Sunday Reads: Guess Who?

Actor Max Schreck, of Nosferatu fame….

Yeah…this guy:

Today’s post is complemented with images of famous people when they were young…some may surprise you…others will not. I hope you enjoy the show.

Earlier this week, Pence came to Georgia. One of my fellow Roller Girls showed up to protest:

I am so proud of Pixie! It takes guts to stand there, by yourself…and she did get harassed by tRump supporters. Video clip of her interview with the local news station at this link.

Channel 9 Lone Protestor Outside Rally

One thing about the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association), they are proactive when it comes to issues and politics that strike out at causes and the culture Roller Derby stands up for…for instance:

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Condemns Discriminatory Policy in the US – WFTDA

In recent days, the United States executive branch has suggested federal policy changes may be coming that would significantly harm transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, intersex, and other gender nonconforming members of our communities. As the governing body for the sport of roller derby, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) denounces these proposed changes, which would be in direct opposition to the inclusive spirit of our roller derby community. We ask other sports governing bodies, amateur and professional, as well as organizations and individuals who recognize the value of inclusivity in sport to join us in pushing back on these discriminatory policies.

As a nonprofit proudly based in Austin, Texas, the WFTDA is saddened to hear of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ interest in defining gender as a biological condition. In the eyes of the WFTDA, this is an attack on our core values as an organization.

In 1972, Title IX was introduced as part of the U.S. Education Amendments, to end “discrimination on the basis of sex.” Title IX specifically offered protections and space for women in amateur sports, addressing the collegiate system directly. In recent years, the NCAA has taken steps to begin extending these protections to transgender athletes wishing to compete at the highest level in their chosen sports, pushing Title IX to end discrimination not just on the basis of assigned sex, but also on the basis of gender expression and transgender status.

The WFTDA has also worked throughout its existence to re-evaluate its own gender policies and create its current gender statement, at the encouragement of the WFTDA community as well as our colleagues in the Junior Roller Derby Association, the Men’s Roller Derby Association, and other organizations that have contributed significantly to gender-expansive competition. Together, we recognize that a commitment to inclusivity makes our sport brighter and more competitive. Diversity adds complexity and nuance that would not otherwise exist on eight wheels. It’s our collective obligation to advocate for the human rights of our membership — especially those who have historically faced disproportionately larger barriers to inclusion.

Please, go to the link to read the rest of the statement. There is a lot more there to chew on.

As you can also see, they encourage their teams to participate in the political discussion:

Arizona Roller Derby Announces the New Names of its International Travel Teams – Arizona Roller Derby

In 2004, AZRD agreed to play the Texas Rollergirls (TXRG) in the first interstate-bout of the modern era. As part of creating its first All-Star team, AZRD members selected the name Tent City Terrors, a satirical political statement in reference to Arizona’s notorious outdoor jail. Many of the skaters on the original team selected a second identity separate from that of their home team, such as “Sheriff Shutyerpaio”. When it was formed, it was unclear when or how many more games the team would play; at the time, there was no flat track organization nor rule set. Still, the name and uniform stuck through the first national tournament held in 2006, and has been used by the team since.

Yeah, a team name…plus derby player’s names to make a political statement. Check out a few other examples below:

Here are a few more links on politics and WFTDA and Roller Derby this:

A few articles on gender issues and concentrating on Derby as an LGBTQ inclusive sport.

WFTDA Gender Statement – WFTDA

Making Inclusivity Happen in Roller Derby – The Apex

The WFTDA Challenges ESPN to Improve Their Relationship with Non – NBC2 News

Roller derby is mashing up gender norms in sport – here’s how

Roller Derby and promoting the Indigenous Community:

Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Community in Roller Derby – WFTDA

Team Indigenous Talks Politics – WiSP Sports | conversations from the world of women’s sports-‘MICK SWAGGER’ AND ‘JUMPY MCGEE’ DISCUSS HOT TOPICS AND THE POLITICS OF TEAM INDIGENOUS AND THE WFTDA

Here is a statement back when tRump issued the fucking Muslim travel ban:

WFTDA Issues Statement Against US Travel Ban – WFTDA

It really makes me proud to be a part of the North Georgia Roller Girls ….which is a WFTDA team associated with Peach State Roller Derby; with the WFTDA backing us, we should stand up for the causes that are a part of the movement that is Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby…it is wonderful to see women like Abby/Pixie embracing the Culture of WFTDA. I applaud her efforts. Brava!

