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10/19 Mike Luckovich: Long debate. | Mike Luckovich


10/18 Mike Luckovich:Trumped up. | Mike Luckovich]



10/16 Mike Luckovich: Trump pageant. | Mike Luckovich



10/14 Mike Luckovich: Good reasons. | Mike Luckovich




10/18/2016 Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker -

10/18/2016 Cartoon by MStreeter

Cartoon by MStreeter -

10/16/2016 Cartoon by MStreeter

Cartoon by MStreeter -

10/18/2016 Cartoon by Chan Lowe

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

10/13/2016 Cartoon by Chan Lowe

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

IT’S ALIVE: 10/10/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - IT'S ALIVE

WWJSay?: 10/12/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - WWJSay?

Religious? Right: 10/13/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - Religious? Right

Debate 3 prep: 10/18/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - Debate 3 prep

Locker Room: 10/14/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Locker Room

10/17/2016 Cartoon by John Cole

Cartoon by John Cole -

10/17/2016 Cartoon by John Branch

Cartoon by John Branch -

10/17/2016 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

10/16/2016 Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker -

10/14/2016 Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson

Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson -



10/10/2016 Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker -


Debate Winner: 10/11/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Debate Winner

10/18/2016 Cartoon by Joe Heller

Cartoon by Joe Heller -


Election, BAD!: 10/16/2016 Cartoon by Tim Campbell

Cartoon by Tim Campbell - Election, BAD!

This is an open thread….

Sunday Late Afternoon Reads: One more day




Early voting begins in Georgia tomorrow.

That is what I am waiting for…

When I can cast my vote for Hillary.


So there is that. And here are your links for this Sunday, some of these I must admit…I have not read, I just can’t bring myself to read about Trump.


First up, SNL’s mocking the Donald:


And this time, Trump got all tweety about it:

Trump Trashes SNL ‘Hit Job’ in Tweetstorm About ‘Media Rigging Election!’ | Mediaite

Donald Trump went on another early-morning tweetstorm accusing the media and SNL in particular of trying to rig the election.

Last night SNL‘s cold open dealt with last week’s town hall debate and featured Alec Baldwin cranking his impression all the way up to 11––stalking Hillary Clinton like Jaws and acting shockingly insensitive.

This set Trump off on another Twitter rant:

Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me.Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!

Polls close, but can you believe I lost large numbers of women voters based on made up events THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Media rigging election!

Election is being rigged by the media, in a coordinated effort with the Clinton campaign, by putting stories that never happened into news!


Here’s the SNL sketch that finally went too far for Donald Trump – The Washington Post

Just a few more links on Trump:

At what point will Trump surrogates start believing women?

On Sunday morning, Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) told Jake Tapper on CNN’sState of the Union that the sexual assault allegations against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are merely a “she said, he said” situation.

Tapper quickly interrupted her.

“Just to correct you, it’s actually a she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said situation,” he said.

In fact, there are now 14 reported allegations of sexual harassment or assault against Trump.

Emphasis mine.

Maybe: 8 Societal Barriers That Make It Hard to Report Sexual Assault — Everyday Feminism

Like so many of us, sexual assault is an issue that hits me close to home.

Between the experiences of those in my inner circles, and the near inevitable student rape revelation that follows my college class on sexual assault, I’ve lost count of how many times this issue has come up in both my personal and professional lives.

But one thing I haven’t lost count of is just how many of those assaults I know were reported to the police. That number? A grand total of one.

And this lack of reporting is not just an anomaly found in my world. Plenty of people from all walks of life choose not to go to the authorities about sexual assault.

In fact, according to the 2012 United States Justice Department’s National Crime Victimization Survey, 60% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police. And an even higher rate was found by a British government study, which put their number between 75 and 95%.

Yet there is still a common belief that if someone is “really” raped, then the survivor would report the assault to the authorities.

That simply isn’t the case.

Emphasis not mine….read more at the link.

