Sunday Reads: From D-Day to Drag Queens

Good morning…this latest ad for Herschel Walker has me confused:

You can see the ad here:

So, let me get this straight…D-Day was bad too? According to the fuckers on the TRumpian right? Well, we were fighting Nazis at that… But you know…indoctrination from drag queens story time. Let’s not forget this Huckabee child brain wash literature, hey…it’s free!


Now, for the cartoons via Cagle…

About that debate with Herschel Walker:

A few other things:

So, it is October…a time for scary movies:

Check out the trailer and if you get bored …here is the full movie:

You won’t be disappointed!

If you read that Super vagina ad…it mentions an 80’s boy band, called the “Bros”:

She says, “Bros were as famous as The Beatles, so I think Matt will definitely win the show. He’s got that sexy ‘X Factor…

Uh…I beg to differ!

Have a safe day and this is an open thread.

12 Comments on “Sunday Reads: From D-Day to Drag Queens”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Lots of crazy today. That Huckabee children’s book is nuts!

  2. darthvelma says:

    The D-Day thing is a swipe at Biden and the hissy fit right-wingers threw about him not commemorating D-Day properly back in 2021.

    • Well, it’s obvious, that ad is not made for folks like me…

      • darthvelma says:

        I doubt most people remember that whole kerfluffle – there’s been so much more republican nonsense since then.

        I can’t even figure out if it’s supposed to be a dog-whistle, who it’s even aimed at other than people who are already obsessed with hating Joe Biden.

        And of course you know the vast majority of folks who pretended to care about this issue couldn’t tell you the date for D-Day if their life depended on it.

        • bostonboomer says:

          But it didn’t bother them when Trump refused to go to a WWII cemetery because it was raining…

      • dakinikat says:

        No one was doing drag associated with World War 2 and the entire she-bang? Am I right?

  3. Some things:

    • dakinikat says:

      “Trump Warns American Jews to ‘Get Their Act Together’ Amid Low Approval Ratings

      With only 19 percent of American Jews holding favorable views of Donald Trump, the former president beckoned them to following Israel’s footsteps – the only major Western country to view Biden less positively than Trump”

  4. quixote says:

    That whole ‘we’ve degenerated from the heroes of D-Day down to the weirdos of drag’ bizzo is straight out of Russian propaganda. Putin’s been using it for years.

  5. dakinikat says: