Sunday Reads: Make This Weird

Do you think some people consciously start the day saying something like that to themselves?

It’s going to get weird…I’m going to make this weird.

I think tRump surrounds himself with people who have that sentence as their mantra…

I would say that tRump also makes this his chosen path to follow, but I am not sure it is a conscious decision anymore. I really believe the Orange Caligula is fucking nuts. He seems to be in a constant sunset stage now…and that is frightening.


First off today:

The interview, Jake Tapper and Stephen Miller:

‘You’ve wasted enough time’: Jake Tapper cuts off Stephen Miller after he goes berserk over tell-all book

NN host Jake Tapper abruptly ended an interview with White House staffer Stephen Miller after the Trump aide began shouting about a new tell-all book that casts the White House in a bad light.

During an interview that aired on Sunday, Tapper accused Miller of filibustering instead of answering questions that have been raised by Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside Trump’s White House.

Tapper noted that President Trump had recently called himself a “stable genius” in response to Wolff’s book, which alleges that the president is not fit to serve.

“It happens to be a true statement,” Miller shot back.

“I’m sure he’s watching and he’s happy you said that,” a frustrated Tapper said.

“That was a snide remark,” Miller complained.

“I have no idea why you are attacking me,” Tapper remarked.

As the CNN host tried to ask questions about the book, Miller yelled that CNN attacks Trump “24/7”.

“You have 24 hours of negative anti-Trump hysterical coverage on this network!” Miller shouted. “Viewers are entitled to have three minutes of the truth! Why don’t you just give me three minutes to tell you about the Donald Trump that I know.”

“Because it’s my show and I don’t want to do that,” Tapper jabbed. “Stephen, settle down, calm down.”

But Tapper’s attempts to calm Miller failed, and he was eventually forced to end the interview.

“Okay, you’re not answering the questions,” Tapper said. “I get it. There’s one viewer that you care about right now and you’re being obsequious because you’re trying to please him. I’ve wasted enough of my viewers time.”


Of course the audience of one was thrilled with Miller’s performance:

Certain folks on the Twitter were making the connection, that yes…this twit (meaning tRump) was proving Tapper right:


Everything about Trumpism is focused on rallying the base. No one else matters; the rest of us aren’t even considered Americans. Conservatism has been like that for years now, but Trumpism is focused on an even narrower demographic — it’s fine if even mainstream Republicans are alienated, as long as the base cheers.

This seems like a way to commit political suicide. But the Americans who are going to pump their fists watching Miller “own the lib media” might constitute a third of the country. And when you add the people who believe that, yes, it would be better if Trump’s aides (and Trump himself) had better manners but who nevertheless think that Tapper is the villain in this clip — why does he have to express so much contempt for the president of the United States, who deserves some respect? — you start approaching 50% of the country, and a clear majority of white voters. Throw in vote suppression, gerrymandering, and lots of plutocrat cash and you have a formula for repeated electoral victories, which is why the GOP mainstream is exceedingly tolerant of this approach.

Virginia and Alabama suggest that this strategy has its limits. Nevertheless, even in Virginia the Democrats won the overall House of Delegates vote 55%-45, but couldn’t do better than 49 of 100 seats, and would have won no more than 50 if the Democrat’s name had been picked out of that bowl.

Miller did this for the same reason a baseball manager runs onto the field to get in an umpire’s face in response to a disputable call. The purpose is not to impress the team owner — it’s to fire up the crowd and the ballclub. Trust me, this will work.

Remember, this is tRump’s base:

Democratic Challeger Threatened With Noose | Crooks and Liars

It’s officially become a tactic among some conservatives: if you can’t beat them, then threaten them. Fearful of the blue wave headed their way in 2018, a small group of right-wing nut jobs have taken to death threats and literal assault to help their Republican candidates win.

Last year, the Democratic challenger to Republican Steve King of Iowa, Kim Weaver, was forced to drop out do to death threats to her and her family. King, a known white supremacist, stated he thought the threats were fake. In Binghampton, NY, the Democratic mayoral candidate dropped out after he was threatened and then assaulted by a conservative supporter while with his child.

Arson suspected at home of Roy Moore accuser – CNN

Alabama authorities say arson is being investigated in a fire that destroyed the home of Tina Johnson, a woman who accused former US Senate candidate Roy Moore of grabbing her on the buttocks in 1991.

At least, Over $150,000 raised after Roy Moore accuser’s home burns down in suspicious fire – ABC News

However, from the CNN link above…the sheriff is insisting that the arson is not connected with Johnson’s statements regarding Roy Moore and sexual assault:

No arrests have been made, and there appears to be no connection to the allegations against Moore, the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

“The ongoing investigation does not lead us to believe that the fire is in any way related to Roy Moore or allegations made against him,” the release said.

Let me make a little observation, about “rural” sheriff’s offices…in a county next to my little town of Banjoville, there was a former sheriff who was found dead, shot to death by a shotgun bullet to the back of the head…it was ruled a suicide. So, go figure.

Okay, I am in no way…making any comment about the veracity of local law enforcement.

In other news:


And, as I stated before…


This is all I can manage today, hopefully you all can find something pleasant to post about.

This is an open thread.


21 Comments on “Sunday Reads: Make This Weird”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    As usual, I start to work on the post the night before…saving articles or tweets etc. Then it takes me another day just to write a few words and get the thread up. Sorry it is so late, again.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Thanks, JJ. I forced myself to watch the whole interview with Stephen Miller. That guy is just weird.

      • NW Luna says:

        Animal Farm on steroids.

        When Miller was talking about Trump allegedly hearing about an issue and in a few minutes “writing” 10 genius paragraphs and delivering that to a yuuuuge audience, I thought, yeah, and each paragraph was the same, saying “I’ve got this great plan — no one else could — it’s a great great plan and we’re going to have huuuge, uh, huuuuge plans and —-no one else could do it, only me. ….” And on for 9 more paragraphs.

        “Revolutionized reality TV” …. and is trying to revolutionize reality into “fake news.”

        Miller is so full of bullshit we should see it oozing out his ears as well as his mouth.

      • dakinikat says:

        i just heard that they had to escort him out with security because he pitched a total fit in the newsroom. Guess we’ll read about that tomorrow.

  2. NW Luna says:

    • Catscatscats says:

      Loved that tweet!

    • quixote says:

      And now he’s protesting he’s a “consensual president.”

      Christ reading the DSM cover to cover.

      Maybe he hasn’t been thrown out yet because nobody can find a garbage dump that’s big enough.

  3. dakinikat says:

  4. Tonight, I read that Miller had to be escorted out of the CNN studio by security guards. He refused to leave his seat after the interview.