Early Evening Open Thread: Housework Blues

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Hey, I’ve got some funny things for you today. I am actually in a good mood. My laptop is getting fixed tomorrow, finally!

Early this morning, I saw a link on Drudge..about Ashley Judd. It went to the Daily Caller and it was your typical Drudge hyped-up link.  I wish I had taken a screen shot of it. But…anyway. I figured I would wait and see if anyone picked it up.

Yes, Potential Senate Candidate Ashley Judd Has Gotten Naked On Screen. So Have These Political Figures | Mother Jones

Late Sunday evening, the Daily Caller‘s entertainment editor Taylor Bigler posted a short item on actress, activist, potential US Senate candidate, and rape survivor Ashley Judd. The post notes that Judd, who seems to be laying the groundwork for a 2014 challenge to Republican Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, has appeared in a bunch of movies naked, half-naked, or partially naked. The Caller piece cites her performances in films like Norma Jean and Marilyn and Eye of the Beholder, and is based on data from MrSkin.com, an online database of nude and sex scenes celebs have done on-screen. MrSkin.com—which I will decline to link to in this post—gives Judd four stars and ranks her as “Hall of Fame Nudity!”

(Click here to read my podcast partner Alyssa Rosenberg’s rage-filled rebuttal to Bigler’s post.)

Judd has discussed her nude scenes candidly before. She turned down an audition for the female lead in a 1992 Christian Slater film because the audition demanded a topless screen test. “My mother worked too hard for me to take off my clothes in my first movie,” she told People magazine. And in this interview with Delaware County Magazine, Judd opened up about stripping down for the sex scene in Double Jeopardy, one of the films referenced in the Daily Caller story.

“But will Judd be the first potential senator who has — literally — nothing left to show us?” Bigler wrote, with tongue firmly ensconced in cheek.

Actually, no.

MoJo goes on to document the Republicans who have bared all.

Another double standard link for you, There Is A Solution to the Housework Wars | The Raw Story

The Atlantic has been running content from this new book out about how middle class American families manage in this era of two-income families, a book called Fast Forward Family that I am now curious to read. I made gentle fun on Twitter of an earlier dispatch deeply analyzing who says hi to whom when they get home, but of much more interest to me is their research into the gendered division and management of housework. Hurt feelings when you get home from work are one thing, but the continuing expectation that women devote more time to childcare and housework than men is a major roadblock for women finally achieving social, political and economic equality. From every work level from working class jobs to executive offices, women lose out in the workplace because they have more to do at home, and find that they have less free time and opportunity to enjoy the lives they work so hard to maintain.

But the discussion of how to rectify this problem always stalls out the second anyone suggests that men step up and do their fair share of housework. Women are usually blamed, with men invariably complaining that their wives are somehow just born with higher standards for cleanliness and order.* Women are also blamed for not speaking up more, as if the time and energy investment—as well as the negative reaction you invariably get—that goes into nagging isn’t a loss for women. Women are also blamed for being control freaks that don’t “let” men do more around the house. The entire discussion gets so derailed into blaming women that men are conveniently forgotten. The problem of men not doing more is inevitably cast as women’s problem, and so if men don’t do more, it’s inevitably cast as women’s failure.

So what did the researchers find about division of labor and the stability/happiness of marriages? A lot that will disappoint the woman-blamers out there. The big thing is that they acknowledged what I call the “nagging differential”: Even if a couple agrees to split the housework fairly, the expectation remainst that it’s a woman’s job to keep track of what needs to be done and to do the hard work of assigning chores. Beyond just being unfair—keeping track of stuff is a chore and quietly leaving it off the mental spreadsheet is bullshit—this puts women in an impossible situation. If she assigns her partner his chores, she’s a nag, which no one wants to be. It often ends up being less work to do it yourself than to nag him into it. Thus, even when couples supposedly agree to do more, the fact that he’s waiting around for instructions effectively means he gets to do less work.

And one last link for you this evening…but in this link…the girl is getting the praise in a mostly male dominated scene.  Six-year-old breakdancing girl wows crowd at international competition | The Raw Story

Watch this video, this kid is amazing:

A 6-year-old breakdancing phenom is on the verge of becoming an online star after video of her performance at an international competition was posted on YouTube on Sunday.

The girl, identified as “Bgirl Terra,” was filmed competing in the “Baby Battle” division of the Chelles Battle Pro tournament in Paris against an unidentified older boy. The footage of their battle has already drawn more than 250,000 views in just two days.

Though no slouch himself, the boy quickly found himself just as impressed as the crowd; at one point in their battle, he points toward Terra in acknowledgement of her skills.

This is an open thread…