Wednesday Reads: #TattletalesfromTanqueray

For this Wednesday, we have a series of stories for you…from Humans of New York:

Tattletales From Tanqueray

Be sure you read each of these Instagram post in full before you move on to the next one. That is extremely important…because you don’t want to miss anything! So click each link, that way you will be certain to get the full caption for each thread.

Hmmm, a President that only ate pussy?

I wonder which President she is talking about….my uncle and I had a laugh, imagining the possibilities…



Every now and then, Humans of New Yorkproduces a story that moves us with its humanity. One such story is that of a former stripper, Tanqueray. If you’re not familiar, Humans of New York is an ongoing portrait series by photographer Brandon Stanton and he’s been working on it for nearly a decade. Posting the project on Facebook and Instagram, some stories are filled with humor while others are gut-wrenching. But few stories are as captivating as this one.

Kicked out of her home by her mother after becoming pregnant at 17 years old, Tanqueray rose from the ashes and went on to study fashion at FIT. She would later make costumes for strippers and porn stars. A regular in NYC’s drag scene, she hung out with the most fashionable gays and queens in all of New York. Back in the seventies, she was the only Black dancer making “white girl money.” She danced in clubs frequented by so many mobsters that she started learning Italian. She fed cherries she pulled from her g-string to paying customers. She was a badass and you wish you were that cool.

And with that…the legendary Tanqueray became a hit on Humans of New York, and social media.

This week, there was an update of sorts:

Brandon Stanton has started a fundraiser for Stephanie:

The Tanqueray Trust

As you can see, the amount raised has been substantial. The whole story, including the tales told…are truly amazing.

So kick back and check out…

The Tattletales From Tanqueray

You can follow the tales via Twitter:

Or via Instagram:

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(1/32) “Tanqueray, Tanqueray, Tanqueray. When this photo was taken, ten thousand men in New York City knew that name. My signature meant something to them. They’d line up around the block whenever I was dancing in Times Square, just so I could sign the cover of their nudie magazine. I’d always write: ‘You were the best I ever had.’ Or some stupid shit like that. Something to make them smile for a second. Something to make them feel like they’d gotten to know me. Then they’d pay their twenty bucks, and go sit in the dark, and wait for the show to start. They’d roll that magazine up tight and think about their wives, or their work, or some of their other problems. And they’d wait for the lights to come up. Wait for Tanqueray to step out on stage and take it all away for eighteen minutes. Eighteen minutes. That’s how long you’ve got to hold ‘em. For eighteen minutes you’ve got to make them forget that they’re getting older. And that they aren’t where they want to be in life. And that it’s probably too late to do much about it. It’s only eighteen minutes. Not long at all. But there’s a way to make it seem like forever. I always danced to the blues. Cause it’s funky and you don’t have to move fast. You can really zero in on a guy. So that it seems like you’re dancing just for him. You look him right in the eyes. Smile at him. Wink. Put a finger in your mouth and lick it a little bit. Make sure you wear plenty of lip gloss so your lips are very, very shiny. If you’re doing it right, you can make him think: ‘Wow, she’s dancing just for me.’ You can make him think he’s doing something to your insides. You can make him fall in love. Then when the music stops, you step off the stage, and beat it back to the dressing room.”

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I prefer the Instagram, because you can see the pictures better, but Twitter is an easier option for some.

At the time I wrote this post last night, there was already 10 post up…so please go to the links below to catch up on all the stories. And remember to scroll through all the pictures!

The main accounts are as follows:

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have been and that you consider sending a contribution to the Tanqueray Trust.

Someone should get together with Stephanie and Brandon and make a movie of these Tattletales. Fabulous stuff!

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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    I could not bring myself to post anything about the disgusting newsy “things” going on today. But please feel free to discuss it in the comments…

    Fuck Donald tRump!

  2. dakinikat says:

    hmmmm …

  3. Minkoff Minx says:

    Ms Tanqueray giving up the Temptations and James Brown:

    View this post on Instagram

    (11/32) “One weekend the Temptations came into town to play a show at the Copacabana. Nobody black had ever performed there, so everyone was buzzing about it. At the time Vicki was fooling around with one of the singers, so she asked me if I wanted to come out and party with them. I told her ‘no problem.’ It didn’t seem like a big deal to me. Vicki was obsessed with famous people and their money, but I could care less. The way I saw it: it wasn’t my fame. And it wasn’t my money. So why would I care? We made a plan to meet at BB Kings—the original location in the basement of the Americana Hotel. All of The Temptations were there, but I got paired off with Dennis—who happened to be the finest of them all. We had the best table in the house. And I could tell that Dennis was into me. We were flirting and laughing. Everyone was having a great time, when all of the sudden James Brown comes walking up to our table. He must have been drinking. Because he pulled up a chair, and started jabbing his finger at Vicki, screaming about how The Temptations had no business being with a white woman. He kept saying that there were plenty of sisters who look good. Now I’m listening to all this ‘black and proud’ shit, and I’m getting pissed. Because James Brown was keeping a white girl named Geri Miller in the Knickerbocker Hotel. I knew it for a fact. Everybody knew it. James had gotten her a floor length fox coat for Christmas, and every time he got mad at her– he took it back. It was a big joke in the clubs. So I sat there quietly until James was finished with his ranting and raving, then I said: ‘Excuse me Mr. Brown, but Geri Miller would like her coat back.’ James looked at me like he needed to take a shit. He didn’t say a word. He just slammed some money down on the table and walked out. The Temps started laughing so hard that they were rolling on the floor. And when it was time to leave– they invited us back to their hotel room.”

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    Hope y’all saw what she said about Bloomingdales executive:

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    (10/32) “One of my best customers was a GoGo dancer named Vicki. Vicki was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed bombshell. She worked the Peppermint Lounge when it was really going, but she made a lot of money on the side as an upscale call girl. All her clients came through a woman named Madame Blanche. Blanche controlled the high-end prostitution in the city. All the powerful men came to her because they knew she wouldn’t talk. But that didn’t mean Vicki wouldn’t talk. Vicki told me everything. One night I was selling her a coat, and she told me that Madame Blanche was looking for a black girl. The client was Alfred Bloomingdale—the owner of the department store. It was a role play thing. All I had to do was go to his hotel room and pretend to be a maid. She promised me that I wouldn’t even have to take off my clothes. And the pay was $300– so I agreed. Bloomingdale was set up in a permanent suite at a fancy hotel off Park Avenue. When I walked in the door, he was lying in the bed, wearing one of those smoking jackets like Hugh Hefner wears. He was surrounded by five white hookers in French lingerie. They weren’t even touching him. They were just sorta sitting on the edge of the bed, looking bored. On the bedside table there were stacks of $100 bills. He peeled off three of them and handed them to me. Vicki had coached me so I knew what to do. He ordered me around for awhile. I was serving them drinks, and picking up clothes off the floor. He gradually got more and more demanding, and I was saying dumb stuff like: ‘Yessuh, Mr. Bloomingdale. Oh Yes, Mr. Bloomingdale.’ But after thirty minutes I was supposed to switch it up. The plan was for me to start talking back, and he was going to get angry and call me the N word and whip me with his necktie. I didn’t care. I was getting $300. But when that time came, he didn’t grab a necktie. He grabbed a leather belt. And that wasn’t in the agreement. So I grabbed my coat and got the fuck out of there. Thankfully I got my money up front.”

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  4. dakinikat says:

    Ted Cruz blocked a Senate resolution to honor NOTORIOUS RBG!

  5. Enheduanna says:

    So this is a little scary. My neighbor and her daughter and I have all had to submit mail-in ballot applications twice. We all vote in the Democratic primaries so they know we’re Democrats. We still don’t have our ballots, but we got form-letters informing us that we have received the ballots. We have not.

    In Georgia you can vote in person if you don’t get the ballot, by signing an affidavit you’ve only voted once.

    My neighbor is 77 and should be receiving these ballots automatically by now. I qualify for automatic absentee ballots this year for the first time.

    None of us wants to risk voting in person but I will if I have to.

