Oops it’s Wednesday Reads

Good afternoon….

Didn’t realize today was Wednesday.

Here is a few updates to get despondent about:


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A cartoon by Tom Cheney. #NewYorkerCartoons

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5 Comments on “Oops it’s Wednesday Reads”

  1. dakinikat says:

  2. lililam says:

    So, we have the resources to provide daily Covid tests to republican convention attendees, but the Feds closed 13 testing stations in hard hit areas and multiple sites lack media to keep up on demand. Sad!

    • quixote says:

      The path of “let’s stop trying and just let the pandemic take its course” was tried in Sweden and England, and shaped up to be such a disaster that those governments reversed course.

      Too late to save thousands of lives, but still, they did.

      Difference is, Sweden has an actual government, and BoJo at least tries to pretend he’s doing some kind of job. Trying that route in the US stands every chance of plunging right off the cliff because nobody’s steering.

      Nothing to do but hope you’re in a fairly rational state with a pretty good medical system. If NY could get it under control, maybe other states can too.

  3. dakinikat says: