Wednesday Reads: 2022 Sucks

Morning…sorry I have a migraine, so if I feel better I will add more links below in the comments.

I’ve just got this one link for you right now and it is disturbing as hell:

Be sure to read the entire article…

This is an open thread.

16 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: 2022 Sucks”

  1. dakinikat says:

    hey JJ! Hope you’re migraine goes away! Thanks for all the shit and giggles today!

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  7. quixote says:

    Brilliant cartoons! I can’t even pick out a favorite. So many perfect ones.

    About the surgical outcomes article: yes, that was *really* interesting. One obvious take-home, since male patients did not do any worse with female surgeons and women did so vastly much better: go to 86% female surgeons and a few of the remaining good male ones. Instead of the other way around as it is now. 😡

    • bostonboomer says:

      I like the docs turned over to the Jan. 6 committee. Hilarious!

    • palhart says:

      My female docs also talk and listen to me to solve any problems I may have; presently my internist and my sleep apnea doctor delight me each time I see them because my input to my health problems has been ignored, or not asked for, for too long. Male docs give the required 15-minute consultation and leave. I also count 2 former female gynecologists among my most helpful and patient-dedicated doctors.

  8. dakinikat says:

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  10. Riverbird (Ouzel) says:

    I’m sorry about your migraine. Thank you for the cartoons!