Sunday Reads: Space Force, it’s only Jungle Wars…

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Day 1093: In which President* Treason Weasel gives a criminal underling the Eric Trump treatment, says he’s never met the guy. #levparnas #trumpcrimefamily #lockthemup #magaisformorons #asteriskpresident #thedailydon

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This one is for all the folks who marched today! #womensmarch #womensmarch2020 ——————————————- 20 days of gratitude / Day 16 Anyone who invests $10+ in the badass topple the patriarchy US/Canada tour has a chance to receive this piece in the mail. Invest now and you are eligible for all future thank you surprises. #BadassTour You can give via GoFundMe (link in bio) or via ❤️ Venmo Shannon-Downey Yesterday’s randomly selected (using spreadsheets and a random number generator) thank you gift recipient: Peggy Dimmock! —————————————- #craftivism #craftivist #feminism #feminist #nofucks #feministfairytale #onceuponatime #badasstour #badasscrossstitch #embroidery #modernembroidery

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Dissent is and always will be patriotic. #womensmarch2020

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The @womensmarch is a good time to remember the journey that we’re on. The day after Trump’s Inauguration, millions of people marched across the country. Then, 6,000 women signed up to run for office. We're finally starting to see more women in power— let's keep going. #WomensMarch

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Thousands gathered Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington and at similar demonstrations throughout the country in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Denver. The annual protest burst into the national consciousness in 2017, when it inspired millions to take to the streets in Washington and across the globe. Read more by clicking the link in our bio. (Photos by @salwangeorges/The Washington Post)

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The rally for #WomensMarchSF is about to kick off. We are here and hope we run into you in Civic Center. #TogetherWeRise

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We are powerful. We are women. ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏿

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Snow and sleet can't stop this momentum 🥰 #WomensMarch2020 is 🥳

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I wanted to share some of the #womensmarch with you. I love looking at the signs.

Speaking of which:

Those fuckers!

How a Reporter Discovered the Doctored Photo From the 2017 Women’s March

The National Archives had blurred protest signs critical of President Donald Trump.

It seems with the outrage, they have corrected it…

And with that in mind, we see how tRump administration corrupts everything.

With regards to the latest Space Farce news…if y’all didn’t see the official “new uniform” photos released the other day:

People Are Pointing Out A Hilarious Flaw With The Space Force Uniform

Take a look at that link for some hilarious tweets.

I want to end this post with someone magnificent, Osiel Gouneo:

Follow him here:

This is an open thread…

Wednesday Reads: Boom, Boom, Boom

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The only people on this debate stage who have won every single election that they've been in are the women. We need a candidate who will excite all parts of the Democratic Party, bring everyone in, and give everyone a Democrat to believe in. That's my plan—and that is why I’m going to win. #DemDebate

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(Hopefully you can see that video clip.)

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Elizabeth Warren at tonight's #DemDebate, on whether a woman can beat Donald Trump.

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It is so good, I had to post it twice!

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Women can win. #demdebate

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Oops! I’m dropping f-bombs again! #justanotherday #excuseme #fbomb #fbombmeditation

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Worrisome Democracy breaking out around China #china #lunarnewyear #lunarnewyear2020

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Now back to my favorite imaginary segment on Fox News, “What if Obama did it.” • #fauxnews #foxnews #trump #tuckercarlson #thanksobama #obama #barackobama #foxnewsisntnews #politicalart #instaart #instaartist #votethemout #grabthembytheballot #obamas #dumptrump #lockhimup #notmypresident

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Day 1089: Please oh please put this tumbleweed-skinned dust mummy lawyer front and center at the trial. #asteriskpresident #trumpcrimefamily #magaisformorons #thedailydon

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Democratic Candidates Immediately Descend Into Violent Pandemonium Without Cory Booker’s Message Of Love

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Increasingly Unwell Harvey Weinstein Arrives To Court As Jar Of Ashes

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A cartoon by @dsipress. #NewYorkerCartoons

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Sanders Campaign Doubles Down With New Ad Warning Americans They’ll Never Be Able To Hear A Female President Over The Sound Of Her Vacuum

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Day 1088: To the world’s most eminent fabulist, everything is “imminent”. #cowardlylyin #dumptrump #trumpcrimefamily #presidentfulldiaper #magaisformorons #thedailydon

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Take a look at that thread above and the comments, disgusting.

