Sunday Reads: The end of the world? It’s no nightmare.

Les amoureux du Quai du Louvre, Paris, 1955, photo by Frank Horvat

Les amoureux du Quai du Louvre, Paris, 1955, photo by Frank Horvat


Today’s images come from the blog, We Had Faces Then. This is a fantastic photo blog, where the tagline proclaims:

A gay man of a certain age and a certain sensibility searching for meaning in the flickering images of classic Hollywood.

I have decided to feature photos of Merle Oberon, I hope you enjoy them.


Paul Lukas and Merle Oberon in Berlin Express  (Jacques Tourneur, 1948)



So, late last night…I am saving images for this morning’s post, and the two above are the last things I see before I go to sleep. I don’t know if that had something to do with influencing my dreams? It could also be the fact that we have a disaster leading the country, and no one serving as National Security Adviser…technically…the Bolton Beast starts his reign on Monday.


Many of you might have already seen that clip on Friday’s Maddow, if you haven’t take a look.

But, my dream from last night was this…

The end of the world, I am sitting with my family in Florida, my aunt Celeste and the rest of the circus. We are all drinking and laughing outside while we await the apocalyptic explosion that is to commence shortly, when… “Mother Earth collides with Mars.”

The joke being, “HaHa…Wait, there was no collusion!”

“Hey, the end of the world is not brought on by tRump?”

Yeah, our last words to each other were not I love you, but we were astounded by the reason the Earth was being annihilated…and that tRump was not the actual direct cause of the destruction of the planet.

Now that is some fucked up dream. Is it because in the back of my mind…Mueller is taking so damn long…the earth would be colliding with some other celestial body before tRump gets charged or impeached?

tRump has been on the Twit box a lot this morning and last night. I was only going to share today’s tweets but might as well give you a few from last night, so you can have a perspective on the links throughout the rest of the thread.


I want to throw up every time I see or hear any direct communications or commands from this asshole.

Here are a few responses to the Hair Loser’s tweets. (Dak, I love that nickname.)

I wonder how long before Hair Loser walks back the Syria tweet?



Onward, with a few other responses to the fire at tRump Tower from last night:

Then there was this tweet:

Not sure on the veracity of that statement…Just putting that out there.

*Edited to add this link:

Trump Tower fire is second 2018 blaze in sprinkler-free residential tower – CBS News

The fire on the 50th floor New York City’s Trump Tower that left 67-year-old Todd Brassner dead and six firefighters injured was the second fire in the building in 2018. President Trump’s centerpiece Manhattan skyscraper opened in 1984, but does not have sprinklers on its residential floors, a measure required in new buildings since 1999. President Trump, then a private citizen and property developer, lobbied to try and prevent the mandate at the time.

New York City in 1999 became last big city in the nation to require sprinklers, according to the New York Daily News. Under the 1999 legislation, buildings constructed before then were only required to have sprinklers if they underwent gut renovations.

According to The New York Times, Mr. Trump was one of the developers in the late 1990s who lobbied against sprinklers in buildings. He then recanted once the legislation passed with grandfathering provisions that meant existing buildings did not need to install them, saying that he understood they made residents “feel safer.” FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said on Saturday that there is extra fire protection at Trump Tower when Mr. Trump is there.

Then-New York city mayor and now staunch Trump ally Rudy Giuliani signed the bill requiring sprinklers into force on March 24, 1999, having opposed it when it was first proposed in 1997. The legislation was spurred on by a major fire in a so-called “fireproof” apartment block with no sprinklers on New York’s Upper West Side the previous December, and another in a Brooklyn housing project the same month in which hallway sprinklers failed. Survivors wanted all buildings to have sprinklers, but the legislation that was passed was not retroactive, much to the delight of existing property owners who cited cost as a major reason not to be compelled to retrofit their buildings. At the time the legislation was being discussed, Mr. Trump had just started construction on a 72-story tower near the United Nations, and he subsequently said he would install sprinklers there at a cost of $3 million.

Saturday’s fire is the second fire in Mr. Trump’s Fifth Avenue building this year: Two civilians suffered minor injuries and a firefighter was hurt by debris in a fire on Jan. 8 on the top of the building. That blaze was sparked by an electrical issue, Mr. Trump’s son, Eric, said at the time. Eric Trump said the fire had been in a cooling tower.

