Sunday Reads: Now go to eternity.

Cartoons are from the Cagle website…

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A group of scientists from the Nationwide Academy of Sciences of Ukraine sheltering in a Kharkiv on Saturday night, said that the situation on the ground is looking dire.

They wrote in an email that a kindergarten and a hospital had been bombed and children killed. “There are many saboteurs who paint fluorescent labels for missiles on residential buildings. They are on the roofs of houses, on the gas pipes of ordinary high-rise buildings. This is an absolute horror and a reality that is hard to believe even today,” they said.

Take a look at this video at the link:

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      I’ve tried to fix it, but it is not embedded in the order I wanted it to be in…I hate this block editing from WordPress. Anyway, at least you can see the cartoons now. I think?

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    If that Tennessee law passes, every law abiding AA or other POC gun owner in Tennessee should apply to be deputized. Immediately.

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    Swamp Billy Method Actor for hire!

    • NW Luna says:

      No Senator, take a look at the map. It’s not that little country here — it’s that big country off to the right, the one with the dictator who’s a ‘former’ KGB. You know, Trump’s master – errr, – buddy.