Sunday Reads: Did y’all hear what Mama said?



Here are a few tweets I found to share:

The idiot strikes again:

And I tell you, the White House is also there with the shit statements:


This next link and twitter thread discusses student loan debt…


There is a horrendous human crisis going on in New York City:

This from Australia:

Haven’t we seen this before?

tRump Anxiety Disorder? It isn’t fucking new…We are beyond these kind of articles.

Yet, there is more crap on Facebook:



Oh, yeah…it is Super Bowl Sunday:

This is an open thread.

16 Comments on “Sunday Reads: Did y’all hear what Mama said?”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    Have a good day…at least I didn’t forget today was Sunday, like I did last week…

  2. quixote says:

    Okay. I realize the orangeness of His Orangeness is the least significant thing on the planet,


    why do these “good genes” droogs always pick on revolting traits as evidence of them?

  3. Sweet Sue says:

    Great roundup, JJ. Thank you.

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Trump spends 60 percent of his days watching TV.

  5. NW Luna says:

    Love the “Mama has spoken!”

    Trump Anxiety Syndrome — yep, we’ve all had that since November 2016. Don’t know how some people didn’t.

  6. NW Luna says:

    Sherrod Brown calls Trump a racist and backs it up with facts.

    • quixote says:

      I didn’t know pundits ever rolled back anything. So they are capable of it? Just not when it’s obvious lies?

      • NW Luna says:

        Yeah, in this case the pundit let Brown talk — and Brown kept on talking. Lol, “I don’t know what ‘in his heart’ means.” Racists don’t have hearts.

        • Valhalla says:

          Call me tinfoily but I’m pretty sure Chuck Todd let Brown talk (& backed off challenging him) because he’s a white guy with a deep voice. No offense to Brown.

        • RonStill4Hills says:

          Or, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck who give a shit if it claims that in its heart it’s an Ostrich.

    • RonStill4Hills says:

      Points Senator Brown.

  7. Joanelle says:

    Mama’s a smart woman, and Mitch should listen to her before he loses everything. Clearly his party is the guilty party here. They have cost us billions (BILLIONs) I say and the whole dang country is depressed. They never should have let donny and Mikey run under their banner.
    The party is as complicit as the two of them.