Kudos to the print news: US newspapers came up trumps on Trump where TV failed … | US news | The Guardian

This is an interesting turn: Umberto Eco on Donald Trump: 14 Ways of Looking at a Fascist | Literary Hub

Eco wrote “Ur-Fascism” for the New York Review of Books in 1995, a provocative and challenging essay about how to recognize fascism, a piece dismayingly topical in the face of Donald Trump’s ongoing popularity. But this is where the comparisons to Hitler ring hollow—per Eco’s criteria, Trump is most certainly a fascist, but he’s no Nazi. One of my German history professors, Elisabeth Domansky, someone who had grown up in post-war Germany, used to argue with American interpretations of German Exceptionalism, one of the myths that we propagated to prove that “it could never happen here.” More importantly for me in this instance, was her insistence that the Nazis were not “irrational.” They represented, she argued, the ultimate instance of the “rational” state.

This alone, the idea of Nazis as rational agents, would seem the roughest of methods by which to dismiss the Trump comparisons to Hitler without having to resort to an internet meme. Eco, on the other hand, gave us a perfect template for looking at the phenomenon of Donald Trump. Eco, too, argued that Hitler had a complete philosophy as a dictator. Mussolini had no such thing. “Mussolini did not have any philosophy; he had only rhetoric.” Mussolini began as a militant atheist, but embraced religion when “the bishops … blessed the Fascist pennants.” Fascism originated in Italy, and Eco stresses that to understand fascism, one must first understand that fascism “was a fuzzy [original emphasis] totalitarianism, a collage of different philosophical and political ideas, a beehive of contradictions,” … [run by men where] “few of them had the intellectual equipment to control it.” It does not make fascism tolerant—Gramsci, the one who taught us about concepts like “cultural hegemony”—died in a fascist prison. And yet, Eco also argued that fascism was a “rigid discombobulation” “philosophically out of joint” but nevertheless “firmly fastened to some archetypal foundations.”

And then, in order to bring some order to this primordial soup that was fascism, Eco offered “fourteen ways of looking at a fascist.” And it is in looking at these fourteen ways that the gallimaufry of Donald Trump’s press releases, speeches, and the rhetoric of his followers begins to feel contiguous with Mussolini’s archetypal fascism. (Only yesterday, Trump retweeted a quotation from Il Duce.)

In order to make these things clear, I spent more time than anyone should at Trump’s website. What I found was a host of contradictions, endlessly empty rhetoric, and outright fear-mongering. There were times when, reading Trump’s press releases, I began to wonder if anyone on his staff was aware of the basic concept of subject/verb agreement. To be honest, it made me feel dirty, reading it, but in the spirit of intellectual inquiry, here goes.

Take a look at the whole article, I only grabbed a few paragraphs for you…

I heard some Trump supporters: Kansas ‘Crusaders’ arrested for plot to bomb Somali community | PBS NewsHour

This is hilarious…NYC pharmacy introduces 7% ‘man tax’ for male customers

Today is Dame Angela Landsbury’s birthday!

She is 91 years old…


If you cannot see the embed, click the link above.

I’ve got another Facebook video for you, this one is about fire ants….as I watched this I could only think of one thing…Marabunta!


Last up for you, a few history articles:

This 2000-year-old helmet was dredged from the bed of the River Thames close to Waterloo Bridge & one of only three Iron Age helmets found in England.

The Waterloo Helmet is one of only three Iron Age helmets found in England and also the only horned helmet dating to the Iron Age to have been found anywhere in Europe. However, there are several Iron Age depictions of people wearing horned helmets from elsewhere in Europe. The  pre-Roman ceremonial horned helmet with repoussé decoration in the La Tène style, dating to circa 150–50 BC, that was found in 1868 in the River Thames by Waterloo Bridge in London, England.

I think this helmet has a place on top of Elmer Fudd’s head, don’t you?



Enriqueta Martí – The vampiress of Barcelona

The Linguistic Influence of the Norman Conquest (11th Century) on the English Language –

Abstract: In this paper I present some historical facts that took place regarding the Norman Conquest in England, then, I discuss the different Linguistic influences on English which appears to lend support to the fact that the French Normans had a major effect on the English Language. Evidence of some changes that took place on English as a result of the Norman invasion is presented, and finally I shall conclude with the fact that some views may not be as convincing as they were once believed to be. The claim that the Normans did not have any influence on the structure of English is falsified by Lars R.’s. (1975) analysis that proves the opposite, and which is discussed later in this paper.

Introduction: Before the arrival of the Germanic tribes, Celtic and Roman influences were already found in Britain. The English language had been spoken by a few in a particular area, and spread to being spoken by a larger numbers of people in different geographic locations, according to Gelderen. Despite the Germanic origins of the English language, French, Scandinavian and Latin influences are considerable and they make up nearly half of the English words. According to Barber, the influence of French in Britain was already obvious in the higher positions of society even before the Norman Conquest happened.

