Wednesday Reads: The day after…

So, not all results are in…but you can get a look at many here:

Now cartoons via Cagle:

A few links on Mastodon:

That links to a list of journalists on Mastodon…it is up to near 700.

From Extinct Mega Mammals to Fatass Fucking Rodents:

Crazy shit…

So this is an open thread…

22 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: The day after…”

  1. jackyt says:

    In Georgia in 2020, Biden won by 10,000 votes and Warnock won in the run-off. Democrats abroad accounted for 19,000 votes in Georgia. My understanding is that Georgia doesn’t start counting mail-in ballots until the morning of the election. I’m hoping …

    • Enheduanna says:

      I got gerrymandered into MTG district, so I’m disgusted. They also squeezed Democrats in the northern suburbs of Atlanta into one district. Plus, they decided you don’t automatically get mail-in ballots until you are 80 now. Previously it was 65. So I have to ask for a mail-in ballot every GD time.

      Fracking GOPers are the absolute worst.

      • jackyt says:

        I vote in GA-5 … did that get redistricted? It’s now a bigger pain than ever getting an absentee ballot, but I’d rather jump through their hoops than miss a chance to vote Dem in Georgia!

  2. quixote says:

    The numbers haven’t budged since I went to sleep last night. You mean nobody stayed up all night and counted votes for me? Honestly. What is the world coming to?

  3. bostonboomer says:

    No red wave, Dems could gain a seat in the Senate and House is still up for grabs. Trump candidates losing everywhere. It was a good night for Dems. I’m glad I stayed up.

    • RonStill4Hillls says:

      I am glad you stayed up so you can tell me about it.

      I did not sleep a wink Election Night 2000. I feared that last night would have been the same and I had to work this morning. I shut off EVERYTHING at around 4:00 PM yesterday.

      I am REALLY REALLY exploring ways that I can become one of those Democrats abroad.

      • jackyt says:

        It’s worth the effort! I have never regretted the move. When TFG prevailed in 2016 my elder sister said, “now your move to Canada doesn’t look so stupid”. For my part, living here since 1972 has always seemed like a blessing to me.

      • quixote says:

        Ron, I have friends who’ve left for Panama, Costa Rica, and Portugal. All very happy with where they went. Portugal especially. Not sure whether and how much capital any of those countries want you to have. I’m in New Zealand, which requires heaps of money from USians. (I was born in Australia, so got in that way.)

        The thing is, everybody is on the spectrum of crazy these days, so you’re just about as far ahead being in a solidly blue part of the US. Hawaii is excellent. The blue strips and bits along the West Coast. Boston (I grew up there), and I suspect bb will back me up on that. etc.

        Meanwhile … hoping for the best in the world’s trendsetter country ….

        • quixote says:

          (Just to be clear, the countries don’t take the money. They require you to have an amount invested locally, stuff like that.)

        • Ronstill4Hills says:

          I was. Born and raised in Ohio, which is just as crazy as Georgia right now.

          I am also stuck in MTGs district. Hell is was in Gingrich’s district at one point, I survived that.

          I hoped Flowers would do better but just too much hillbilly to overcome in these parts. Folk around here went to vote in their Sunday go to meeting duds. Which are the same as their Saturday Chitlin Cleaning duds, but you know it’s the thought that counts.

          Ok I got it out of my system. I more ugly slurs. I have been here a long time and the right wing Christian immersion is wearying. The hypocrisy of Herschel takes the cake though. It has me in a salty mood.

          We are looking at options for when I retire. Thanks for the info.

          • quixote says:

            MTG’s district?! eeeep! Almost anywhere would be better politically I guess? But judging by the map, that’s Appalachia which is beautiful country. If you have a garden, I find that’s an excellent way to go to another world. On the third hand (remember CarTalk? 😆 ) if the local Margieboys start running around with pitchforks, yeah, best to be elsewhere. It’s tough.

  4. Beata says:

    I’m just hoping to die soon and I’m not being a drama queen about it. Nothing went well yesterday in Indiana, per usual. Life here will get worse. I don’t want to be around to suffer through it any more. I’m sick and I’m tired. I’m ready to go. Bury me next to my mother. My name is already carved on the gravestone with hers.

  5. Well…I stayed up as long as I could. I’m glad that abortion rights were protected in the 4 states that had it on the ballot.

  6. dakinikat says:

  7. NW Luna says:

  8. NW Luna says: