Sunday Reads: High Five

Hey baby…

So yeah, it turns out the she kitten has a set of balls…go figure! When she was told it was a female…we all took it for granted that the kitten was just that, a girl. We never checked up on this…it was only at the vet when we were informed, it’s a boy. So my daughter has decided to call him Philip aka Pip, from Dickens’ Great Expectations. Of course she didn’t learn about Pip from school …they never read Dickens. She learned about Pip from South Park.


Now for cartoons via Cagle website:

Oh yeah…

This is my favorite one of the bunch, because I’m a history major…

This is an open thread.

Happy Father’s Day

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    This post was scheduled for 7:15 PM not AM …anyway, it is a bit tardy this morning.

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      Native Texan here and I still find it a bit surreal but very neat that Juneteenth became a thing outside of Texas. (It’s been an official state holiday there since 1980.) I grew up in a part of Texas that is about 1/3 black, so it is a big deal holiday where I come from. And so few really good things have come out of Texas recently that it’s nice to have Juneteenth as something to be a little bit proud if coming out of my home state.

      I also really like some of the more traditional names for the holiday. Early on it was Jubilee Day – which I think sounds so joyful. And I’ve also heard it referred to as Emancipation Day.

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