Sunday Reads: Running Behind

Good morning…let’s get this party started.

Just a few cartoons:

I want to share some links that relate to Reproductive Justice…they are good resources to have around:

I hope you check out those links above, this is an open thread.

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  1. Last night TCM was featuring Joan Crawford and I got lost in her movies. It was so comforting, that I forgot about writing this post. So if you find anything news worthy, please let us know.

  2. For years, Americans have crossed the Southern border for health care and medical supplies because of the cost: Not only is medical abortion in Mexico legal, it can be bought over the counter for around $20.

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    Followup to a story posted the other day.

    Human foot found in Yellowstone hot spring may be linked to July death

    Officials said they believe that the discovery is connected to a July 31 death there and that there was no foul play. The park service declined to provide additional information about the ongoing investigation.
    The fatality joins more than 20 other deaths in the hot springs of Yellowstone since 1890.
    The number of incidents involving the springs is minuscule, given that Yellowstone is the oldest national park, having been founded in 1872, and that it is one of the busiest in the national park system. The number of park visitors surged to nearly 5 million last year

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