4th of July Evening Boom…Boom, Sans Fireworks

Happy 4th of July!

Most of America is feeling a massive heat wave, and many communities are canceling the regularly scheduled firework show because of the dry conditions. Then you have the towns that are cutting the show to protect the birds…or to save money, either way…you won’t find any fireworks here on tonight’s post either.

However, what you will find is a shitload of cartoons to tickle your fancy! So, let’s get on with the show!

This video clip is from the AdultSwim cartoon Robot Chicken…

The American Revolution, as interpreted by the people who brought you 300.

“From the people who claim 300 is a true story comes the tale of our nations birth.”


Yeah, “it ain’t accurate, but it will blow your f’ing mind.”  I can just imagine there are folks out there who would actually think that is a true depiction of our nations birth. I am not joking…I could see something like that being passed off as a history lesson in one of Bobby Jindal’s flagship schools….I mean, look what Huckabee did with it. Check out the actual copy from the Learn Our History website.

We recognize and celebrate faith, religion and the role of God in America’s founding and making our country the greatest place on Earth…

Learn Our History is a diversified educational media company that teaches children and teenagers about history, social studies and current events through the use of animated films supplemented with online resources with the goal of providing a solution to many of the recognized shortcomings in the way history and social studies currently are taught.  Learn Our History’s products are differentiated by the Company’s focus on entertaining while teaching history and social studies from a proudly American standpoint.

When your kids or grandkids get their hands on these videos, you’ll be amazed at how they‘re instantly pulled in to the stories.  As they watch the history videos, they’ll be learning about the major events and most influential people that shaped our great nation.  And because they’ll be having so much fun watching the zany characters, they won’t even realize they’re learning!

With Learn Our History, your kids gain an understanding of important concepts and how those concepts play a role in our everyday lives. From understanding the role of government and taxes to national security, democracy and more, your children will learn to appreciate what it means to be an American and how fortunate they are to live in the the home of the brave and the land of the free!

American Revolution Trilogy

The Declaration of Independence – learnourhistory.com

Go back to see the story behind how our Declaration of Independence came to be.

The Birth Of A Revolution – learnourhistory.

In this outstanding film, young viewers will journey back to the American colonies during the period leading to that first fateful battle.

Winning Our Freedom – learnourhistory.comcom

Victory over Great Britain depended not only on military success, but also political acumen. Great Britain possessed a modern, wealthy and well-trained army – one of the finest fighting forces in history. In contrast, the colonists were poor, but their ambitions for independence compelled them forward. Believing their quest was divinely inspired, with each step they took, their goal of independence from Britain became an answered prayer.

Ooof, that just gives me the chills…maybe it is because I am a history major? Or perhaps it is just the thought of such accurate story telling. /snark

(Anyway, the reason I spent some time on this will come together at the end of tonight’s post.)

We have seen many years go by since John Footpenis Handcock signed the Declaration of Independence with such passionate flair.

Independence Day 2012 – Political Cartoon by Bruce Plante, Tulsa World – 07/04/2012

Cartoon by Bruce Plante - Independence Day 2012
Yeah, that looks about right!
This cartoon is just one of many in a similar theme…
AAEC – Political Cartoon by Charlie Daniel, Knoxville News Sentinel – 07/04/2012
Cartoon by Charlie Daniel -
AAEC – Political Cartoon by Chan Lowe, Sun-Sentinel – 07/04/2012
Cartoon by Chan Lowe -
AAEC – Political Cartoon by John R. Rose, Byrd Newspapers of Virginia – 07/04/2012
Cartoon by John R. Rose -
Alright…now for the more creative of the bunch:
Clay Bennett editorial cartoon – Political Cartoon by Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press – 07/04/2012
Cartoon by Clay Bennett - Clay Bennett editorial cartoon
The look on that tea-bag’s face is perfect.
This next one brings the major power outages home:
The Powerlines Red Glare – Political Cartoon by Steve Artley, Artleytoons – 07/04/2012
Cartoon by Steve Artley - The Powerlines Red Glare
This one is served with a touch of  Scalia :  7/4 Mike Luckovich cartoon: Fireworks | Mike Luckovich
Then there are the cartoons meant for reflection:
Cartoon by Randy Bish -
Still Standing Tall
Still Standing Tall COLOR © Nate Beeler,The Washington Examiner,fourth of july, july fourth, 4th, liberty, tree, axes, independence day, holiday, freedom
Cagle Post » Fourth of July
Fourth of July COLOR © Nate Beeler,The Washington Examiner,fourth of july, july fourth, independence day, fireworks, pursuit, happiness, declaration of independence, holiday, 4th, family
I don’t know about you, but I prefer the ones with a bit more bite:
AAEC – Political Cartoon by Gustavo Rodriguez, El Nuevo Herald – 07/04/2012
Cartoon by Gustavo Rodriguez -
The 4th of July – Political Cartoon by Angelo Lopez, Philippines Today – 07/04/2012
Cartoon by Angelo Lopez - The 4th of July
(I have to admit, this one above by Angelo Lopez is my favorite.)
Outsourced Flag – Political Cartoon by Richard Bartholomew, Artizans.com – 07/04/2012
Cartoon by Richard Bartholomew - Outsourced Flag
Cagle Post » Work
Larry Wright Cartoon for 06/30/2010
Cagle Post » July Fourth
And that brings me back to the beginning of this post…American History at its finest…face palm is exactly what I’m talking about!
Have a wonderful evening, and if the fireworks are banned in your neck of the woods, you don’t have to outsource your 4th of July fun. May I suggest you simply enjoy an all American meal of cheesburgers, fries and beer…and make your own damn explosions of BOOM-BOOM.