As for the NGRG…we start playing our official first games in March of 2019, so I will definitely keep you all up to date with that nugget of derby news from time to time.

Oh, yeah…more young celebrity pictures:

Milton Berle

Kate Winslet

So back to the shit storm that is tRump.

This little Nazi Youth is none other than tRump himself.

Trump’s attack on birthright citizenship betrays his ignorance – and his weakness | Corey Brettschneider | Opinion | The Guardian

The 14th amendment to the constitution confirms that all Americans are born equal. One immigrant-hating lover of dictators cannot change that with a simple stroke of his pen

In an interview that will air in full on Sunday, Donald Trump reveals that he wants to end birthright citizenship through executive order. But he doesn’t have that power. An executive order cannot reverse the guarantee of citizenship to anyone born in the United States that is enshrined in the constitution.

After the civil war, Congress sought to grant full citizenship to African Americans, who had been denied it under the Dred Scottsupreme court decision. Yet when it passed the 14th amendment in 1868, Congress went further. It wrote a rule making it clear that any person, regardless of ethnicity or national origin, had a right to citizenship upon being born in the US.

The relevant portion of the 14th amendment reads: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” The phrase about jurisdiction was meant to exclude the children of ambassadors and tribal Native Americans, who until 1924 were regarded as citizens of separate sovereign nations.

These words about birthright citizenship reflect the wider values of the 14th amendment, which also guarantees “equal protection of the laws” for all persons. Together with the constitution’s ban on royal titles in Article I, Section 9, the document stands for the idea that the US does not condone hereditary hierarchy – or any legal distinction based on birth or parentage, ideas associated with aristocratic societies. In the US, everyone starts on the same plane.

I also think this is yet another form of tRumpian white nationalist intimidation. Considering the past 2013 Scalia Supreme Court decision which removed the Voting Rights portion of Civil Rights Act of 1964. (Remember the Civil Rights Act will again be revisited soon enough.)

This way of sending these outright threats goes far to back the claims of fascism that Boston Boomer discuss in her post from yesterday.

But back to the the op/ed up top. It goes on to discuss the first case that came before the SCOTUS, in 1898… United States v Wong Kim Ark. Please read the rest to learn more…

I’m going to stick with the Guardian for the next few links, I think it will give us a good look from a different perspective.

Julia Roberts

‘This is Georgia’: hate, hope and history in election that shows the clash of two Americas | US news | The Guardian

Hey, what a fucking surprise. Georgia’s election shit is making news over in the UK!

“The consequences of any of us staying home really are profound because America’s at a crossroads,” he warned. “The healthcare of millions of people is on the ballot. Making sure working families get a fair shake is on the ballot. But maybe most of all, the character of our country is on the ballot.”

It was not meant to be like this. America’s first black president hoped to steer the nation on an upward trajectory. Then came Donald Trump, a man endorsed by white supremacists and the breathing embodiment of everything Obama is not. On Tuesday, these two radically opposing visions of “the character of our country” will collide at the ballot box. Georgia is ground zero.

I live in ground zero. I know the crap first hand. Ugh.

From Seinfeld to bagels, it was always easy to be a Jew in America. What changed? | Hadley Freeman | News | The Guardian by Hadley Freeman.