The Norman French became the language of government in England as a result of the Conquest, when Anglo-Normans replaced the native English nobility, according to Algeo and Pyles. As a result of the Conquest, the influence of French on the English language was clear with many French words replacing English vocabulary. It was not only that the word stock was influenced, but in Middle English the areas of idiom and grammar were also affected.
Click here to read this article from the International Journal of Linguistics

Sorry this was so late, my daughter was driving down a mountain yesterday when her car stalled (maybe from the gunk in the tank…who knows) she lost her power breaks and steering. At least she had sense to use her emergency break to stop the car from going over the embankment. It could have been so much worse. She has a slight concussion and we need to keep an eye on her, waking her every four hours to make sure she is okay. Anyway, have a good evening. This is an open thread.


Wednesday Reads: Trumptovirus, you don’t want to catch it…

Trumptovirus, it is my own concoction of Trump maladies that pervade the population…it is a strange and powerful illness. Depending on your genetic makeup, certain geographic settings, early childhood nurturing experiences, you may be predisposed to developing a particular strain of the virus. I like to classify this as Trumptovirus Complex 10. Symptoms to look for are, rabid thoughts and acts of racism, misogyny and being a flat out jackass bigot, performing stalking and fascist threats, runny nose, flush skin, extreme sexual “assaultic” behavior…as in grabbing anything pussy related, such as beaver, bush, gash, poontang, coochie…oh you can get a full round up of pussy alternatives coming up. As you can see, Trumptovirus Complex 10 is a serious condition, and is incurable in some cases.

Texas congressman says he’d “consider” still supporting Trump even if he admitted to rape on tape.


Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold’s support for Donald Trump appears to be infinite. Does a lurid video of his prefered candidate for the presidency talking about grabbing women “by the pussy” faze Rep. Farenthold? Nope. Why? As the Republicanexplained on MSNBC’s All InWith Chris Hayes Tuesday night: “Until [Trump] does something so bad to make him worse than Hillary, I’m still in.” In sum: He’s with him.

“I think this was locker room talk that happened 10 years ago… it was a private conversation that was off the record that happened to be caught on tape,” Farenthold explained. Joking about sexual assault is NBD for Farenthold. Noted. But what would cause the Texas congressman to rethink his support? Hayes came up with this hypothetical to test that boundary: “If a tape came out with Donald Trump saying ‘I really like to rape women’ you would continue to endorse him?”

There is but one answer to that question for the non-criminal population of the United States. “That would be bad. And I would have to consider… And I’d consider it,” Farenthold stammered. That wasn’t it.

On Twitter, Farenthold issued this apology for … not condemning … Hayes.


Are you fucking kidding me? Now this is the kind of shit that makes me physically ill. Like, it makes me feel disgusted but it brings up this anger in me that I can tell you, is beyond anything I have experienced. Like I want to hurt someone. Maybe it is because I am a rape victim…I mean survivor.

But the emotional brutality that is deep within me, if  I could release it, (well I mean if it turned into physical brutality) to assholes like this fuck face who is making excuses for Trump’s sexual assault brag…it frightens me what damage I could do.

Which brings me to the second strain of the Trumptovirus…I will classify this one as Trumptovirus Beset Complex, because this strain of the disease is forced upon it’s sufferers…in such a way…that even those with the strongest of will, have problems fighting it off.

14671099_1711428332513386_5910472947607927280_nIs Trump a “Trigger”? According to Many Women’s Reactions to Last Night’s Debate, the Answer is “Yes

He stalked. He scowled. He stood too close. He towered over her, threatening her while she sat on a chair. He entered her space over, and over, and over again. He interrupted her; spoke over her. He lied while telling her that she was the one who was lying.

The behavior that Donald Trump showed toward Hillary Clinton at last night’s debate was reprehensible. But for many women, it was more than that. It was a sickening example of the type of domineering, dismissive, abusive, and threatening male behavior that so many of us have dealt with in our lives. As a result, many of us had strong physical and emotional reactions to watching this familiar behavior unfold on television.

Reviewing the night’s Tweets, it’s remarkable how many female viewers mentioned feeling physically ill, being emotionally exhausted, crying.

Go to the link to read those tweets, I know that Boston Boomer touched on this yesterday…

Watch this Washington University in St. Louis student and abuse survivor’s emotional confrontation with Trump supporter Omarosa after Sunday’s debate.


Link to embedded video here.

Here’s a few other links on this and a few other Trump developments:

Eric Trump: Bragging About Sexual Assault Is ‘What Happens’ When Alpha Males Are Together | Huffington Post

TRUMP: Women have ‘heard a lot worse’ than my lewd ‘locker room’ tape – Business Insider

“The Apprentice” Microphone Guy Says Trump Repeatedly Called Him A “Fucking Monkey” – BuzzFeed News

Donald Trump fired Illinois native Maria Kanellis for ‘locker room’ talk – Chicago Tribune

Pence halts Trump supporter who called for ‘revolution’ if Clinton wins – LA Times

Trump tells supporters to go vote on ‘November 28th’ | TheHill

“Make sure you get out and vote,” Trump told supporters on Tuesday at rally in Florida. “November 28th.”

Election Day is Nov. 8, 2016.


Nov. 28 is the start date of a longstanding class action suit against Trump University, the now-defunct get-rich-on-real-estate seminar program started by Trump, CNN Money notes.

Top Georgia Republican: ‘Hillary will do for gender relations what Obama did for race relations’ | Political Insider blog

There were audible gasps in the room when Evans made this prediction, should Democrat Hillary Clinton wins the White House: “Hillary will do for gender relations what Obama did for race relations.”

Oh, this from Ben Carson…I have no words:

Ben Carson: Your Virgin Ears Are The Problem, Not Donald Trump | Huffington Post

That leaked audio wouldn’t be such a big deal if more Americans were exposed to bragging about sexual assault.

Video at the link, you have to see the way this dickhead says this shit.

The reason Americans are so angry about Donald Trump’s leaked audio is that they probably haven’t heard enough similar language, Ben Carson said Tuesday.

“That kind of banter goes around all the time,” Carson, a Trump surrogate, told CNN’s Brianna Keilar. “As I was growing up, people were always trying to talk about their sexual conquests, and trying to make themselves appear, you know, like the Don, you know, Casanova.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t heard that,” he continued. “I really am.”

Can you believe this? Oh…but Carson went on…

“Maybe that’s the problem”: Ben Carson insists that more women should be exposed to Donald Trump’s “locker room” banter about sexual assault –

“I haven’t heard it and I know a lot of people who have not heard it,” Keilar insisted.

“Maybe that’s the problem,” Carson responded. “Maybe that’s the problem.”

“The problem is that I haven’t —” Keilar began to ask before being cut off by Carson.

“Maybe, maybe that’s the problem,” Carson continued. “People have not heard this. Maybe that’s the problem.”

The White House has released an official statement, because of assholes like Carson:

White House Releases Official Statement, Says Trump Committed Sexual Assault (VIDEO)

And finally, it seems the Media is getting it in gear:

WATCH AND WEEP: CNN host stops show to explain genital grabbing is sexual assault

N host John King took time out of his Tuesday show to explain to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that grabbing a woman’s genitals without her permission is sexual assault.

While defending a leaked tape in which Donald Trump bragged that he grabs women “by the pussy,” Sessions told The Weekly Standard that he did not consider the act to be sexual assault.

“I don’t characterize that as sexual assault. I think that’s a stretch,” Sessions insisted to the conservative magazine.

“So if you grab a woman by the genitals, that’s not sexual assault?” an interviewer atThe Weekly Standard pressed.

“I don’t know. It’s not clear that he—how that would occur,” Sessions replied.

On Tuesday, King carved a minute out of his broadcast to address the senator, who he noted “was an Army veteran, a former federal prosecutor, former Alabama attorney general, a law-and-order conservative, a devout Christian and a former Sunday school teacher.”

“Sessions was asked about that tape, where Trump brags of forcing himself on women, including grabbing what we describe to our children as private parts,” King said, adding that Sessions had initially refused to “characterize that as sexual assault.”

“Forget politics for a moment, Senator,” the CNN host pleaded. “What about your daughters and your seven granddaughters. Saying Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton, that’s one thing. Saying what he described in that tape is not sexual assault — forgive me, Senator — that’s an outrage.”

