Sunday Reads: 6 minutes and 20 seconds

Emma González at the March for Our Lives. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Yesterday…was an emotional day. Oh, I know that is an understatement. What march in recent times could bring together such dynamic forces of powerful character and determination and will, over an increasingly disturbing violent topic. The lack of gun control or assault weapon regulations…of which the repeated results have shown, only continues the slaughter of innocent lives. The feeling of sadness for those who were not there at the rallies or marches because they were victims of gun violence…anger and helplessness…mix with the hope that this time, there is a difference. Energy pulsing from the podium, from the youth, kids as young as 9…taking to the microphones and speaking loud and clear. Their words were logical and coherent, sound and strong. Enough. That is what their voices said. And for one of these leaders of the new generation, a voice of sound was not even necessary. The power of her silence was enough to cut through to the core.


You can see the full speech here:

Emma Gonzalez’s powerful March for Our Lives speech in full – video | US news | The Guardian

I think Scott Lemieux nailed Emma’s speech, as he discusses it here:

From Lemieux’s link:

On first watch, you wonder—as did so many in the audience—if she is breaking down, if it has just become too much to bear. Re-watching, all I see is the determination. There are moments when the crowd tries to buoy her, when they try to break her out of a supposed reverie, assure her that they support her, that they want to hear her—through those moments she is far stronger than they are. She has her point to make and will not be swayed. She is actively refusing to speak.

There are times when words aren’t enough. There are times when naked grief and outrage are eloquent. They make us deeply uncomfortable. Even when we are on her side—we are unsettled.

Re-watching this, I mostly hear her breathe. Maybe it’s all the yoga training, but that breath is just so powerful. It is a stark reminder of all those who no longer have breath to draw. It is a reminder of each breath we take and what we choose to do with it.

Emma G is brave enough to hold her silence when that is the point she wishes to make. She will not be deterred. She will stare us down. She will make us listen to each breath. She will make us listen to her not speaking. She will hold the space as long as necessary. The power of this performance is the way that attempts to fill the silence, however well-intentioned, fizzle in the face of her unflinching intensity.

Listen to the whole thing. Listen again. Listen to her speak. Listen to her breathe. Listen to her silence and all the things that rush to try to fill it. Listen to her silence drown them out.

Her refusal to speak is her rejection of the crazy world that put her on that stage. It is the loudest call to action I have heard in a long time. We need to be unsettled. We need to question our assumptions about what is possible. We need pay attention to the silent woman who insists that we hear the multitude of silences of those we’ve failed. We need to recognize when that woman is commanding us to listen. We need to rethink what leadership looks and sounds like.

Because this is a woman I am ready to follow.

I am in awe of these young women and men. They give me hope that maybe we won’t end up fucked beyond repair.

These are some tweets and links I wanted to share with you from yesterday, some may be things you have already seen…but they are moments to mark down.




Let’s take a look at what the “other” side was up to?


And what was tRump doing during all this:

Trump’s Motorcade Drove Out of Its Way to Avoid Seeing Children Protest Gun Violence | Alternet

Donald Trump is in Florida to play golf this weekend, which puts him in uncomfortable proximity to the #MarchForOurLives protest scheduled in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

The president went out of his way to avoid the protesting children today, the Palm Beach Post reports, with his motorcade taking a detour.

The 1.5 mile “scenic” route to Mar-a-Lago allowed Trump, his wife and son to avoid the children and an pro-impeachment billboard erected by Democratic fundraiser and activist Claude Taylor.


Even today that orange asshole is tweeting shit:


and this:


I think the “wall” tweets are in response to some whine from a FoxNews dickwit:

Via Raw Story: ‘What happened to the wall?’ Very sad Fox News host Jesse Watters whines to Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters are not happy about his broken promise to build a wall.

Jesse Watters was downright morose in an interview with Kellyanne Conway. The Fox News host may be in a bad mood because he’s being divorced by the wife he cheated on, but he decided to channel it all into complaints about

the wall.

The idea of Mexico paying for the wall, as Trump promised voters in 2016, has of course been thrown out the door. But Watters wanted taxpayers to pay for it as part of a record spending package that will ballon the national debt.

“What happened to the wall funding?” he asked Conway.

“The wall funding has begun,” she said. “It’s not everything the president wanted.”

“Not even close!” he whined.

 “Jesse, this is a town that not so long ago was mocking the idea of a wall,” she said.

“Nah,” he said. “A very small step.”

Watters taunted Conway by suggesting that Trump, Wilbur Ross and betsy DeVos chip in to pay for the wall. She did not find it funny.

“They can all pony up some of their own cash to start some of the wall,” he said.

“Oh come on,” she said.

“But, Kellyanne, you have to understand the disappointment after running on building the wall,” he said. “I just don’t think either party really wants it.”


I mean, does tRump ever do or say anything that is not in response to something he saw on FoxNews?

As for his tweets on lawyers:

Trump denies having difficulty finding lawyer for Russia case – Axios

In a Sunday morning tweet, President Trump denied that it’s “hard to find a lawyer” that wants to take on his case in the Russia probe, implying instead that his recent difficulty finding representation stems from conflicts of interest.

The big picture: Trump’s personal attorney, John Dowd, resigned last week, after news that he’d added “streetfighter” Joe diGenova to his legal team. However, CNN has reported that diGenova’s role on Trump’s legal team remains in flux — and Trump couldn’t lock down renowned GOP lawyer Theodore Olson amid the upheaval.

So there is that chestnut…

Tonight is the Stormy Daniels interview:

He would do it, we all know he is capable of it…


As for now I am holding on to the hopes of yesterday:

I agree with this tweet from Rachel in Australia, this is something to be proud of…and it does feel good.

This is an open thread.

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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    Hope everyone is safe and warm…

    • Pat Johnson says:

      JJ, your words today were inspiring in describing the events of yesterday. Lovely!

      Emma Gonzalez has all that it takes to become a true leader. At 17 she embraces all the good life has to offer as her words ring out across the nation.

      Words matter. They inspire. They provide comfort in lost times.

      You are all to be commended.

  2. quixote says:

    Best and truest use ever of “women & children first”:

    If ever we’re going to keep this ship of state afloat, we’re gonna have to look to the women and children.

  3. NW Luna says:

    I hope Emma Gonzalez runs for office someday.

  4. Peg says:

    I’m having flashbacks – but in a good way. The Washington march took me back to a march against the war my husband and I attended in 1969 or 70. There are kids in Wisconsin walking from Madison to Janesville to protest at Paul Ryan’s house. I drove from Milwaukee to Madison with Father Groppi to protest welfare cuts in 1968 or 69. This is such a breath of fresh air after all the despair. Bless you, kids.

  5. NW Luna says:

  6. NW Luna says:

    In the comments is: “Sending thoughts and prayers.” Lol!

  7. NW Luna says: