Sunday Reads: Hells Bells Kansas

Good morning…starting with the cartoons via Cagle:

I think a bit of history is repeating itself at CPAC this week.

This is an open thread…

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  1. Hey…

    • quixote says:

      Some of us have been saying this since the goddamn 1980s when Ronzo geared up the Christofascist Strategy. (They were there before, but people just laughed at them and saw them as cults. Which they are.)

      And we’ve been saying it and saying it and saying it and saying it and saying it

      Why do we have to actually and in fact lose it all before (maybe?) enough people see what’s right there?

      • NW Luna says:

        Same shit, different decade. How far back do we have to go before we can go forward again?

        Rhetorical questions of course.

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