Wednesday Reads: GOP Rats

Good morning, just a quick post today…I’ve been dealing with a cold that seems to be getting worse daily.

Cartoons from Cagle website:

This is an open thread, have a safe day…

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    JJ, I am concerned that you have a cold that is getting worse. Is it possible you might have Covid? Lots of fully vaxxed people I know who have had Covid say that they initially thought they had a cold. Please take care and see a doctor if you don’t start feeling better soon.

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    • quixote says:

      About time that was put out there! Biologists & medical people know it’s an organized clump of cells, but when you tell people the response can be “How dare you call it a clump of cells!”

      Well, this is how. It _is_ a clump of cells. (Plus, most of the clumps in the photos are to do with placental structures. The actual embryo at that point is a millimeter+ and looks superficially a bit like a flatworm.)