Anderson Cooper Delivers Knockout Punch To Kellyanne Conway Over Settling Lawsuits | Mediaite

Watch CNN’s Damning Comparison Of Trump And Clinton Tax Plans

I don’t know how far this will go, but it is something to bring up: First State In America Moves To BAN Donald Trump From Entering, More To Follow (DETAILS)

After Trump’s campaign staff removed a Muslim woman who was peacefully protesting at a Trump rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina, state Rep. John King (D) jumped ship on the Trump train, and said he was “not welcome” in the state.

King declared he was “sick to his stomach” over the way Trump’s cohorts treated the woman. And with good reason!

He told The Herald that he will file a House Resolution that states Trump isn’t welcome in the state of South Carolina.

According to King, Trump is:

“…a race-baiting, xenophobic bigot and is not welcome in the state of South Carolina,” which was also earlier asserted by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Most people likely agree, except maybe the Trump supporters. But they probably won’t see this article, as it requires knowing how to read.

“Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much in South Carolina, but most of us agree that Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our country’s political process and stands contrary to the beliefs of our Founding Fathers and the values of the United States Constitution. Why would we welcome someone to our great state when even our senior Republican U.S. senator agrees that Donald Trump is nothing more than a modern day George Wallace who preys on people’s fears and prejudices,” King explained in his statement.

The last link today is about the show Full Frontal with Sam Bee, if you did not see these clips, go watch them now:

Samantha Bee’s ‘vagina monologue’ is the best line-by-line Trump non-apology takedown you’re going to see

Bee was unsparing of both Trump and Today show host Billy Bush, seen giggling and egging the now-GOP presidential nominee on to talk about how he sexually assaults women.

“Let’s stop that hostile work environment training module here and discuss what we’ve just seen,” she said after showing a clip. “In less than a minute, these two leering dildos turned their rape culture banter into a rape culture power move that demeaned and violated Zucker [the victim] in ways she is only now finding out about.”

“And we know this maybe  shocking for most normal men,” she added. “But every woman I know has had some entitled testosterone monster grab her like a human bowling ball.”

Bee later launched into what she called her “vagina monologue,” ridiculing cable show hosts and journalists who balked at saying what they often called, “the p-word.”

“It must be so hard to make 24 hours of television without saying the words: c*nt, snatch, cooter, silk purse, spicy taco, hoohoo,, trim, vajayjay, bearded clam, front bottom, nether region, sin grotto, red lobster, beaver, fur burger, downstairs retreat, honey pot, inner sanctum, yoni, sugar walls, peach blossom, lady treasure, roast beef curtains, gray garden — Oh! I almost forgot the most important one: box.”

“Well, that was literally a vagina monologue,” she exclaimed to the hoots of the audience.


Pussy Riot | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS – YouTube



GOP Fear the P | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS – YouTube


Debate 2: Misery in Missouri | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS – YouTube


We Thought We Were Done with This | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS – YouTube


And that is it for me, hope you all have a good morning, this is an open thread.



Live Blog: US Presidential #Debate2016




There is a chill in the air, it is a bit windy too…it does feel like an All Hallows’ Eve.

One almost expects to see monsters and ghouls creeping up to assault you on a night such as this…




He is not going to just kiss you my dear, he is going to grab your pussy with that hand!



Pussy Power Unite!!!!!



Tonight is the second US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and (our shero) Hillary Clinton.

I believe framing the debate as a horror show is the best way to come at this event, because I honestly don’t know what to expect this evening. I’m sure it will be ugly and nasty, from the Donald side of the ring. How can Hillary even begin the evening by shaking this animal’s hand?


For those who are looking for a viewing outlet….

Where to catch the debate live:

Live on Twitter

Live Updates: OMG Now There’s Going To Be A Presidential Debate – BuzzFeed News

Live-Blogging the Second Clinton-Trump Presidential Debate – The Atlantic

Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Pushes Back Against G.O.P. Critics and Focuses on Bill Clinton – The New York Times


Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton head to St. Louis on Sunday for a widely anticipated second debate that comes asextraordinary upheaval in the Republican Party has upended the presidential race just a month before the election.

Mr. Trump’s campaign reeled over the weekend after theFriday release of a video recording that showed him speaking in vulgar and demeaning terms about women and boasting of how, because he was a celebrity, he could grope and kiss them whenever he wanted. Despite tepid apologies, the revelation has led to a parade of denouncements from dozens of Republican leaders, including his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana.