In relation to this:

I don’t know about you all, but I believe Ambassador Yovanovitch life was in danger.

Here are the docs:


I wish Kamala hadn’t dropped out, she was the best.

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Many tree species live for hundreds of years; others, including the sequoias, survive for thousands. Bristlecone trees, like those in California’s Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, can last almost indefinitely. For millennia, the bristlecones have remained resistant to fire, harsh weather and soil conditions, and insect threats. “I get a chill from standing next to something that’s been living in the same place for 5,000 years,” one scientist said. “We can’t begin to comprehend the mechanisms of birth and death on that scale.” Minute changes in the tree-ring record make bristlecones an exceptionally useful source of data about changing conditions on earth, and that data shows that the trees have also survived hot spells: in 4000 B.C., during the mid-Holocene period, the earth was about one degree Celsius warmer than it is today. But it is on track to get hotter than that. Can these ancient trees, which John Muir once described as “irrepressibly and extravagantly picturesque,” withstand climate change? Read more at the link in our bio. Photographs by Jordana Meilleur/Alamy; Jason Bazzano/Alamy; Robert Rosenblum/Alamy; Dennis Frates/Alamy

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Love. Just so much love. To you. You who’s reading this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This is an open thread.

Sunday Reads: S-T-O-M-P-E-R

Just dial #STOMPER!

Innit about time we had a #tRumper hotline?

At least there is this bit of news:

This as well:

And then there is this story on a train:

This is an open thread.

Wednesday Reads: Holy Hell, Holy Sh*t

Good morning, when I started writing this post, I had no idea about the new battlefields in Iraq.

So…some of the cartoons may be a little, dated. Here’s to WWIII

What the fuck is wrong with these people? “Holy Hell?”

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Day 1080: Very cool of Iran to spare the Tomb of the Unknown Hairline. #presidentfulldiaper #unfit #asteriskpresident #magaisformorons #thedailydon

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Aww don’t worry President Corned Beef Personality, I’m sure you’ll draw a massive crowd when it’s your time. #sad #bebest #asteriskpresident #magaisformorons #trumpcrimefamily #thedailydon

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As if all that wasn’t bad enough,

Lastly, a bit down under:

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Among the many apocalyptic scenes from the Australian bush fires has been the presence of explosive, towering clouds appearing in the skies above the fire zones of southeastern Australia. These clouds are fire-generated thunderstorms. Their presence is an indication that a fire is exhibiting extreme behavior, such as spreading quickly beyond containment lines, switching its direction of movement, and even whipping up fire whirls and full-fledged fire tornadoes. The fires have been so intense that they’ve lofted smoke particles all the way into the stratosphere, in part through the clouds that in some cases look more like explosions. Once in the stratosphere, which is the layer of the atmosphere above where most weather occurs, in the troposphere, these particles can travel thousands of miles and even influence regional and global climate. Read more by clicking the link in our bio.

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My illustration for the Australian bushfires. I can’t seem to find any more words that haven’t already been said, there’s only sorrow and tragedy. I pray for Australia, the people, and wildlife…🙏🇦🇺 #saveaustralia#pen#watercolor#penart#watercolorart 🖤 Edit: I’m so incredibly humbled by the overwhelming response to my illustration. Thank you all for the tremendous support! I thought I would try to help a little more by providing some links to organisations/volunteer work to donate to, on my Facebook page. Link to my Facebook is on my bio. Any donation big or small can go a long way to help!❤️#helpaustralia

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my heart hurts for Australia 💔 here is a list of places you can donate to if you’re able to! feel free to add more in the comments if I missed any! 🦘 @wireswildliferescue, @redcrossau, @1300koalaz, @cfavic, @act_wildlife, @wildlifevictoria 💓

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This is an open thread.

Sunday Reads: Red Rover

Sounds like a reasonable way to explain tRumps latest war crime… (Obviously, I’m being sarcastic here…)

This Iran “mess” is serious:

The Word from Iran…

So many comments on that thread run along the same line. That Iran is welcome to tRump…as well as many of his top enablers, like Moscow Mitch, Steve Miller, Barr and Pompeo.

