Wednesday Reads: “…no longer purely civil in nature.”

Damn, what joy!

Some feel this is once again…meh:

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  1. Minkoff Minx says:


    • quixote says:

      Remember that “6 weeks” is medical-speak and means “from the date of the last period.” (This is because that’s a specific day you can list on paperwork, unlike conception which is generally not known that precisely.)

      So it includes two weeks when the woman isn’t even pregnant, plus two weeks when she doesn’t know she’s pregnant, yet. Then the earliest the common, at-home pregnancy tests give reliable results is some ten days after that.

      There’s a period of about two days when it would be possible to confirm pregnancy and get an abortion if needed.

      That’s a feature not a bug.

      Ways of controlling women are slipping away, pregnancy is just about the last big one left, make it all about the poor widdle fetus, and — boom! The actual, real, human woman involved disappears. Nobody here but us incubators.

      • NW Luna says:

        Ha, quixote, I was typing my comment as you were yours! Took longer because I tried finding a picture of a 6-wk embryo — looks sorta like a ruptured earthworm at that stage — but then couldn’t figure out how to post an image so I’m later.

    • NW Luna says:

      Would be ridiculous if it weren’t so chilling. First, that’s an embryo at that stage, not a fetus. It’s a clump of cells about 4 millimeters long. Second, there’s no heart, there are some cells pulsing. The 6 weeks is measured from the last menstrual period, not from conception. It can take up to a few days after intercourse for the sperm to finally reach the ovum, so that’s even less time.

      It’s beyond hope that the forced-labor, forced-birthers could use accurate language, but the MSM could.

      • darthvelma says:

        This. I am sick and tired of them referring to what’s going on at 6 weeks as a heartbeat. The heart hasn’t developed yet.

        They should be less worried about electrical pulses in a clump of cells and more worried about the lack of electrical impulses between their own ears.

        • quixote says:

          Well said. (Reminds me of a politcal cartoon I just saw: GOP guy in the middle of a crowd of zombies moaning, “Braaaiiinnnzz.” He’s saying, “There’s no MAGA zombie problem. They haven’t even bit me yet!”)

          And yes, yes, yes re both your and Luna’s points about heartbeats. It’s got more in common with intestinal peristalsis (also a tube with an endogenous “beat”) than the heart that’s formed months later.

    • NW Luna says:

  2. dakinikat says:

  3. NW Luna says:

    Time again to post an info source for Emergency Contraception (alas, no longer being updated since 8/2020 — funding cut?– but still good basics) one brand is Plan B), by the Office of Population Research at Princeton University, and has no connection with any pharmaceutical company or for-profit organization.

    This link has info on what brands of regular birth control pills can be used as emergency contraception. It’s not widely known, but taking several pills together gives you the same dose as in the Plan B-type emergency contraception pills.

  4. dakinikat says:

  5. dakinikat says:

  6. RonStill4Hills says:

    Did you guys see Rachel last night?
    This might be the worst police misconduct caught on camera.
    The cover up is so terrible.

    • dakinikat says:

      Yes. It’s stunning and I’m not surprised at all. Parts of Louisiana are just KKK potholes.

    • quixote says:

      Police departments where the higher ups make it clear there is oversight and consequences for abuse of power tend not to have abuses of power.

      Weird, huh?

      Seriously, it’s pretty obvious that 99% of police depts and mayor’s offices overseeing them don’t care and think what’s been happening is just fine. That’s the worst crime of all.