    • NW Luna says:

      We still don’t have our ballots, but we got form-letters informing us that we have received the ballots. We have not.

      Funny how this shit is happening in red states. Heard that people in NOLA have had something similar happen. No absentee ballots even though it was allegedly sent. Dakinikat, have you heard anything like this?

      • dakinikat says:

        Well, here and Kentucky, they’ve closed on line voter registration for “updates” which basically takes one day out of the way for registering to vote at the very last minute.

        They’ve done everything down here in Louisiana to block on line voting.
        Our SOS is a Republican Maggot Asshole

    • T says:

      I’m in GA and the same thing has happened to me! I’ve requested a ballot for the third time but have not received one. I am not wanting to go in-person because of health issues. So very discouraging.

  6. dakinikat says:

  7. NW Luna says:

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg eulogized as a ‘rock star’ and ‘fighter’ while mourners gather to say goodbye

    “Ruth used to ask, ‘What is the difference between a bookkeeper in Brooklyn and a Supreme Court justice?’ ” Roberts said. “Her answer: ‘One generation.’ ”

    Her coffin was placed on the Lincoln catafalque, built for President Abraham Lincoln’s coffin in 1865, and surrounded by an arrangement of the justice’s favorite flowers, including white hydrangea, freesia and white tea roses.

    • NW Luna says:

      All week, babies in strollers, girls in pigtails and women in tears have been appearing at the court to mourn their legal heroine. They brought so many daisies, roses and sunflowers that huge swaths of sidewalks were barely visible. They dressed their dogs in lace collars. They left photos of themselves on their wedding days, wives kissing wives.

      Fences were erected in the evening, blocking the public from coming near the court. But women still came, stuffing flowers into the fence hinges.

  8. RonStill4Hills says:

    No charges for Breonna Taylor’s murderers.

    So as per usual the city sticks up the tax payers for some “shut up and go away money” but no officers are at all accountable for Breonna Taylor’s murder.

    We have seen this over and over and they still don’t get why blacky is in the streets.

    We can be killed with impunity.

    I know it is not just blacky who the police kill without consequence but I guess we gotr sick of it first.

    I am waiting for the all lives matter folks to come over to our side of the protest line and tell the cops enough is e-fucking-nough.

    • NW Luna says:

      What I don’t understand is the Attorney General is a black man. He’s Republican though.

      (posted down below ’cause I didn’t reload the page first and so didn’t see your comment.)

    • dakinikat says:

  9. dakinikat says:

  10. NW Luna says:

    Kentucky court idea of “justice.” The state’s AG is a black Republican man.

    Actions of officer who killed Breonna Taylor ruled ‘justified;’ Another charged with wanton endangerment.

    A grand jury in Jefferson County, Ky., has charged Brett Hankison, a former Louisville police detective, with three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree. Hankison, one of the officers involved in the March 13 shooting death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, was fired by the department in June, with a termination letter saying he “wantonly and blindly” shot 10 times into Taylor’s apartment.

    The grand jury did not announce charges against the other officers involved in Taylor’s death. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R), who is black, like Taylor, said he did not anticipate charges in the future.

    Cameron said the state’s investigation determined the officers’ use of force was justified because they had been fired upon first, by Kenneth Walker, who was Taylor’s boyfriend. Walker has sued Louisville police and disputed their version of events.

    • RonStill4Hills says:

      Of course they trot out a black on the payroll.

      A big part of the outrage is specifically due to the fact that these events are like one of those infinity mirror pictures where the same goes on over and over forever.

    • RonStill4Hills says:

      It is like the no justice verdict for Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown but every 30 days or so forever, as far Back as you can remember and going forward as far as you can imagine.

      • NW Luna says:

  11. NW Luna says:

    Rich white man realizes he let out how racist he is and is very, very, sorry. Uh-huh. All he had to do was look up the business graduates from the HBCUs.

    Wells Fargo’s chief executive apologized Wednesday for blaming the lack of Black employees at the bank on a “limited” talent pool.

  12. dakinikat says:

  13. bostonboomer says:

  14. bostonboomer says:

  15. NW Luna says:

    Well, here’s some good news amidst the fresh hells.