Big Storm, Unbelievable Image, Open Thread

The eye of the storm is over 600 Kilometers across…

That has to be one of the scariest radar images I have ever seen…Super Typhoon Haiyan Could Be One Of The Strongest Storms In World History

Super Typhoon Haiyan — which is one of the strongest storms in world history based on maximum windspeed — is about to plow through the Central Philippines, producing a potentially deadly storm surge and dumping heavy rainfall that could cause widespread flooding. The densely populated city of Manila, home to 12 million, is in the storm’s path, although it is predicted to escape the worst of the winds and storm surge.

Enhanced satellite image of Super Typhoon Haiyan showing the telltale “donut” appearance of an intense tropical cyclone. Credit: U-Wisconsin-CIMSS via Twitter/@Ryan_Maue.

As of Thursday afternoon Eastern time, Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Super Typhoon Yolanda, had estimated maximum sustained winds of 195 mph with gusts above 220 mph, which puts the storm in extraordinarily rare territory. Since 1969, only three storms have had sustained winds close to this magnitude — Hurricane Camille in 1969, Super Typhoon Tip in 1979, and Hurricane Allen in 1980. No storm in the Atlantic has ever been stronger than Haiyan, accoring to The Weather Channel.

Haiyan is capable of causing catastrophic damage in the central Philippines and its outer bands are already starting to affect the island nation.

Then you have to look at what this thing looks like from space:

For the past 24 hours, the storm has remained at a strength close to the theoretical upper limit that cyclones can reach. Unlike in the tropical North Atlantic, there is no aircraft reconnaissance of tropical storms and typhoons in the Western Pacific, so the actual wind speeds and minimum central air pressure — two key parameters used to classify such storms — are being estimated using satellites.

Wide-angle satellite image showing Super Typhoon Haiyan approach the Philippines. Credit: Facebook/EUMETSAT.

I hope that people find safe places to shelter during the storm…it is going to be bad.

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