Wednesday Reads: MTG is FU

Truth…as we know it. But is the message getting through to people who voted for this:

Enough of that bitch.

Cartoons for now:

Now the next two cartoons are from a right wing cartoonist…

I would have never put this cartoonist in a thread before…and believe me his other offerings were the typical shit. I just thought it was interesting.

From 2019…


The latest from Uvalde :

In other news:

This is an open thread…be safe.

8 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: MTG is FU”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    I wish we could get through the day with no crazy ass shit-kicker political gun obsessed fetus fanatic dickhead making the situation more difficult. Be careful.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I sure hope so. You take care too.

    • Enheduanna says:

      It’s hard to describe the gorge I feel listening to MTG, Cruz and every other racist sociopath elected official with their bumper-sticker talking points. Every atrocity adds a new one – now it’s “harden” teachers and schools. IOW double-down on the anxiety and trauma to our children.

      Guns scare me so bad I almost freeze if I know one is around – loaded or not. Asking teachers to do the work of law enforcement is the worst pile of BS they’ve come up with yet. Have they ever once suggested there might be social issues at the root of these shooters’ motives? MTG and that crowd are too stupid to think beyond “mental illness”.

      Sorry end of rant. Thanks for the post today JJ.

      • RonStill4Hillls says:

        Ahh, but is there madness in their method?

        Is a Law Enforcement run public school system what they really want for minorities and poor people?

        It is not much of a dystopian leap to see a future where the cops are tasked to run the government schools and teachers are either police or contractors for the police.

        Let the conflict resolution commence.

        Just another sad thought among many.

        • quixote says:

          I wonder. Seems to me the garbage is adequately explained by just them wanting power and not caring what they lose in the process.

          As my Granny pointed out (and she’d survived the Russian Revolution, two world wars, and several bouts as a refugee, so she had some reason to know) you only get one thing.

  2. dakinikat says:

    I just don’t ever want to get out of bed.

  3. MsMass says:

    Did MTG go to college ? Why yes she did! Graduated from U of Georgia.
    Therefore, she must know when she’s making these mistakes. So…..she’s doing it to appeal to her moronic supporters and she’s doing it for some shock value.
    “Peach tree dish”. Haven’t stopped shaking my head yet.

    • quixote says:

      She might know, she might not. Unfortunately, stupid and horrible are not mutually exclusive. As her supporters, who are the real problem, also prove.