Mr. Trump continued to push back against calls from Republicans to quit the race, mocking them on Twitter and directing his loyalists to assail the party’s leaders as politicians guided by self-interest.

He also signaled on Sunday that he was likely to make the behavior of former President Bill Clinton an issue in the debate.


And P is for Pussy

As I said, it will be an ugly scene tonight.

All the ways Trump attacking Hillary Clinton over Bill’s sex scandals could go horribly wrong – Vox

Here is a bit more on the debate prep:

Clinton, Trump prepare for debate amid Republican exodus | PBS NewsHour

Wondering why Trump wants to focus on Bill? Look at the people around him. – The Washington Post

Trump and his campaign’s record of controversy involving women: A brief history – LA Times

img_0726A list of papers that have endorsed Hillary so far:

Major newspapers that have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president – Business Insider

The producer at The Apprentice is threatening to sue if any video is leaked: Source: Trump-Backer Burnett Has Warned Staff On Leaks – BuzzFeed News

There is tape of Trump saying the N word…

REPORT: Some of the Old Apprentice Footage Allegedly Features Trump Using the N-Word | Mediaite

Producer: There’s video of Trump saying the N-word but it’ll cost $5 million to get it

Then there was this tidbit:

img_0723Trump Left for the Debate Without Informing His Press Pool

Donald Trump has been spirited away to St. Louis for his highly anticipated town hall debate against Hillary Clinton—but he left his traveling press pool back in New York City. Naturally, the reporters responsible for covering him only discovered their petulant orange charge was gone after campaign manager Kellyanne Conway made a tweet:


This is not the first time Trump has ditched the press—he also memorablyabandoned them when he made the snap decision to travel to Mexico in August. Last month, he mocked journalists for being late to a New Hampshire rally after his campaign failed to properly arrange the pool’s travel.

“I have really good news for you,” he told the crowd assembled for the event. “I just heard the press is stuck on their airplane. They can’t get here. I love it. So they’re trying to get here now. They’re going to be about 30 minutes late. They called us and said could you wait? I said absolutely not. Let’s get going, New Hampshire.”

What a guy.


Yeah, such a great candidate for President of the United States.

Only now I see why he sneaked out:

Trump Appears Before Debate with Juanita Broaddrick and Other Clinton Accusers | Mediaite

This campaign is a fucking reality tv show.



Could it finally be, the Beginning of the End?

Let’s find out…

Here we go, round two begins shortly, catch our live blog below.

Sunday: Who Knew? GOP = #GrabOurPussies


Well, the GOP have been grabbing our pussies for a while now, legislatively….

It only follows that the letters actually stand for Grab Our Pussies!

I’ve got some images for you, before we get to the links…you have probably seen these already but they are too good to keep off the front page.



I loved that comment from Edward…I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it with y’all.









As for Trump himself…he made a few comments this morning:





All I can say is that tonight’s debate is going to be frightening. Let’s be sure to watch it together.

My post is not as eloquent as Boston Boomer’s was yesterday. I don’t have the patience to write anything today because the whole thing has me so disgusted and pissed off.

Let’s just say I am glad that the bomb has dropped but why the fuck has it taken so long for this to happen?

Some links to check out:

This one for instance:

Dent: Pressure on GOP Leaders to Pull Away From Trump

Two prominent Republican lawmakers on Sunday called for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential race.

“I have serious doubts now about Mr. Trump’s ability to beat Hilary Clinton. In fact, I don’t think he can,” Utah Sen. Mike Lee said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I’m agnostic right now about who it needs to be,” Lee said when host Chuck Todd asked if vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence should the nominee.

Lee alluded to the many sitting lawmakers in his party who have pulled their support for Trump.

“I think people have to consider the totality of the evidence,” he said. “There were a lot of others who wanted to be persuaded, who hoped they would be persuaded.”

