Wednesday Reads: The Nativity

The Nativity by Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes (27 January 1832 – 22 December 1915) was an English painter and illustrator associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

To see more of Arthur Hughes work click here.

Happy Christmas, stay safe… this is an open thread.

11 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: The Nativity”

  1. dakinikat says:

    • dakinikat says:

      • quixote says:

        When I lived in New Orleans, I’d *always* make it out to the bonfires. Nothing more fun for a pyromaniac than being surrounded by pyromaniacs setting off fireworks all over the place and lighting up the night!

        • NW Luna says:

          There’s something fitting to the season about bonfires in the middle of winter. Must be a spectacular scene!

    • jane says:

      Nothing like adding more carbon to the environment.

      • quixote says:


        But it is vast fun and, really, it doesn’t add *that* much. Once a year, one spot on one river, in the cause of people having the time of their lives. It’s worth it. There’s ways to cut megatons of carbon (building insulation, for starters) that don’t involve taking any of the fun out of life.

  2. dakinikat says:

  3. NW Luna says: