Good Morning…

I don’t know about you, but every day I spend some time looking like the cartoon above.

Like earlier, when signs on Twitter pointed to this shit:

He is tweeting again this morning…



I am so disgust and tired of all this, when will it stop?

Some links today:

This thread is interesting….considering the date it was tweeted:

Put into perspective:

This is all I can bring you today….it is an open thread.

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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    Morning. It has been a crazy week, my son is having major diabetic episodes, Bebe is suffering from an ovarian is bad. My mind is not on anything.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I’m sorry JJ. Hang in there and take care of yourself.

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        I’m really worried about Bebe. Her symptoms match what my mom had before her diagnosis.

        Saw this tweet today and wanted to make sure it was legit:

        • bostonboomer says:

          I think that’s the guy who spoke out about Cambridge Analytica.

          When will Bebe know what’s going on? Is she going to have surgery?

        • quixote says:

          Yup. Legit. That’s Faceblot’s idea of the best response to being found out as an accesssory to the murder of democracy.

        • quixote says:

          JJ, what an overload of horribleness to be dealing with! I hope they get your son stabilized soon. And ovarian cyst symptoms can be like other, worser, things, but if they’ve diagnosed a cyst, it’s probably not any of those things. Did they do ultrasounds or anything like that? Cysts look totally different than the other conditions on an ultrasound, so mistakes aren’t all that likely. Plus, the good thing is that, as far as I know, there are pretty good treatments now to prevent recurrence so she won’t have to fight with this for the next 20 years, wondering what the hell is wrong. Cysts are no joke all by themselves, as you know all too well.

          • NW Luna says:

            Ouch. Ovarian cysts can be so painful. Can she get an ultrasound to see how large it is, or if it’s ruptured, or if there is ovarian torsion? I hope it’s a small cyst and resolves quickly.

            Abdominal/pelvic pain & bloating are very common symptoms in abdominal disorders whether they are serious conditions or minor and temporary conditions. Please take care of yourself too, JJ.

          • bostonboomer says:

            I had an ovarian cyst years ago. The doctor said it was the size of a football. I had surgery and it turned out to be benign. It was very painful.

  2. dakinikat says:

  3. NW Luna says:

    Skripal poisoning: up to 38 more affected.

    ABC also reported that intelligence officials had said that up to 38 individuals in Salisbury had been identified as having been affected by the nerve agent, but that the full impact was still being assessed and more victims were expected to be identified.

  4. RonStill4Hills says:

    Am I understanding this correctly. Felons are endorsing people now?

    This is the twilight zone.

    I saw I’m Carrey’s portrait of Sarah Sanders. Bravo.

  5. dakinikat says:

  6. dakinikat says:

  7. NW Luna says:

    • Enheduanna says:

      It’s never toxic white masculinity/privilege – it’a always a mentally ill lone wolf. Just an outlier folks! Hardly ever happens – no biggie.

  8. NW Luna says: