Sunday Reads: This is America

This is Portland.

This is America.

That image was found in a tweet from:

I will add a few threads that you must take some time with today:

Follow @pdxzane for updates in Portland…reporter for the Portland Tribune.

Here are a few tweets, but I suggest you go to the link above and scroll through the feed.

Another thread from Portland…

And another:


I want to end this with Quinn Cummings…take the time to read this thread.

Please continue that thread at the link above…

Good morning, take care today…

9 Comments on “Sunday Reads: This is America”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    Just want to add a few more things:

    (The link is the thing)

    Look, they have assholes in Australia too:

    In Russia:

    One thing:

  2. dakinikat says:

  3. dakinikat says:

  4. jane says:

    That couple with nazi signs on them illustrate the adage that the history you do not know you are doomed to repeat. Our school systems have been letting us down, perhaps.

    • quixote says:

      Yeah. They seem to think fascism = people stopping me from doing anything I want. When by definition it = only doing what the authorities want.

      Not that it matters. They’d be jerks whichever system they lived in.