Evening Quick Open Thread

Good evening!

Ah, it is 28 degrees here in Banjoville, and it feels wonderful. I’ve only one link to share with you tonight. It goes to a cartoonist website that I think you will all enjoy.

7000+ off the mark Cartoons by Mark Parisi

My mom found this site today, and she spent an hour or so laughing her ass off as she browsed through Parisi’s cartoons.


This image up top is especially funny to us, because something similar happened to my grandfather “Nano” years and years ago. I know I have mentioned the story here on the blog.

My Nana and Nano were still living in their house in West Tampa, my parents had moved up to Banjoville and my mom would have to drive back and forth from North Georgia to Florida constantly. Back then my Nano lost his upper dentures, and around the same time, he began to have a horrible pain in his foot. It took six months for an appointment at a foot specialist, and when the time came to take Nano to the doctor, my mom made the trip down to Tampa. She planned on taking Nano to the dentist as well, since his false teeth were still missing.

You can guess what happened…she got there and found Nano’s teeth inside his slipper. The man had walked six plus months with his big old-fashioned upper dentures stuck inside his shoe. His teeth had fallen in the slipper as he took a nap on the couch…see, he would sleep with his mouth open and…well you can figure it out yourself.

It was at this time my mom decided it was time for her parents to come up and live with her in Banjoland.

That is way the cartoon above made us laugh and laugh.

So, go and check those cartoons out, funny stuff!

off the mark – sunday cartoons by mark Parisi

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