Wednesday Reads: Suck up…His soul

Who would’ve thunk it? Ya suck the soul out through the ear? I always thought it was the asshole…

  • JFK : He had me on the floor and had his mouth over my asshole! 
  • Elvis : A shit eater? 
  • JFK : I don’t think so. He was after my soul. Now you can get that out of any major orifice of a person’s body. I read about it. 
  • Elvis : Oh, yeah? Where, man? Hustler?
  • On that train of thought, being assholes who have lost their souls…

    #MoscowMitch leaked some news late last night:

    Maybe, we will get to hear Bolton speak? Perhaps even get testimony from witnesses to this enormous quid pro quo and ridiculous car wreck of a cover up?

    It definitely was a strange night on the Twitter.

    Watch this with the sound on:

    Then, check out the other tweets:

    You can even hear someone from Fox News on a hot mic giggling in the background…

    I want to bring these next few stories to your attention:


    It looks like the number of injuries from Iraq has jumped up,

    And…while in ICE custody:

    Now for a few cartoons:

    This is an open thread.

    12 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: Suck up…His soul”

    1. Enheduanna says:

      Great roundup JJ. It’s hard to believe there are any Americans who support immigrant detention camps – Americans whose relatives fought and died to liberate Auschwitz.

      And I don’t believe Bernie’s poll numbers either. He may squeak out a win in IA and NH, but the field is crowded. We will lose if he’s nominated, and if he does manage to win he’ll be a terrible POTUS and we’ll be right back to a GOPer in 2024.

      And WTH is wrong with Dump? We deserve to know what is wrong with him physically that he can’t speak properly.

    2. bostonboomer says:

      JJ, Thank you for referencing Bubba Ho-tep. I love that movie!!

    3. bostonboomer says:

      Fantastic post! I especially liked the Bagley cartoon. That one is a classic!

      • dakinikat says:

        It is !!! I’m stuck here in math formulas in my head land … just tuned into see Stabenow ask if the Dems want to apologize for characterizing the opening statement as a series of lies … arghhhhh!!!

    4. NW Luna says:

      Well this isn’t suspicious at all.

    5. NW Luna says:

      Another comic!

    6. lililam says:

      Great job in compiling this list of horrors. The longer I live and go through crap the more deference I give to the presence of evil and stupidity in this world. It feels like a personal as well as public bombardment. I have been just heartsick and horrified by the number of recent domestic homicides, particularly of children. I have also been caring for my very elderly mother a lot and have been overwhelmed by some of the indifference and rudeness we have been recently exposed to. My heart cries.

    7. dakinikat says:

      I’m hearing Bill Barr just hired lawyers.

      And this!!!

    8. dakinikat says:

    9. dakinikat says:

    10. Sweet Sue says:

      After hearing Dershowitz, today, I am legitimately terrified for our Country.