Wednesday Reads: I ❤️ NYC

Dem Primary results from the 11pm…

Well, considering we won’t have the actual, final results until sometime in July…here’s the news about Tuesday election in NYC:

Let’s all dance in the streets!

Check out this thread:

I’m pulling for Maya:

Meanwhile, in Buffalo:

Not a lot of cartoons today.

Some other tweets:

Shit is crazy Down Under:

I wanted to end it with a …what the fuck?

This is an open thread.

Have a good day.

13 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: I ❤️ NYC”

  1. quixote says:

    Subway’s tuna is maybe not the most important thing in the world, but what one of the recent lab tests said is that the samples they got were too denatured to identify the DNA.

    Meaning after cooking and canning and the time it takes to get to Subway and be chopped up with mayo and then sent to the lab, the DNA is not in good enough condition anymore to tell what it belongs to.

    That’s not really a surprise. To get identifiable DNA from a specimen it has to be either fresh, frozen, dried under certain conditions (which is why you can get it from some fossils), and a couple of other methods that don’t look anything like the Subway sandwich making process.

    Also, I think I heard about one lab getting at least tuna-adjacent DNA out of a same-day sandwich sample, i.e. it didn’t have to be shipped to the lab because it was all in NY.

    Anyway, jury should still be out on this one. We can now return to our regular programming 🙂 .

  2. dakinikat says:

  3. dakinikat says:

    My biopsy came back benign!

  4. dakinikat says:

    Love the Sutton Cartoon! The hypocrisy is just beyond belief!!!

  5. dakinikat says:

    • NW Luna says:

      Oh, that’s cute! And illustrates the vaccine/immunization process nicely.

      • quixote says:

        Very well done. Should blanket everybody’s feeds/ news/ info.

        But I’m a bit boggled that — I mean seriously?? — there are people out there who don’t know that’s what vaccines do. I mean, I must have learned it at some point, but it feels like I knew that in the womb!

        • NW Luna says:

          Sad to say, but lots of people don’t know how vaccines work. Curiosity and love of learning don’t appear to be encouraged cultural characteristics.