All those making the case for Trump to pull out? I think this tweet by Krugman says a lot about that:

From the AP via Daily Mail: Rumors Mike Pence is under GOP pressure to quit as Trump’s running mate | Daily Mail Online

Report: RNC redirecting funds away from Trump | TheHill

On this morning’s news shows:

Jake Tapper confronts Rudy Giuliani: ‘I have never heard any man ever brag about being able to maul women’ – Business Insider

Tapper blisters Giuliani: Your candidate thinks he can ‘grab women by the vagina — and it’s OK’

Getting ready for the debate tonight:

10 Emotional Abuse Tactics That Trump Blatantly Used in the First Debate — Everyday Feminism

The Ultimate Drinking Game: Clinton v. Trump Presidential Debate Bingo, Round 2

On the No Shit Sherlock list:

The deep disgust for Hillary Clinton that drives so many evangelicals to support Trump – The Washington Post

Sean Hannity defends Trump grabbing p*ssy: ‘King David had 500 concubines’

This is the last spastic breath from the Religious Right before its overdue death – The Washington Post

Poll: GOP voters standing behind Trump after lewd comments | TheHill

Yvonne Abraham: The misogynist in full – The Boston Globe

The worst thing about the Trump tape? When he meets Arianne Zucker | Jessica Valenti | Opinion | The Guardian

‘This is rape culture’: After Trump video, thousands of women share sexual assault stories – The Washington Post


Kate McKinnon’s ‘Day Off’ sketch on SNL makes us actually sympathize with the real Kellyanne Conway


Trump’s Tape Scandal: The Latest Updates – The Atlantic


Watch Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump ‘Apple-ogize’ for Pussygate on Saturday Night Live




More links to look over:

Inside Trump Tower, an Increasingly Upset and Alone Donald Trump – The New York Times

If that Groping women is not a joke video embed did not work, look at the video here.

Other tweets of note:

The U.S. has officially accused Russia of interfering with the election.

And the latest on Hurricane Matthew: Hurricane Matthew Toll Climbs to at Least 15 as North Carolina Suffers Record-Breaking Flooding – The New York Times

How Haiti can recover from Hurricane Matthew’s devastation (Opinion) –

Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame | The Independent

This is an open thread. See you tonight.


Wednesday Reads: Save me from the ruddy necks. 

Hack. Cough. Ugh.

Sorry this is late, but errands…and pressing matters kept me from posting this earlier.

Out and about this morning, the Banjoville populi (is that correct?) was out in force. So many camo ball caps, confederate flags and Trump signs…so little time.

But enough of the generalizing, lets get on with the cartoons, because that is all we have strength for after the last night’s debate.

10/05/2016 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -


10/05/2016 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -

10/04/2016 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -

10/02/2016 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -


Finding Polling Places: 10/05/2016 Cartoon by Paul Fell

Cartoon by Paul Fell - Finding Polling Places

10/03/2016 Cartoon by Chan Lowe

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

10/05/2016 Cartoon by Joel Pett

Cartoon by Joel Pett -

09/29/2016 Cartoon by Joel Pett

Cartoon by Joel Pett -

10/05/2016 Cartoon by Joe Heller

Cartoon by Joe Heller -

10/04/2016 Cartoon by Joe Heller

Cartoon by Joe Heller -

Campaign Dogs: 10/05/2016 Cartoon by Kate Salley Palmer

Cartoon by Kate Salley Palmer - Campaign Dogs

10/05/2016 Cartoon by Ed Gamble

Cartoon by Ed Gamble -

Hidden Losses: 10/05/2016 Cartoon by Sage Stossel

Cartoon by Sage Stossel - Hidden Losses

A Nasty Business: 10/03/2016 Cartoon by Sage Stossel

Cartoon by Sage Stossel - A Nasty Business

Trump and Clinton Face Off: 09/29/2016 Cartoon by Sage Stossel

Cartoon by Sage Stossel - Trump and Clinton Face Off

09/29/2016 Cartoon by Phil Hands

Cartoon by Phil Hands -

Vigilantism in the Philippines: 09/21/2016 Cartoon by Angelo Lopez

Cartoon by Angelo Lopez - Vigilantism in the Philippines

Identity Politics: 09/14/2016 Cartoon by Angelo Lopez

Cartoon by Angelo Lopez - Identity Politics

Love and Hate in America: 09/07/2016 Cartoon by Angelo Lopez

Cartoon by Angelo Lopez - Love and Hate in America

VP DEBATE: 10/04/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - VP DEBATE

VETO OVERRIDE: 09/29/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - VETO OVERRIDE

