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Hello y’all…

I guess my self imposed break from writing the evening reads post is over…I’ve got a few links that I have saved over the last couple weeks, so away we go!

This photograph is of the Milky Way seemingly falling into a waterfall, from the Telegraph picture of the day gallery…click image to see more cool pictures.

In connection with our Milky Way, you may find this interesting…2013 should be the year of the Comet, or comets:  ‘Brighter than a full moon’: The biggest star of 2013… could be Ison – the comet of the century

At the moment it is a faint object, visible only in sophisticated telescopes as a point of light moving slowly against the background stars. It doesn’t seem much – a frozen chunk of rock and ice – one of many moving in the depths of space. But this one is being tracked with eager anticipation by astronomers from around the world, and in a year everyone could know its name.

Comet Ison could draw millions out into the dark to witness what could be the brightest comet seen in many generations – brighter even than the full Moon.

The Comet Ison will show it’s brilliance in November of 2013. But…there is another comet making an appearance earlier in the year.

Another comet, called 2014 L4 (PanSTARRS), was discovered last year and in March and April it could also be a magnificent object in the evening sky. 2013 could be the year of the great comets.

Now some cartoons, this are focused around the gun-control debate.

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Cold Dead Hands

Cold Dead Hands © Mike Luckovich,The Atlanta Journal Constitution,politicians,guns,weapons,rights,freedom,violence,gun debate 2012, nra

Wayne LaPierre – Truthdig

Dedicated Public Servant – Truthdig

Okay, moving on…to a few links that have absolutely nothing to do with “politics.”

One about a new Tower of London Raven, named Jubilee:   Tower of London’s Jubilee raven released

Chris Skaife, the tower's raven master
Seven of the tower’s eight ravens were supplied by the Somerset breeder

A raven given to the Queen to mark the Diamond Jubilee has been released at the Tower of London.


“Raven Jubilee is doing very well and has now been trained to come out of his cage and meet all the visitors,” Chris Skaife, the tower’s raven master, said.

“But it takes years for the birds to really get to know members of the raven team and for us to get to know them and their idiosyncratic ways.”

He added: “They are the most pampered birds in the country – and one of the most intelligent.

“They gang up on small children with crisps at the tower – but they don’t like cheese and onion – so they’ll open the packet and dip the crisps in water to get rid of the taste.”

One about study habits in relation to success in mathmatics: Motivation, study habits—not IQ—determine growth in math achievement

It’s not how smart students are but how motivated they are and how they study that determines their growth in math achievement. That’s the main finding of a new study that appears in the journal Child Development.
“While intelligence as assessed by IQ tests is important in the early stages of developing mathematical competence, motivation and study skills play a more important role in students’ subsequent growth,” according to Kou Murayama, postdoctoral researcher of psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles (who was at the University of Munich when he led the study).
And one about a stinky-ass flower:  World’s smelliest and largest flower blooms in Brazil
A titan arum is displayed at the Inhotim Art Institute and Botanical Garden in Belo Horizonte on December 26, 2012 Enlarge A titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum), also known as “corpse flower” or “corpse plant” due to its odor, is displayed at the Inhotim Art Institute and Botanical Garden in Belo Horizonte, in the Brazilian southern state of Minas Gerais, on December 26, 2012. Hundreds of visitors are flocking daily to the garden to watch the rare blooming of the world’s smelliest and largest tropical flower. Hundreds of visitors are flocking daily to a botanical garden in southeastern Brazil to watch the rare blooming of the Titan arum, the world’s smelliest and largest tropical flower. Also known as the “corpse flower” because of a smell likened to rotting flesh, it began blooming on Christmas Day and is already beginning to close, botanist Patricia Oliveira told AFP.
There is something primeval about that flower…makes me think of dinosaurs, not the real imagery of those large creatures, not the fossil remains…but the cartoon version of dinosaurs from the first Fantasia.
Enjoy….and think of this as an open thread.