Evening Round-up: A bit of this Ayn that…

So Good Evening!

For the last four days, I have taken care of an OPM, other people’s munchkin. This boy is one of a few friends of my son that we have watched grow up before our eyes. So I’ve been busy with the extra “things” that go with having an extra teenager in the house…and it has made me think about some things.

Both his parents work, his mom works nights…his dad can’t find a job locally, so he works in construction with a crew that travels around the US, so he is gone for weeks at a time. On those days that his mom is working, if his grandma can’t come up to stay with him, he stays at a friend’s house. This week he is with me.

My thought is this. We help each other out…as caring individuals. Whether it is watching someones kid, taking another kid to school or practice, or even bringing someone dinner when things are rough. It is part of a decent way to live because…well, it is just unthinkable not to do it. We are not Jesus freaks or hypocritical Christian church goers. We are not perfect either, we have our problems and issues…but we are good people…and we don’t really talk about what we do for each other. It is just done.

I’ve seen a lot of crap (articles) lately about Ayn Rand and her selfish belief system. Folks running for office and asking for votes based on the attitude that helping others is against their principles and that people should live their lives with no support or assistance of others…at least the help and assistance that they feel the government, or their taxes, should not provide.  Oh, and of course they seem to take the benefits offered to them, without a thought about the ironic nature of accepting this support.

Yes, independence is one thing…but part of being a considerate human being is that element of helping or giving support to another human being. And even independent, strong and determined people need a hand sometimes, support and encouragement, or a lift into town.

I am completely disgusted with the beliefs and policies of these Randian men and women who seem to take being a selfish asshole to a deeper level in their heartless hearts.

Oops, I mean selfish hearts, because they only care about one thing, themselves.

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