Recently a clutch of American relatives came to visit me in London. I don’t get to see my extended family so much these days, but thanks to the internet they see me all the time, reading my articles and sending messages so supportive they occasionally reject English as insufficiently adoring and opt for Yiddish (“I’m kvelling!”). They ask me about the different things I’ve been writing about: celebrities, feminism, and so on. But when they made the transatlantic trip this time there was a rare consensus: they all wanted to talk about the rise of antisemitism in Europe.

What is going on? It’s just crazy!” one uncle said to me after I wrote about protesting against antisemitism in British politics. We discussed the rise in verbal and physical attacks on Jews in the UK, the election of Viktor Orbán in Hungary, the Law and Justice party in Poland. He was especially horrified by the murder of 85-year-old Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll in Paris. “It is just unimaginable,” my cousin said.

Marlene Dietrich

Dietrich was one of many German born actors/entertainers who spoke out and actively campaigned against Hitler during WWII.

‘Vaya con Dios:’ the impossible life of an immigration judge at the US border | US news | The Guardian

Robert Brack, who at one point had the heaviest caseload of any federal judge in the US, pleads for justice for the immigrants he sees every day

One more link for today’s post…

Jon Stewart is right: How long will the media continue to play Trump’s game?

A fleeting moment within the teaser for Axios’s interview with Donald Trump, the centerpiece of Sunday’s “Axios on HBO,” tells all you need to know about how the president truly feels about his relationship to the media.

Moments after Jim VandeHei admits to Trump that his “enemy of the people” rhetoric scares the hell out of him, the reporter (and co-founder of the media site) tells the president, “You are, like, the most powerful man in the world.”

Reflexively Trump looks off-camera and grins, briefly, his face flush with what appears to be self-satisfaction. There was concentrated smugness in that expression, tinged with a pugilist’s cruelty.

In that scene, VandeHei points out the extreme irresponsibility of any leader of the free world using his position and platform to vilify an entire class of people, and using that rhetoric to stoke the emotions of the people who constitute his base.

Ever the attention-hungry reality show star, Trump softly replies, “They like me more because of it,” calling his dangerous hyperbolic term the only way he can fight back. That satisfied grin says he knows he’s winning.

Axios on HBO,” premiering Sunday at 6:30 p.m., is one of many specials the news site will run on the premium cable channel as part of a partnership. HBO has been steadily expanding its news and information footprint. And that in itself indicates how malleable our concept of news has become under Trump’s administration.

This is the interview where tRump announces he is going to snap his fingers…click his heels and poof, no more “14th Amendment.”

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So what are you finding today as we count down to Tuesday’s election?

This is an open thread.

31 Comments on “Sunday Reads: Guess Who?”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    Morning all, I guess my point with this post today, is to highlight the few who are trying to call out the tRump and GOP state compared to the actual entities/agencies whose job is supposed have a check on democracy. The comedian shows are producing more actual truthful news and reporting and political pundits then you see on msm.

    Have you seen any of Sarah Silverman commentary on her show? I will see if I can find some clips.

    Anyway, I hope everyone has a good day. A note about the pictures, I found them on Pinterest so I will not vouch for there veracity.

  2. RonStill4Hills says:

    I don’t really know Max Schreck but that second picture is Rudy Giuliani

  3. OG says:

    Just for the record, executive orders, like laws stand and are enforceable until the Supreme Court rules that they are unconstitutional and sets them aside.

    I live in North Georgia also. The barrage of commercials on tv, flyers in my mailbox and signs along the streets is enough already.
    My caller I.D. Says I am getting calls from all over the county and locally that I don’t answer. Probably about the election.

    The governor’s race will probably be a runoff so that is another month of those commercials.

    Ready for it to be over.

    • teele says:

      I am getting ready for another day of making calls like the ones you are not answering, a task that I really don’t like, because anyone who does answer is mostly nasty, even though the list is supposed to be dems only. I was thinking I was doing my part, but seeing your comment is making me look forward to this afternoon even less. I can’t walk very far, so can’t canvass. Maybe nothing we do as individuals makes a difference, anyway. Vote, I guess, and let the chips fall where they may.

