Friday Nite Lites: Elephants on Parade

Hey y’all, it is Friday!

This one up top I found on Facebook (h/t dakinikat)…it sets the tone perfectly.

There are a bunch of cartoons with puffed up elephants this week:

Cagle Post » GOP Stealing Election

GOP Stealing Election © Bob Englehart,The Hartford Courant,Mitt Romney, GOP, Elephant, polls, voter id, photo id, disenfranchisement, vote

Cagle Post » Romney Tax Returns

Romney Tax Returns © Steve Benson,Arizona Republic,Mitt Romney,Ann Romney,taxes,tax return

This next one doesn’t have an elephant, but it is from an artist down under…funny what even other countries see in Romney:

Cagle Post » Romney taxes

Romney taxes © Oliver Schopf,Der Standard, Austria,Mitt Romney,taxes,

From Florida: Cagle Post » LOCAL FL Merit Retention Vote

LOCAL FL Merit Retention Vote © Parker,Florida Today,Florida,GOP,judges,merit retention,chainsaw,judicial,executive,legislative

Cagle Post » Six Foot Two

Six Foot Two © Tim Campbell,Indianapolis,nfl,replacement referees,strike,football,settlement,Those #$%@ Replacement Refs!

Cagle Post » Replacement Ref Bailout

Replacement Ref Bailout © Adam Zyglis,The Buffalo News,lance easley,replacement ref,ref,referee,bank of america,bailout,wall street,vp,vice president,housing,crisis,recession,nfl,sports,entertainment,economy,Those #$%@ Replacement Refs!

From my man Luckovich:

9/26 Mike Luckovich cartoon: Replacements | Mike Luckovich


And now two from Pat Bagley:

Cagle Post » Mitt’s Comic Stylings

Mitt's Comic Stylings © Pat Bagley,Salt Lake Tribune,Mitt, Joke, Windows, Airplanes, Ann Romney, Humor, Jobs, Fired, Romney

This next one is fabulous:

Cagle Post » Liberal Numbers

Liberal Numbers © Pat Bagley,Salt Lake Tribune,Liberal Bias, MSM, Media, Polls, Polling, Republicans, GOP, Presidential Race, Mitt, Romney, Numbers

I love the belly on that one.

Sending thoughts out to both Boston Boomer and Wonk the Vote, both have come down with colds…get better!

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