Wednesday Reads: Hope Spings

Good morning… let’s start with some cartoons from

Major news updates:

There’s some excerpts of Gaetz book…something about always taking the orange turds calls…no matter what Gaetz was doing. You can let your imagination run with that.

This thread:

South Park is streaming the latest episode for free:

Go check it out…at least see the first few minutes. It is hilarious.

And with that…have a good day.

6 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: Hope Spings”

  1. Enheduanna says:

    Whew the Haiti story and the South Park clip really highlight the vaccine distribution situation, don’t they.

    Great roundup JJ!

  2. dakinikat says:

    Military News
    Navy Seabees Build VP Kamala Harris a Desk Out of Wood from USS Constitution

  3. djmm says:

    Great post! And I love the story of VP Harris’s desk!

  4. NW Luna says:

    Really like the comics. LOL on the NRA guy being afraid of gun violence!

    Kamala Harris’ desk is so cool!

  5. NW Luna says:

    This is wonderful! I always thought there was something other than the conventional interpretations about the prehistoric goddess statues, but couldn’t really see what. Of course, it took a woman to figure it out!