Sunday Reads: Another open thread.


The front door remains open, rain has been falling for most of the day.

It almost seems like the scene playing out in my mother’s room is being conducted with a soundtrack, the tinkling of windchimes, very much like the ones played in the background of the film The Letter with Bette Davis…as she meets with Gale Sondergaard.

Only the chimes do not call out the tune of anxiety and dread between the meeting of two characters in a Somerset Maugham story. These twinkling sounds make out an undetermined tune, like theater of absurd, while the nurses tell my mother that her periods of hallucinations are part of the “disease process.”

That is the new phrase of the week, disease process.

Everything that brings ill outcomes…vomit, pain, forgetfulness, is all…part of the disease process.

I can’t even begin to find articles to write about. I don’t have the energy to look at the news. I cannot or have not read the blog all this week. I am exhausted. My father is exhausted. It is the way with having a mother or wife in hospice care, for you see, this fatigue that overcomes caregivers… it is all part of the disease process.

This is an open thread.