Wednesday Reads: #CastorTheDisaster

Let’s start with some cartoons.

Now for some real fun…

I guess this dude:

…is gonna have some “good” competition.

In other tweets:

I think I heard the word “shall” repeated a gaabillion times yesterday…

Reminding me of this scene from Veep…starting at 3:10

Here is the transcript:

The court will hear the
matter of Meyer v. Nevada,

a motion to delay certification.

Before we begin, I would love
to define a few key terms.

Vote. What is a vote?

Well, I think that’s pretty obvious.

Oh, is it, Your Honor?

In many cultures, the word vote
can mean a myriad of things.

It can mean a celebration.

It can mean a dance around a fire.

It can mean a silent nod.

In this room, what does it mean?

Shall… it can mean a dance around a fire…of a burning flame at the weekly cross burning.

(That cartoon is an oldie from 2019.)

TAke care of your self…

6 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: #CastorTheDisaster”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    Try to have a good day.

    • quixote says:

      You too, JJ.

      I’m so patterned on dreading the next thing out of DC that until they get the covid stimulus bill and the voting rights bill done and dusted I’m going to keep dreading that this is just a short reprieve.

      So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Biden.

  2. Enheduanna says:

    Watching the trial is beyond agonizing – most of all knowing this is what the GOP Senate wants to sweep under a rug, ignore and “move on”. No biggie. The worst part is knowing a relatively small percentage of Americans support that view and have the power to do just that – let it go unpunished at the top.