Sunday Reads: Assplanes and Rocketdicks

It’s Sunday..and I just wanted to say…who the fuck is designing these new airships?

Now I know what my ass looks like from behind.

If you do not recognize that huge swinging dick, it is none other than Amazon’s Jeff Bezos…well his rocket Blue Origin. I’ll leave the small penis compensation jokes to you and go on with the cartoons.

Via Cagle:

BTW, if you care to see a rich ass take off:

The news this week was overwhelming…my sense of anxiety is starting to rise. I hope you can watch these next few tweets from Friday, about the shit going down in Texas:

As of writing this post:


With assholes like these:

I’m going to end it with this beauty:

Have a good day.

16 Comments on “Sunday Reads: Assplanes and Rocketdicks”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    I’ve got another headache. I hope this one doesn’t last as long as last week. Take it easy, and stay safe.

    • dakinikat says:

      Take care! Hope it goes away soon!

    • roofingbird says:

      After that enormous compilation of events good, bad and funny, I’m not surprised. Take care, JJ.

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        Well, the reason I hardly write anything and mostly post Twitter and cartoons is because my disability…memory loss and brain funk, has gotten worse. It is hard for me to sometimes get words out coherently. I forget what things are called. And then I try to type, it is even worse. I type words I do t want like and for the…or just jumbled letters. I had an appointment with the neurologist psychiatrist last year but it was canceled due to COVID. That appointment is now set for October. With these migraines now lasting longer..idk. Anyway that is why there is very little writing on my post. So I’m glad you do appreciate what little I can do. Thank you.

        • Beata says:

          JJ, your amazing creativity and intelligence are always present in your posts. I hope the neurologist can help you. Take care.

        • roofingbird says:

          October is a ridiculous. Pain is pain. I can imagine your worry.
          Hubby’s cognitive impairment is continuing to progress; he is losing words now. The memory has been going for a while. I was grateful that today he was able to call and converse with a girlfriend of 50 years ago. They had a good talk. Even with the losses, his camera eye is right on point. When he can settle himself, the art collages are as good as ever.

          I’ve always appreciated your posts. They are loud and clear. Its stunning to think there are so many harmonious viewpoints to which few of us have access. Thank you.

        • quixote says:

          Good lord, yes. Seconding Beata and everyone. I *love* your posts.

          • bostonboomer says:

            Yes, absolutely. I always enjoy your posts! I’m so sorry about the migraines. I used to get them and I know how awful they can be.

  2. Beata says:

    When I am feeling sick, like I am now, I miss my mother and her comforting presence. There is no palliative care that can take the place of a mother’s love. Sometimes the only thing that sustains me is the thought that when this is over, I will see her again. She used to sing this WWII song to me when I was little:

  3. dakinikat says:

    I’m not sure what to say about this …