Well, there is that.


In other news this weekend:



And hey, let’s not forget this little nugget:

That is huge…and I don’t think enough people are talking about it.

Meanwhile, in Gaza:




Here, add Tony Robbins to the list of assholes. (Granted, I personally had him on the list to start with, but this truly confirms my suspicions.)

Robbins actually pushes back on this woman, forcing her to step backwards. It is a physical intimidation…and it is disgusting.


So much of this post is disturbing, as the reality of our world today. This last tweet can put everything into focus. This was a mock headline that The Boston Globe published in April 2016:

Boston Globe Trump front page: The GOP must stop Trump – The Boston Globe

PDF: A front page in Trump’s America

Donald J. Trump’s vision for the future of our nation is as deeply disturbing as it is profoundly un-American.

It is easy to find historical antecedents. The rise of demagogic strongmen is an all too common phenomenon on our small planet. And what marks each of those dark episodes is a failure to fathom where a leader’s vision leads, to carry rhetoric to its logical conclusion. The satirical front page of this section attempts to do just that, to envision what America looks like with Trump in the White House.

I’d say they were spot on…

This is an open thread. Have at it.


31 Comments on “Sunday Reads: The end of the world? It’s no nightmare.”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    That last photo looks so much like Jodie Foster.

    • Enheduanna says:

      I love the early version of Wuthering Heights she did with Olivier. She was so striking.

  2. NW Luna says:

  3. quixote says:

    Interesting bit from the article about police killing people:

    While the odds of being killed by police when unarmed were about the same for black and white males, the high percentage of unarmed black women killed by police significantly increased the overall odds for unarmed blacks. [emphasis added]

    Later on it reports in a rather surprised tone that increasing diversity of police forces didn’t seem to lower the number of deaths caused by cops. Well, if you’ve ignored misogyny and that’s causing most of the problem, then maybe the kind of “diversity” implemented wasn’t the kind that could solve the problem.

    The focus on men and boys in the black lives matter movement has bothered me from the beginning. Everything I heard said women had at least as much of a problem, plus the cops also rape them — so much so that New York finally decided they needed a law against that … :boggle: (otherwise cops didn’t know that was a bad thing to do??) — so women are doubly victimized. Time to start centering women!

    • NW Luna says:

      Agree. And women police officers are by far the minority.

      “…New York finally decided they needed a law against that …” How could that have been legal anyhow? *boggle*

    • NW Luna says:

      Saw a tweet with women wearing “Black Women’s Lives Matter.” Let’s see if I can find that again.

      Oh hell. JJ put it up in her post. My memory has declined every day of the current Residency, in reverse proportion to my anxiety level.

  4. quixote says:

    Is that Greta Garbo in the photo above the Kendzior tweet? (With the dotted veil and the dangerous look.)

  5. dakinikat says:

    Is it just me or does Tony Robbins look like a mad scientist experiment gone wrong these days?

  6. NW Luna says:

  7. dakinikat says:

  8. NW Luna says:

  9. dakinikat says:

    • NW Luna says:

      This happens in private insurance too. I’ve had to hassle with ins. co’s that keep denying coverage for medically necessary equipment for disabled patients. Another reason why for-profit companies and healthcare should never meet.

      BTW this doesn’t happen in the VA system yet. But if Trump gets his way and the VA is privatized, it’ll happen there also.

  10. dakinikat says:

  11. Sweet Sue says:

    Poor Merle Oberon, she spent her whole life denying her Asian heritage. I don’t blame her for “passing;” in that era, who wouldn’t have done the same? I get angry at people who judge her harshly.

    • NW Luna says:

      Indeed. No wonder she “passed.” It’s bad enough now; it must have been far, far worse then. She was beautiful. I just read the Wiki article — her mother was 12 when birthing her. And her grandmother was 14 when birthing Merle’s mother.

  12. NW Luna says:


    Asked if Russian President Vladi­mir Putin bears any responsibility for the attack, Trump said: “He may, yeah, he may. And if he does, it’s going to be very tough, very tough.”

    “Everybody’s going to pay a price. He will, everybody will,” Trump said.

    “Tough” since Trump owes Putin. Odd that he’s finally criticizing Putin.