      • OG says:

        I did not mean to spoil your day or make it worse.
        Maybe if your call would show up on the person’s caller i.d. as a Democratic party organization you would get more answers and better responses. Just a thought.

        I had a few people come by my house and I talked to them. That probably works better than phone calls.
        If the computer disks the numbers for you then you could read, but if you have to punch in the numbers that would be tough.

        I voted early so that is out of the way.

        • NW Luna says:

          I think whatever we can do to help is good. If one vote changes, that’s good. If one person votes who was going to stay home, that’s good. Some methods are supposed to have more response than others, but we never really know all the results of our actions. Frankly I think hope is a tangent, and we do what we can regardless.

  4. Joanelle says:

    This political season is the most repulsive, disgusting and frightening I’ve ever experienced. We had dinner with friends last night whom we hadn’t seen in quite a while. We talked about health issues, kids, grandkids over the course of the meal; then when coffee was served my longtime friend looked me in the eye and said ‘well, what do you think of our current President?’
    I just looked at her and said ‘you have to ask? He’s despicable, I’m frightened, I’m angrier than I’ve ever been in my life and the only weapon I have is my vote, I awaken every day to a racial pervert and want to scream and do more to make him stop’
    Her response was simply ‘it will go away, maybe not as soon as we’d like but it will end.’
    I hope and pray that it is soon than later. We shared our heartbreak with our Jewish friends.

    • NW Luna says:

      it will go away, maybe not as soon as we’d like but it will end.’

      …said the frog in the pot as the heat was turned up further.

    • OG says:

      It is worse when you give your answer and find out your friend is on the other side.

  5. NW Luna says:

    Too true, and too many are insulated from the real fears that most of us who earn ordinary wages have.

  6. quixote says:

    Jesus Christ on an acid trip. That picture of the young Trump as a small brat. Look at his expression. It’s the same as his resting bitch face now. The same hateful tension around the eyes and mouth turned down. His face is just a generic kid’s face, but I could pick that expression out of a line up a hundred times over.

    And he was only five? Six?

    • NW Luna says:

      He’s already got that nasty pout face — he’s working on how to hurt his sister for not giving up all her Halloween candy to him.

    • Joanelle says:

      And can you imagine the conditions he was living in that created the attitude, guarded emotions, fear and anger that he held within that little body? This is not an excuse for the man he grew into, but rather, points to the elements that helped create what we now have before us.

  7. dakinikat says:

    • NW Luna says:

      “It reminds one of Jared Diamond’s story of collapse on Easter Island where they cut down the last tree and there they were, unable to paddle to any other island and they’d destroyed their future,” he says.


  8. NW Luna says:

    I think Trump’s views on anything, including gender, are horrid. I think trans persons should be respected as persons because everyone deserves respect.

    The different in physical abilities (strength, dexterity, balance, flexibility etc.) in men or in women is greater than the difference between the average man and the average woman. That being said, there are questions as to the appropriateness? fairness? of a person who’s surgically & hormonally gone from male to female (or vice versa) competing in athletic events against persons who have not had such changes. There are limits as to the extent of surgical and hormonal transitions. Yes, there are rare individuals born with “ambiguous” genitalia. But should a men’s or women’s team have participants who are trans? For the most part I don’t agree, depending on how competitive the teams are. But this is all a separate issue from Trump doing yet more damage to democracy.

    I worry that Trump continuing to talk about people being very angry if the Republicans don’t win is simply fanning the flames of hatred in his racist misogynist followers.

    • quixote says:

      The real tell in Dump’s anti-trans policy is that he is in favor of surgery to make babies with more or less ambiguous genitalia more similar to the “standard.”

      His ideal is two boxes and everybody gets shoved in whether they fit or not.

      The feminist ideal is the opposite: no boxes and nobody gets shoved anywhere and nobody needs surgery (they can if they want, of course) to fit some imagined stereotype.

      The feminist ideal is also that women have the same rights and safety and standing, including the right to define their own groups as anyone else.

