Wednesday September 11th Open Thread

Remember Gina, and all the others today.

Eighteen years is a drop of water…in the river of collective years, we will have… that Gina and the others will not.

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  1. dakinikat says:

    Hi! From one of the canaries in the coal mine!!!

    The mind-boggling New Orleans heat record that no one is talking about

    During one of the country’s hottest summers, New Orleans quietly set a mind-boggling record. On 43 nights, the temperature did not drop below 80 degrees in New Orleans, according to the Louisiana state climatologist.

    It blows the previous record out of the water — 13 nights in 2010. It’s also incredible considering in an average summer, New Orleans has just 2.1 nights at or above 80 degrees.

    This record should be getting much more attention than it has been.

  2. dakinikat says:

    and we can’t trust anything any more …

  3. dakinikat says:

    well, what does it say when it’s John Bolton that doesn’t do state propaganda that’s basically a lie

  4. Enheduanna says:

    JJ – that picture is just heartbreaking. Time doesn’t necessarily take the pain away, does it…

  5. dakinikat says:

    • NW Luna says:

      The cruelty is the reason.

      • dakinikat says:

        Did you see that NAZI judge that Trump nominated for 3rd circuit? Even Lindsey Graham and my Senator Gasbag couldn’t believe him. Dude works for Miller and has published articles suggested democracy is best without ethic diversity. Is that freaking high level NAZI shit or what?

  6. NW Luna says:

    • Enheduanna says:

      People who don’t love animals, especially intelligent animals with emotions, are not fully developed to their potential as human beings. Period.

      Having said that – do NOT get more than two or three cats. Ever.

      Trust me.

      • NW Luna says:

        Why? I’ve had 4 cats at a time for a few years — all rescued. Now down to 3 kitties. It does mean more litter boxes (they are indoor cats) and scooping, but they usually get along fine. They’ll all 3 snuggle up in a pile with each other and do mutual grooming.

        • Enheduanna says:

          My experience is they start marking the house and stress-peeing. This WILL happen if you allow them to be indoor/outdoor. In my situation it was close to a dozen at one point; not by choice but the neighbor’s cat had two litters within 4 months of each other (13 kittens) and a lot of them ended up at my house. I got a reputation and another neighbor dumped 3 feral rescues on me. Plus my original three – two of whom are special needs.

          I’m now down to five but the marking and behavioral issues remain. Mine do not necessarily get along and I can’t go on vacation anymore because of the constant clean-up.

          One of the little feral cats is too cute – she follows one of the special needs kitties around as if to protect him. She also likes to kitten-pile on the two special-needs cats and they do mutual grooming.

          You are lucky the 4 worked out and keeping them indoors was crucial I’m sure.

          I just think it is stressful for them as well if you have more than that.

  7. dakinikat says:

    • NW Luna says:

      Take that, you ageists!

    • quixote says:

      Wow. I didn’t think you could even put that much stress on your joints that much past 80.

      I hope this woman is sorry that she just blew up all my excuses!

      • NW Luna says:

        Depends on the joints — running is hard on lower extremity joints compared to most other forms of weight-bearing exercise, though that depends on the hardness of running surfaces as well as the individual’s gait pattern. Exercise is a good way to minimize effects of osteoarthritis. You do have to start with the appropriate amount, so as not to overstress joints. Then you can gradually build up the intensity or duration. I imagine Ms. Hawkins has been a runner for decades so her body’s used to that level of running performance. Weight-bearing exercise is also the best way to prevent osteoporosis.

        • quixote says:

          In other words, common sense? 😀 I’ll stick to hiking and swimming and yoga.

          I have to say I’ve always hated running for exercise. All that pounding, I’d always feel like I had scrambled eggs for brains at the end.

          But fascinating to know it works for Hurricane Hawkins. A huge inspiration!

          • NW Luna says:

            Swimming is excellent exercise and it’s easy on the joints. I’ve never liked running myself! I do like racewalking on the downhill sections of a hike or backpack trip.

  8. NW Luna says:

    Here we go!