10/03/2016 Cartoon by Charlie Daniel

Cartoon by Charlie Daniel -

Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Donald Trump campaign boat: 10/04/2016 Cartoon by Gary Varvel

Cartoon by Gary Varvel - Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Donald Trump campaign boat

Trump’s Tremendous Stamina: 10/04/2016 Cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Cartoon by Jen Sorensen - Trump's Tremendous Stamina

Tax Avoider: 10/04/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Tax Avoider

Hurricane Christie: 10/02/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Hurricane Christie

10/04/2016 Cartoon by Kevin Siers

Cartoon by Kevin Siers -

10/04/2016 Cartoon by Bob Englehart

Cartoon by Bob Englehart -

09/29/2016 Cartoon by Bob Englehart

Cartoon by Bob Englehart - \

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Sunday Reads: And take that weed outta your mouth, Suzy!

02f7351725f0717ea0d37427882e7b08Good Afternoon

So the tide seems to have turned, what took ya so damn long?

This week has been a good one for those of us who have waited for the media to finally start holding Trump accountable to his actions. Do you think it will finally bring Trump down? I have hopes, but remember I come from a point of view that is surrounded by Trump supporters who are the quintessential characterized version of the average Trump Voter.

There are more Trump signs now than ever…one even says, “Vote for the candidate with balls: TRUMP!”  I think that one is particularly most telling. No matter what truth is coming out, even as horrible as it is…the folks supporting Trump still will vote for Trump. Because it is who they are, misogynists bigots racists. And even though many are certain that Hillary has this, I cannot be so sure…I will be uncertain until I hear that she has won. Until that time, lump me in with those who are…I don’t know what you want to call it, naive or Cassandras, the group of people who are still fearful of a Trump Presidency.

Election Update: The Craziest End To The 2016 Campaign Runs Through New Mexico | FiveThirtyEight




In this map, via, Clinton has 267 electoral votes, Trump has 266, and Johnson has New Mexico’s five. With no candidate possessing an Electoral College majority, the election would go to the House of Representatives, with Clinton, Trump and Johnson all eligible to receive votes.


Okay, here are some links for you:

With hints today that the NYTs has more documents yet to come: Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found – The New York Times

Whatever is actually in Trump’s tax returns is worse than what the New York Times says – Vox

The New York Times risked legal trouble to publish Donald Trump’s tax return – The Washington Post

As news of Trump’s taxes breaks, he goes off script at a rally in Pennsylvania – The Washington Post

An op/ed from the author of Wag the Dog, Larry Beinhart: Donald Trump for dummies – Al Jazeera English

When Republicans express outrage at Donald Trump’s racism, they are being disingenuous or self-deluded.

Joan Walsh: Donald Trump Is Being Outplayed by Women—and He’s Losing His Mind Over It | The Nation

The GOP nominee’s pathological sexism could be what kills his presidential hopes. Good.

 Giuliani Confronted Over Past Infidelities While Attacking Clintons – The Daily Beast

Alec Baldwin debuted his Donald Trump in the first 2016 presidential debate:


If that embed does not work here is the direct link.

More links for you on Trump:

Idiocracy now: Donald Trump and the Dunning-Kruger effect — when stupid people don’t know they are stupid –

‘Only the Little People Pay Taxes’ – The Atlantic

An open letter to Volokh Conspiracy readers who are Trump supporters – The Washington Post

This Says It All: David Duke Calls Trump “Our Candidate, He’s All We Have for the Presidency” – The Daily Banter

Gary Johnson’s VP: I’m Not Sure Anyone’s More Qualified Than Clinton to be President | Mediaite –

Forget Gary Johnson. Trump’s presidency would be one long ‘Aleppo moment’ | Dave Schilling | Opinion | The Guardian

Lawmakers finally agreed on Flint aid, 363 days after residents were told to stop drinking their water. | Grist

A linguist’s love letter to profanity explains why it’s fine to curse around kids — Quartz

Lastly, this clip from TCM:

“On the first day editing, I challenged us to avoid any scenes with women screaming or cowering in fear. The goal was to portray a strong, dynamic woman capable of standing up to the horrors of the world. This is for all the Wonder Women.” – Producer David Byrne

Thanks to LION BABE for their empowering anthem, “Wonder Woman”.


If you are unable to see that embed, click here.

Sorry it is so late today, I had to work myself up to post links about Trump. lol…

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