      There are plenty of transwomen, those who identify with women as well as as women, who have no problem with women sometimes having situations that do not involve them (transwomen).

      But there’s a group of transactivists who want everyone to validate their identity no matter what. Women are just collateral damage in that quest. (I’m sorry, but all I can think is, “Um, how very guy-like.”) As it happens, a female-to-male trans gave the most mindboggling expression of that attitude I’ve seen so far:

      Trans patients were called last week and informed their long-awaited top surgery had been cancelled to let more cancer mastectomies happen. It’s not their responsibility.

      Our surgery is not cosmetic. Transgender wait times are fatal and I #WontDieWaiting

      As they say in the UK, transmisogyny is still misogyny. And no matter what set of chromosomes the practitioner has.

      The whole business with self-ID has boatloads of consequences for women. No, actual transpeople may not be involved. But if male-looking people can be in female spaces, it means all any perp or pervert has to do is declare they’re women and go for it. And they do. There have been rapes in English prisons that house male-bodied self-IDed women with other women. Voyeurism in locker rooms, changing rooms, etc, goes way up. So the safety of 50% of the population is sacrificed to the identity struggles of 1% or less of the population. (When they’re male. The other tell is that there is way less interest in protecting transmen.)

      Athletics: I’m sorry, but self-ID is bollocks. If I self-ID as a grade school basketball player, I’ll be world champ in no time. It’s just stupid. Tell #3: male-bodied athletes aren’t busting into women’s gymnastics, because they wouldn’t be winning there. The solution is to have different classes of sport, maybe more than male / female, based on natural advantages relevant to the sport in question.

      Anyway, you get the idea. Trans people must be able to live with dignity, peace, and happiness. We need to change *society* for that, not bodies. Women, likewise. When women are collateral damage in someone’s quest for recognition, that’s just misogyny.

      • quixote says:

        (And don’t anybody start on my use of language. I’m fed up to the eyebrows with it. Telling women not to use language to talk about issues that require those words is just more misogyny.)

        • Sweet Sue says:

          I’d pull my tongue out by the roots before I’d refer to myself as a “cis” woman. Does cis rhyme with piss or whiz?

          • NW Luna says:

            Plus if it’s a soft “c” then it sounds like “sis” which sounds like someone starting to mansplain to a woman.

        • NW Luna says:

          Thanks quixote — I was stumbling and self-policing my writing. No, not self-policing but self-censoring. Damn.

          That example about the top surgery (what an inane description) interfering with cancer mastectomies makes me furious. “Our surgery is not cosmetic.” Oh, bullshit. It is cosmetic. They don’t have cancer. BTW no woman with cancer wants to have her breasts cut off. And men wanting to have surgically created “breasts” haven’t seen the aftermath of the average breast-cancer surgery “reconstruction,” especially if their own tissue is used rather than silicone or saline-filled implants.

          “The feminist ideal is the opposite: no boxes and nobody gets shoved anywhere and nobody needs surgery (they can if they want, of course) to fit some imagined stereotype.”

          Yes. I honestly can’t see that being at odds with one’s body and wanting to change its appearance from male to female or vice versa is any different than for a white person wanting to change appearance to an Asian or black person. Yet one is accepted and the other is not. *rolling eyes*

          One of the weirdest things I read was a teen boy, who wanted to trans into female, saying that he didn’t want to wear skirts because that’s what girls wore but because he wanted to wear them because he was really a girl. What a brainwashed idiot! Skirts are merely the norm for females in this culture. Skirts are the norm for males in some other cultures. Oh, excuse me, they are called “robes” or “togas” not “skirts,” of course.

          Spoken as a woman who has all her life been told that she does too many things that males do and who does many of them well, and isn’t that funny because she looks feminine. SMH. I blame it on being inadequately socialized to this culture as a child.

      • bostonboomer says:

        The government has no business policing people’s bodies or minds in any way, shape, or form.

  9. NW Luna says:

  10. NW Luna says: