Wednesday Reads: School Daze

Good morning…cartoons from Cagle website:

Did you see the latest from Hershel?


Fuck it…I’m done.

You know, it’s an open thread…

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  1. bostonboomer says:

    Great cartoons today.

  2. NW Luna says:

    Such a surprise!

    Ex-interior secretary Zinke lied to investigators in casino case, watchdog finds

    Former interior secretary Ryan Zinke, who’s favored to win a new House seat representing Montana this fall, lied to investigators several times about conversations he had with federal officials, lawmakers and lobbyists about two Indian tribes’ petition to operate a New England casino, the department’s watchdog said in a report released Wednesday.

    Zinke had communicated with the developers 64 times to discuss the project’s design, the use of his foundation’s land as a parking lot, and his interest in operating a brewery on the site. Investigators found that Zinke broke federal ethics rules repeatedly by continuing to represent his family’s foundation in the negotiations for nearly a year. This violated an ethics agreement in which he committed not to do any work on the foundation’s behalf after he joined the Trump administration. The report also found that Zinke had misused his official position by directing some of his staff to arrange a meeting with the developers and print documents related to the project.

  3. NW Luna says:

    The “genital checks” scare is nothing but a scare! So irritating and stupid.

    Most of the time you can tell by looking at the clothed person. Interestingly, women are better than recognizing a person’s sex than are men, because sometimes it’s literally been a matter of life or death to be able to tell the difference. You can tell from a cheek swab or a blood draw what sex someone is. Every cell in our body has a marker for male or female. There are even birth certificates! Also kids wanting to play school sports need a sports physical, so the doctor/nurse knows from the medical record what sex the kid is. “Trans” individuals can play sports on their own same-sex team — they’re not being denied anything.

    Let’s not take away even 1 spot from girls and women. Male feelings aren’t more important than girls’ and women’s rights.

    • quixote says:

      That’s the part that keeps getting lost. Nobody is saying transwomen can’t participate in sports. They’re just saying participate with your own physical class. Like everyone else does. Of course, then they’re not guaranteed wins, which is a lot less fun. Women get told winning isn’t the point so they should be happy to accommodate male-bodied athletes. Strange how the transwomen don’t get told that. It’s almost like people are perfectly aware which group is male and gets all the respect, and which is female and gets none.

      “Male feelings aren’t more important than girls’ and women’s rights.” Can’t be said often enough or loud enough.