids how to wash their hands step by step, we will be lucky if they even graduate high school.

Fortunately I went to this “orientation” with my friend, who like me had the same “What the hell is this shit?” expression on her face. She whispered into my ear, “This doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in me whatsoever.” For what it is worth, we got out of going to the kids classrooms… since they are taught by the football and girls softball coaches, and the coaches didn’t stay for the meet and greet.

This classroom is the future my friends, don’t it make you feel great?

Alright, now for a few newsy links.

Did you see, Romney is “gawds” answer to those people, you know…the poor worthless Americans he dissed in his leaked fundraising tapes.

Romney says he would represent `100%’ of Americans

Mitt Romneysaid Wednesday that he would represent “100%” of Americans, striving to dampen a controversy that has dogged him since Monday, when video surfaced of him saying nearly half the nation’s voters were dependent on the government and would never support him because he would not be able to convince them to take responsibility for their lives.

“My campaign is about the 100% in America. And I am concerned about them. I am concerned about the fact that over the past four years, life has become harder for Americans,” Romney said. “… this campaign is about helping people who need help, and right now, the people who are pool in this country need help getting out of poverty. The people in the middle class need help because their incomes have gone down every year for the last four years.”

The GOP presidential nominee spoke at a Univision forum where he was asked whether he regretted the statement he made to donors in a recording that was disclosed Monday by Mother Jones. He did not respond to that part of the question.

I really hate Mitt Romney.

And why should he even bother representing all Americans, when you have things like voter id laws and polling center closures to deal with the unwanted electorate.  (This news item is about a county next door to Banjoville.)

Habersham consolidating from 14 to 2 polling places

While it won’t happen in time for the November General Election, Habersham County is proceeding with consolidation of its 14 polling places.

On Monday, the commission voted 4-1 to consolidate the county’s current 14 polling places to two.

“We spent several months looking at alternatives,” said Interim Elections Board Chairman Pete Davitto as he introduced the issue before the commission. “Quite frankly, I first started looking at having five voting locations, one for each of your [commission] districts. That really didn’t work out. I looked at having six geographically-spread voting locations. We were told that the preferred number was two.”

“After lengthy discussion – I believe last month I told you it went on for almost a year – we determined that two was possible,” Davitto said. “We based that on Rabun County’s reduction from nine to one. Our recommendation at this point still stands that we reduce it to two locations. Those two locations encompass approximately 80 percent of the citizens of this county.”

“Are some citizens going to be upset with it?” Davitto said. “Of course. Are some citizens going to have to drive a little farther to vote? Of course. I’m one of them. I live in Batesville, and we’re recommending the Batesville polling location be eliminated.”

Are you fucking kidding me? Aren’t these polling places staffed with VOLUNTEERS? What about these old folks who have difficulty driving 30 miles of mountain roads to get into town? Oh yeah…they are part of the 47%…so who gives a damn about them.

This is an open thread, let the commentary begin!