Wednesday Reads: So.

Cartoons from Cagle:


The Oath

Too much going on…that is it for now.

It’s an open thread.

3 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: So.”

  1. quixote says:

    Man. So many of those cartoons. Too close to home. Especially the ones about Bipartisanshit smothering everything that matters. I’m like all the other people who don’t understand process. I need an explanation for why Repubs can ram things through with a minority, but Dems can’t. Why? Why, why why? I don’t know what Repubs do to their Manchins and Sinemas and Feinsteins, but whatever it is, why are the Dems twiddling their thumbs?

    And the more they twiddle, the more senators are going to say “Hey. Wait a minute. I wanna be a power broker TOO!”

  2. bostonboomer says:

    I never knew that you had to pay to be considered for a Pulitzer Prize. I suppose employers pay for it but still…