Sunday: Something nice.

Let’s stick with something nice today…

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‘Black Madonna’ by Hans Withoos.

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Art by Zhu Hua

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On this next one, be sure to look at the second picture:

Hopefully we will close on our house this coming week, we should have closed on it last Tuesday…but as usual things happen, and Merrill Lynch lost our closing funds. It is ridiculous.

Have a safe Sunday. This is an open thread.

9 Comments on “Sunday: Something nice.”

  1. Enheduanna says:

    Hope everything works out quickly JJ. Love the artwork and photographs!

    I’m upset Dump’s “white power” tweet is changing the subject from his Putin Bounty Payments scandal. The media is so easily diverted. And he’s off playing golf again apparently. It’s just too much to take – an unrelenting garage of stupid and evil.

  2. djmm says:

    I mostly lurk, but love the daily posts. Such wonderful pictures and interesting comments! Please know that all the hard work of putting this site together is much appreciated.

    Malcolm Nance says, with personal knowledge, there is a process to immediately notify the President of important matters like the bounties. He says it is not credible that the President, VP, etc. did not know. You can find it on today’s AM Joy or on his Twitter feed:

    This is worse than even I ever imagined of this president — not to mention of the others who must be in the loop. He has ignored or even blessed by his inaction an act of war on Americans and our allies. And his political allies are still protecting him at the cost of American lives. I want Congressional hearings now.

    • djmm says:

      So sorry! Did not mean to embed so much! Here is the money quote:

      “These are lies. There is a special reporting communications system…for very imminent, very critical threat intelligence…that gets these reports to the desk of the President, or into President’s hands, 24/7/365 in no more than 10 minutes.”

  3. Enheduanna says:

    This is a beautiful APOD video illustrating the rotating earth – from the ground (only 43 seconds):