I would also like to add one more…Chuck Todd!

Don’t forget that while the world is raging, there is a real rage of fire in Australia:

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This isn’t a filter. This a person filming outside their home in Australia. This is our planet on fire. This is our house on fire! Do whatever you can to lessen your impact on nature. Understand that you don’t have to be perfect. We need millions making sustainable choices imperfectly. If you are not working toward good choices for the future and our planet you are helping it burn. It’s as simple as that. Stop smoking. Stop littering. Use a Reusable Coffee Cup. Walk. Recycle. Meatless Meals. Use aReusable water bottle. Paperless billing. Pick up litter. Buy local. Buy secondhand. Donate. Give. There are so many ways to make an impact. Pray for all those loosing everything in wildfires in Australia and all over the world. There is no neutrality. Take action. 🌎🌲🐨 #australiawildfires #savetheplanet #savetheearth #smallsustainablesteps #donate #wildfires #climatechangeisreal #wildfiresarehumancaused #sustainability #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving #reuse #reusablebags #reusablestraw #reusablecup #reusableproducebags #reusablecoffeecup #ourhouseisonfire

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Those images from Australia are horrifying.

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Day 1079: Keep your heads down and mouths shut for the next predictable round of America’s greatest export. #friedchickenhawks #asteriskpresident #reelectionstrategy #boneheadbonespurs #magaiaformorons #thedailydon

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Day 1079.1: In which a prep school draft dodger employs his favorite pastime of using other people (AKA losers) as collateral. #cadetbonespurs #asteriskpresident #magaisformorons #thedailydon

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I’m tired.

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This is an open thread.

Happy New Decade

Here’s looking forward to the new year…hell, the new decade…with glee! May it be filled with wonderment and joy…and carry with it, no more Trumps.

Cheers 🥂🍻🍾🎇🎆🎊🎉

Sunday Reads: Don’t bitch to us…

With all the bullshit lately about fucking Bernie Sanders…and since the one person who could stand up to tRump has/was left to drop out (Kamala)…to where we are seriously looking at a old white guy (Biden)…to wit, do we honestly think the elections are actually “secured” anymore (Putin)…

I feel that when tRump is re-elected, we here can tell all those news media assholes, BernieBros, Biden Shills, Tom Perez and the rest of the damn fools…

Hey! You listen to me, wacko.

See this fist?

I’m about ready to use…

that hatchet-face

of yours as a punching bag.

Now sit down and shut up!

Mole’s right, Peggy.

I am sick of listenin’

to your bitchin’.

The next time you feel a fit

comin’ on, go outside and bitch.

Bitch at the air.

Bitch at the trees.

But don’t bitch at us!

Gotta love John Waters Desperate Living!

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As 2019 winds down I get to reflect back on the work I’ve done this past year. Here are my top ten cartoons. Thank you all for the support. Couldn’t do it without you. • #topten #top10 #yearinreview #goodbye2019 #politicalcartoons #fucktrump #politicalart #resist #guncontrol #mostliked #mostlikedphoto #hello2020

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No shit…but in all seriousness, if tRump is re-elected, the USA will turn into a Mortville:

(Once you get past the roaches, you’ll see what I mean.)

Since this post is a total downer, let’s take a look at who died this year.

Now the video does not include, Sue Lyon Dies: ‘Lolita’ Star Was 73

She was 14 when Kubrick cast her as Lolita back in 1962. She was two years older than my mom.

More, “Gone but not forgotten…”

13 Trailblazing women:

Cokie Roberts, Toni Morrison. Gloria Vanderbilt.Getty Images/AP

From the NYT: In a Year of Notable Deaths, a World of Women Who Shattered Ceilings

Just a few tweets to round this thread up:

All I can say to this next tweet is…If only:

Oh yeah, this tweet reminds me:

Giuliani pals leveraged GOP access to seek Ukraine gas deal

Check it out, Nixon got something right:

And lastly:

This has been a difficult year, I miss my mama like crazy. Just wanted to get through all the sad depressing rehash of who we lost this year. Some I have left out on purpose. Can y’all guess who?

This is an open thread.

After I wrote this post, news of the latest anti-Semitic attack/hate crime in NYC: