Sunday Funnies

Four more days, I can’t wait!

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A few tweets:

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Please stay home and stay safe the next few days…especially.

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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    One more link, in connection to that last tweet about the telegram app…

  2. dakinikat says:

    • Enheduanna says:

      Yep – sums it up nicely. We’ve got a huge entitled-white-men and women anger problem in this country. Directed mostly at POC and validated by a grotesque intensely stupid psycho minor celebrity who made it all the way to the White House thanks to our racist election system.

      I’m tired of watching the videos of the riot. So far looks like the riots they planned for today are fizzling out.

  3. Minkoff Minx says:

    This is the best thing:

    • djmm says:

      Incredible! What a beautiful person Prince was as well as a musical genius. We lost him too soon.

  4. dakinikat says:

    • Enheduanna says:

      Thanks for this – really good info. I’ve been limiting grocery visits to quick as possible in and out – never more than 15 minutes, but I should switch to curbside. I double-mask as well. Still fuming about the lack of N95 – why on earth can we not produce those? Ready and willing to take the vaccine, but worried I might not be able to get the second dose…..sigh. SMH – Cannot WAIT for the Biden admin to take control of this.

    • djmm says:

      I resisted at first but online groceries and curbside pick up is the only way during this pandemic. Safer for you and for the grocery workers. I leave a tip under a rock in the car where the groceries go for the delivery person.

  5. dakinikat says:

  6. dakinikat says:

  7. NW Luna says:

    Great cartoons, JJ! “Sold my conscience years ago.” And the “Special food”/don’t tread on me. LOL!

  8. NW Luna says:

    FBI screens U.S. troops for possible insider threats ahead of inauguration

    U.S. defense officials say the federal government is conducting insider threat screening on the 25,000 National Guard troops who have begun flowing into the nation’s capital to secure the inauguration, as concerns intensify about extremism in the ranks.

    The extra precaution comes after a number of pro-Trump rioters involved in storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 turned out to have military ties, raising questions about extremist sentiment within the armed forces. Dozens of people on a terrorist watch list were in Washington as the deadly riot unfolded.