Tuesday News Reads: Updates On Boston Marathon Bombings and Iran Earthquake

Morning All…

I will start this post with thoughts for those of you in Boston, who wake up this morning to a different city. I am sure the raw numbness is still with you….I know it will linger for some time. Boston Boomer covered the bombings yesterday, and she is probably exhausted and worn out. So I will just post some updates for you. Here is the cover of the Boston Globe this morning:

The Boston Globe 2013-04-16 07-44-20

NBC News:Boston on high alert after marathon bombing kills 3, injures scores – U.S. News

Huffington Post: Boston Explosion News: At Least 3 Dead, 140 Injured In Marathon Bombing (LIVE UPDATES)

Terror at Boston Marathon: 3 dead, 144 wounded – CNN.com

Authorities Search Apartment in Probe Into Deadly Boston Marathon Blasts- FoxNews

Boston explosions: three dead, no arrests, no claims of responsibility | World news | guardian.co.uk

LIVE UPDATES: Boston Marathon Bombing, Day 2 – ABC News

But this is not the only story breaking today. There has been a huge earthquake in Iran:

Iran Earthquake | Liveblog live blogging | Reuters.com

Reuters is reporting 40 deaths…

Strong Earthquake Is Felt Across Wide Area of Asia – NYTimes.com

Iran earthquake: LIVE UPDATES — RT News

Hundreds feared dead in 7.8 Iran earthquake, also felt in New Delhi, Gulf States — RT News

7.8 earthquake hits Iran, felt in New Delhi, Gulf States

It is going to be a loooong day…see you in the comment section below…treat this as an open thread and post anything you like.